Friday, February 29, 2008

Me Gusta Target Botique

Lovelies, as many of you know, being a Minnesota native comes with a few distinct characteristics.

1. You know that traveling is measured in minutes, not miles. (ie. "It's 20 minutes from Bloomington to St. Paul")
2. The New Macys (formerly Marshall Fields) will now & forever be remembered as Dayton's. And it's OK if you're still bitter... I know I am.
3. And finally - you love going to Target and anticipate each "Target Run" with much eagerness.

So, when I moved to NY a great sadness took over, because there was NO TARGET ON THE ISLAND OF MANHATTAN!!!!! (God save us all.)

Now I don't want to have to schlep my cookies all the way to Brooklyn to get my fix of "Hello. Good Buy." But, let's be honest here - this rule that the City of New York seems to have of no super chains SUCKS!!! (If any of you want to know, there's some grandfathered-in clause where the city doesn't want big superstores to move into NY unless they're specialty stores like Home Depot or Container Store. This means no W.T. Wal-Marts (which we all can be happy for) but sadly also, no Targets.) Sigh.

To get my weekly fix, I now visit the online store! Today I got a BEAUTIFUL dress! (see above) And I'm really jazzed about it!

Also, I want this cute dress above, too! God love Isaac Mizrahi! (and P.S. - his shoes are cute, too!)

Oh, and in case all of you are wondering - I didn't go to Ave. Q audition today.

I slept in instead.....

...and it was HEAVENLY!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Work Can Be Fun!

Lovelies!  Today I am researching cakes for HHC's 2nd Birthday (which is in late March).  Just as a refresher - HHC is the little boy I nanny for two days a week when I'm not being a personal assistant for his mom.  He's a gem and he has asked for a Guitar Birthday Cake, as he's TOTALLY into music.

So this whole shin-dig is going to be Guitar Theamed and I'm pumped to get planning!  So I called City Cakes NY which is a GREAT company here on the Upper East Side and below is a smattering of their brilliant cakes!

My Favorite one is the Shoes cake!!  Brilliant!

I liked that one because it looks like a freakin' REAL Krispy Kreme box!  Doesn't it??!! (Me gusta exclamation points!!!!)

The next one is cute, but who in their right mind drops this kind of cash ($350-500) on a cake for your kids first birthday??  Oh, wait - I know that answer....  Upper East Side families do!  (and I grew up in Cake Eater, Minnesota - shouldn't I be used to this by now??!!  Oooh- MORE exclamation points!  I'm feelin' sassy today!)

So that's fun that they offer so many cool cakes - although I wish they made the one I put at the very beginning of the blog - that was from an ad for a guitar cake pan!  (what will they think of next?!)
Plus I went to audition for Drowsy Chaperone National Tour this morning and they were typing!  (Thank you, Jesus!)  I was typed out, but that's OK!  At least I know it wasn't a bad audition that didn't get me the job!

Also, I auditioned for Atlanta Theatre of the Stars (or TOTS as we all call it here), and that was fun!  I was feeling ball-sy so I went in and belted the shit out of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miz (which is in their season).  But I got a nice "Thanks for coming in, Miss Musical." which is code for "You did OK, but we're not going to use you."  

Whatevs....  I've got another audition tomorrow, so that'll be fun!  (If I can get up for it -- it's an open call for Avenue Q...  Uugh...  That means I gotta be there at 6am in order to get a slot...)  We'll see...  I kinda wanna stay up late and watch "Triumph of Love" with my roomie tonight and eat Thai food!   Hmm... Tempting.... (and I did 8 auditions this week, so I feel good about that!)

On a high note - I got into a class with Eric Woodall - one of the top casting directors here in NY!  Hooray!  You have to audition to get into it (which means they don't take sucky, un-talented people) and the guy setting up the class let me in based off my stuff I have on you tube!  Hooray!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chocolate, Auditions & Fun times with Friends!

Well lovelies, I came across this e-mail yesterday about the most expensive chocolate in NYC! It's a freakin' trunk of chocolate (I'm in love) and it costs $15,000. ....A little out of my budget, but perhaps I can talk Lady of the House into buying it as a big treat for herself!

Here's a snip of the article:

Marie Belle New York 484 Broome Street, Ground Floor 212- 925-6999 ext 104 Luxury confections brand MarieBelle New York was launched in Spring 2000, and immediately earned a reputation for magnificent chocolates and confections. The Chocolate Picnic Steamer Trunk, part of the MarieBelle Luxury Creation, is their most deliciously decadent and elegant chocolate creation ever. The grand leather trunk contains the perfect ingredients for a luscious chocolate picnic. Inside, the ten drawers and three interior shelves are filled with five hundred pieces of creamy MarieBelle chocolate ganache, five pounds of dark and milk chocolate bark and croquettes, four 20 ounce tins of Aztec Hot Chocolate, one 20 ounce tin of Aztec Iced Chocolate, eight Aztec Hot Chocolate Bars, one Freiling stainless steel teapot with tea infuser, two elegant Rosenthal china tea cups, and one leather journal, hand-bound with linen paper to fill with memories of your luscious chocolate consumption. If you wish to indulge in this chocolate fantasy, you can't just order it off the internet like any commoner; you must come to the MarieBelle flagship store where the steamer trunk is on display in all its decadent glory.

(and can I just say - this is Miss Musical again - the Chocolate bar Pin-Up Girls (see above) are my FAVORITES!!! They cost an arm & a leg, but it's worth it!)

Ohh.... Lovelies... The chocolate-y-ness, the goodness, the expensive-ness... I love all of this! Especially the hot chocolate bars... Mmmm... Just imagine! A trunk worth your whole weight in Chocolate! Brilliant! (Now if they only put chocolate body paint in.... Hmm....)

A little on my day...Slept in a little - until the crack of 7:45! Brilliant, as I spent last night getting ready for todays audition for a show called Back in Pictures. It's a revue show of music from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Fun, no?! So I did two new songs: "Stuff Like that There" and "Stormy Weather". Both were SUPER fun to sing, as I LOVE singing stuff from that era!!

The audition went great - I was, as usual, my lovely charming self (not tooting my own horn, just sayin'...) AND it went GREAT! They seemed to enjoy me, I enjoyed me, the piano player (who was great!) enjoyed me... Over all a great experience. And tonight I'm going to go in & sing for Theatre 1010's production of Grand Night For Singing. I love that show - I'm such a revue nut!
Oh, and BTW -- I did 3 auditions on Monday, one yesterday and then the one today. I feel pretty rockin' about doing 5 auditions by Wednesday! And my class went well last night! (I had a total "human" moment in the room -- was very embarrassing for me, as I did not show myself in my best light. But am trying to work on that problem and fix it!) I am so sad that Waldman will be out of town until JUNE! She is my favorite teacher -- and really helps me come out of my shell!

So I'm jazzed for my girl date with Wrennifer on Friday night! We're going to see The Other Boleyn Girl and having dinner at Etc. Etc. Before. (that's my FAV. place to eat in mid town -- and so not touristy & busy - Love that! Plus they have half-servings of pasta! So a girl can just get a taste & not overload on the carbs! Love that too!) All in all, it will be a great night! And really, I have such fun with Wrennifer! We are two peas in a pod! I love having good girlfriends!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Marion won - my girl WON!!

Lovelies,  there is nothing I like more than to see an Oscar go to a truly brilliant performance.  Now there were many fine actors nominated last night, especially in the Best Actress category - however.... there was one lady who really gave the performance of a lifetime.... 

... And that's my favorite sis-tah Marion.  She ROCKS it out in La Vie En Rose -- and if you haven't seen this movie yet - do yourself a favor and go rent it!  Brilliant film!  (Especially if you love & appreciate good art & good music!)  

**caution - this movie will be best enjoyed with a bottle of your favorite red wine and a variety of cheeses**

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whew - Doggie! Operation Validation: Success!

Well, lovelies, I had some divine intervention happen yesterday...

A few minutes after I posted the blog I got an e-mail from the artistic director of Musical Theatre of Wichita.  He was interested in having me audition for their season this summer and wanted to set up a appointment slot with me when they come in March!  This is SO great, because I really needed a pick-me-up validation of sorts...  (or rather I needed a lot of them!)  AND I get to sing from their season (Forum, My Fair Lady, Big River, All Shook Up, Les Miz) so that will be a blast!  

This whole thing came about because my Auntie works with a woman who is a musical theatre actress and has worked at MT of Wichita SEVERAL times & is good buddies with the artistic director.... so she sent an e-mail, he e-mailed me & long story short: I have a time slot to sing for them on March 27th, 2008!  Hooray!  

Today I went to the Surflight Theatre's Chorus Call at the Equity building- no one was there... was kind of nice!  Then I signed up on the alternate list (where they stick you in if people don't show up for their slots) for a company called Theatre Works -- it's the California one, not the NYC company.  They were doing a Stephen Schwartz revue show called Snapshots.  I sang Meadowlark for my audition song - that went well! (and I rocked it out belting the E sharp -- love that!)

Also, I went to the Chorus call at Ripley Greer for the Music Man - SWEET JESUS - everyone & their mom was there!  Insanity!  Total!  Thank god I signed up on the list early...  But they had over 280 people to see in 4 hours and they DIDN'T TYPE!!!  WTF?!?  I was a little pissed.  They cut it from 16 bars to 8 bars. (uugh - really what can you show in 8 bars?!  Why didn't they type again??)  So I went in & sang the end of Trolly Song.  It went OK.  Again - typing is good, 8 bars is not....  But then again, I'm not casting the show...  

Two more auditions tomorrow - that makes (if you've been counting) a grand total of 13 auditions in one week!  I think that's the most I've ever done!  Exciting!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Audition, Audition, Audition!!!

Hello dearest Lovelies,

Well, it's another fun day in my crazy life of auditions!  I did 4 today - count 'em - FOUR!!  
First off I got out of bed, hopped on the subway & found myself in a dawning Times Square at 6:55a.m.  Early - but I had my coffee in hand, so I was set!  

 I headed off to 48th Street and 8th to audition for Ogunquit Theatre in Maine.  They have a rockin' season so I went & waited early in line.  At 9:00 I got to pick my time slot for 12:50 (which was great because I had two other auditions to do on the other part of town!)  

So I zoomed out the door at 9pm and could've sworn I saw Bean-O walking ahead of me, as I was auditioning a block away from his home.  (See December 2007 posts for that info).  But I was busy & going on my merry way to Equtiy at 46th and 7th to audition for You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown! 
I got my name first on the alternate list and they called me to sing 10 minutes after I showed up!  Hooray!  So audition number 1 - done!  

Onto Camelot Chorus Call (this was the same Camelot that I had the GREAT audition for last Friday).   I trucked my cookies all the way down to MacDougal Street -- it's in the Village which is the Freakin' other end of the earth!!  Uugh.  But got there by 10:30 when the list was read & got my number (number 33 - this means I'd go within the first hour - giving me PLENTY of time to get back to my 12:50 time slot at 48th and 8th!)

I sang my song for them & they asked me if I knew Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  (which I did).  So I had to sing it 3 times, once in the key of F, once in G, and once in A....  Now the F & G sounded fine, but Mama Musical had 2 cups of coffee and one diet coke that morning -needless to say, the chords weren't as loose as I was hoping!  I totally CRACKED all over the top note --- OH NO!!!  But, they asked me to do it again, & the second time was OK - but not great.  And I always want it to be great.  

After that I ran into Roomie, my lovely roommate, and we rode the subway back to 50th.  Then I walked through the door of the Ogunquit audition & my name was being called -they were running EARLY!!  Uugh!  So I stripped (was wearing jeans under my dress -thank goodness!), threw down my headshot & resume and walked into the hallway to be put on line to audition.  
These guys behind the table today were very non-chalant and you could tell they were tired & ready for lunch.  Great crowd to preform to, huh?  But it went OK.

Off now to my final audition for the day - at Chelsea Studios on 26th and 7th.  Sacramento Music Circus was doing their women's singing Chorus Call.  Got there at 1:30 for the list to be read - got my time slot - number 22 this time -- Rock On!  (Two times where I got to go in the first hour??!!  This Day is TOO good to be true!)

So I walked in, set my music on the piano, introduced myself to the DIFFERENT pianist -thank god - and walked to the middle of the room.

Now, I don't know if the director & Music director were talkin' about me, but they were DEFINENTLY talkin' about Something!  And talking LOUD - all the way through my fucking audition!  

WHAT IS THAT??!!  I don't bust my tail to come all the way down to Chelsea to have you talk over the measly 45 seconds I'm singing to you -- there's 23 other hours and 59 minutes in the rest of your day to talk!!!  Uugh.  

But I said "Thank You, Fellas!" just as sweet as pie & made sure to thank the pianist loudly & praise him for being so skilled at reading sheet music.  

So that was my Crazy Audition Day - but over all it went pretty well!  Now I'm super tired and just finishing up some work for my personal assistant gig.  I'm starting to work on the 5 month old's baby book -- it's pretty precious...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For Sh*%s and Grins...

Lovelies, I just submitted myself for casting for the show Matched in Manhattan. A little sad, no? Here's what I wrote (and don't judge me -I wouldn't judge you & your dating specifics...) Ready, set - Go!

Hi there,
My name is Miss Musical & I'm a 26 year old personal assistant and actress. I'm a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota (no accent) & recently moved to NYC in June of 2006 and I've already jumped into the dating scene here with internet dating sites (ie.match, hot or not). Trouble is, despite going on some fun dates, I'm having a really hard time finding someone who is a really good fit for me and I thought that Matt & the lovely folks at his service might be able to help!

As for my story, I'm a very outgoing & fun loving girl! I love to have a good conversation (in NYC this can be a drawback for some fellas) and I love trying new places to eat, see theatre & concerts, wine tasting, go on walks & bike rides, and the like... I usually manage to date a man for 2 or 3 months and then either I or he call it off. (usually when I like him, he calls it off - however when he likes me, then I call it off -weird, I know...) Recently I've just been going on 2 or 3 dates with men and usually they don't keep calling - this I NEED help with!

As far as dating behavior goes, I usually go for the preppy "investment banker / lawyer / management" types because it's stable - let's be honest here, acting isn't that stable & I enjoy a man who can be a good supporter for me! (And every girl I've met enjoys a guy who's stable & secure, right?). But it's hard to find an outgoing and personable guy in this area of work who is also kind, thoughtful & concerned about making me feel like I'm a priority in his life. Or if I do find one like that he's got a serious case of ugly. And I'm not a judgmental person, really I'm not - but c'mon, when you're dating you have to be a little attracted to the fella! And most of the average to good looking ones are not very nice, relationship oriented men.

Now I hope that I'm not being thrown out of the pile because I'm an actress, because I think that I'd make for some really interesting TV. I'm kind, funny, smart and I'm always open to trying new things! Plus, I'm well read, I enjoy meeting new people & I think I have a lot of interesting qualities to bring to the show that viewers can relate to!

My cell (which is my day & evening number ) is 000-000-0000.
Thanks very much for taking the time to read this!

Best of luck with casting the show!
Take care, Miss Musical
Personal Assistant & Actress

**The casting people are so going to toss this into the waste basket - but here's hoping that they don't!**

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yucky Auditions, Beautiful Weather & Josh Groban... Random Enough for Ya?

Lovelies!  It's only noon - and I already feel the need for a cocktail...  

Why, you might ask?  Well, I just gave quite possibly the worst audition of my life & now I'm trying to shake it off!  

I got to Chelsea Studios at 7am ready to do a great audition for Sacramento Music Circus!  Had my song all set (Out of the Blue from the Wild Party), had my hair all ready (in Eva Peron/1940's 'do) and had my favorite turquoise dress on!  

My coach Jen Waldman would've bee so proud, because I went in super confident!  I introduced myself to the director and the pianist, said the name of my piece very clearly & gave a very clear tempo setting.  All good stuff, right?

Well, lovelies - the pianist (let's call him Michael) wasn't really doing my tempo and a few seconds later he wasn't playing the correct key - very hard for me to find my notes when all the notes on the piano are played wrong.  

So I stopped the song after the tempo change (where it was supposed to get much faster, and it didn't) and asked if I could start over again.  The pianist was apologizing to me, I was apologizing to him & the director was asking both of us to calm down.  I thought I was being pretty calm - considering that I got up at 6am, prepared excellent material & waited three hours to audition.  

He asked me to start from the beginning, which I did - and let me tell you, friends - I was pretty good (despite not relating to my scene partner because I was shaken) but my pianist was AWFUL!!!  He was trying, though - but trying never got a girl a job.  Only a great audition gets you the callback.  And only a callback gets you the job of playing Eva Peron...

The director had me sing a second song (he requested a ballad) and I sang the one I did for Camelot last friday.  This was MUCH better for the pianist - as it was in the key of C and also a ballad.  Uugh...  

They said Thank You & sent me on my way - the pianist apologized again - I said not to worry & I enjoyed meeting him, all the same.  (this was good, as I later found out that he's probably the music director for some of the shows at Sacramento Music Circus.)  

But onto more important things... like this weekend!

Friday night I stayed at home & watched The Girls Next Door.  I just LOVE that show!  I know, I know - it's a little "over the top" - but I just can't get enough of it!  All the parties, food, fun & pretty dresses... C'mon who doesn't like that!!??! 
Saturday I did my laundry & went to Tea & Sympathy with H.Co.  She's such a doll!  We met at auditions a million years ago (aka - last March) and we FINALLY got a chance to go out & chat!  And it was great!  She's so positive & upbeat!  I love that!  And we're finally starting a book club, of which our first book is going to be Eat, Pray, Love.  I'm excited! 

Then I went to work at the Pan Asian Palace in Times Square on Saturday night & who walks in, smiles at me and says "I have a reservation for 10 at 10:15." .... JOSH GROBAN!!!!  (Sigh.)  

I, of course, seated him & his party promptly - and I asked what he had done that night.  He'd just been to see Spring Awakening down the street & then I made some remark (positive remark) about Duncan Sheaks music & how the show didn't remind me of his single from the 90's.  

Josh said "What single is that - I KNOW that I know it, but I forget the words?  Do you know?" (Double sigh.)

And I said (or sang) "Yeah, I think it's that one that goes "I am Barely Breathing".  (So by this point I'm singing to Josh Groban - which is wicked fun - and he's smiling that awesome dreamy smile....  AND THEN HE STARTS TO SING WITH ME!!!!  

OMG - I just sang the entire chorus of Barely Breathing with Josh Groban...  (triple sigh...)
Exciting, no?

Sunday I went to church, hung out with my brother T.J. and went to lunch with my girlfriend Ray-Ray.  We discussed her upcoming cabaret & auditions, life, boys, etc.  Was fun!  

Then I went home & enjoyed the wonderful selections I'd purchased a Barnes & Noble that afternoon, watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (I cried 5 times) and got ready for the audition from hell....  wait, that's not fair... it was the audition from purgatory.   

On the upside, it's nearly 60 degrees here in New York.... weather is so boring. 

Friday, February 15, 2008

When all the world is brimming with fun, wholesome or "Un".

Oh Lovelies,  I just about floated out of my Camelot (NY Philharmonic) audition today!  I got to audition for LONNIE PRICE!  What a trip!  (he was the Kellerman Nephew in Dirty Dancing and, my favorite, Ronnie in "The Muppets Take Manhattan")  

Everyone in the room was SO nice!  Wouldn't it be lovely if I actually got into a show?  I felt like I did a really great job - and I sang the song I worked on in Waldman's class!  It went great (I sing it like I'm waiting to find out the results of my pregnancy test!) was very exciting to bring that into the room, as NO ONE else sings it!  And it's such a GREAT song - and a great fit for me!  

And (Best Part) when I was done Lonnie Price said "Very Charming!"  AAHHH!!!  I nearly wet myself I was so happy!  Vali-freakin'-dation!!!  Usually the people behind the table just say "Thanks" and have me scoot out!  At last - one of my auditions has been validated as being "charming" by someone who is a Big Wig!  

I also saw Stac at the audition - she & I went out last night to the dashing diva and had cosmos whilst enjoying our Mani/Pedis.  THEN we went to dinner at a great place called Nicks on 94th and 2nd.  

I took a cab to get there!

People - I never EVER take cabs, but I took TWO yesterday!  Exciting, right?! One reason for the cab was because my manicure was still drying on the way to Nicks and the other because I had a couple glasses of wine at dinner and didn't want to take the subway home.  (and by had a couple glasses - I mean more than 2... Ahem..)

Overall it was the best Valentine's day I've ever had!  And I never felt sorry for myself  - not once - for not dating!  Hooray!  I just enjoyed my day & made the best of it.  Also, it didn't hurt that my roommate left this on my freshly toasted bread.  
She's a good Roomie.   

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Plays, Playgrounds & Pampering!

Friends, today I auditioned for Young Frankenstein the Musical and it was so much fun to do my new song!  I decided to do a song called "Not a Day Goes By" which is usually sung to a lover, heres the lyrics:

"Not A Day Goes By, Not a Blessed Day, 
That you're not Somewhere a part of my life
And it looks like you'll stay...
'Till the Days go By - I keep thinking when does it end?
But it only gets Bigger & Stronger & Deeper & Nearer..."

That's pretty much the gist of it - nice love song right??  Well.... I sang it to my zit that refused to pop! 
 (made up of course - but I pretended that it was on my chin!)  Gross & funny - right!   (I love doing that stuff -taking a song & making it funny!)  

Well, the creative team all laughed - and I really am proud that I went in there & did that today! Success!  Now they didn't ask me to vocalize like the girl ahead of me, but I feel like I gave a really creative & original audition!  Hooray!  

Then it was off to work this afternoon & I made a few phone calls, mailed a few packages & got to spend the rest of the afternoon with HHC in the park!  That's the best!  We went down the "curly slide" at least 6 times and played "driving in the car" with the little steering wheels that they have on the playground equipment!   Was pretty fun!  

Then we stopped by the little flower shop and got one rose for his mom (my boss) because it's Valentine's Day & I want to teach him that it's good ettiquite to give flowers!  So we got one rose.  He picked out the color all by himself!  (a yellow one with red tips) He was SO proud giving it to her!  Said "Happy Valentine's Day, Mommy!"  (He's only 22 months  -- so that's a pretty big deal!)
Tonight I'm off to Dashing Diva on the Upper East Side with my friend Stace!  Will be a blast as it's "Girls Night Out" there & you get a cosmopolitan while you have your mani/pedi!  Love that!  Will be fun - just have to get some quality work in before I dash out from work at 7:30.  

Tomorrow I'm going to audition for Camelot - it's the Principal audition, but I could play a very interesting Guenivere....  Think I'm going to sing "Waiting for my Dearie" from Brigadoon.  Or maybe my new one I worked on in class last night!  Hmmm.... we'll have to wait & see!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Classes & Learning stuff

Lovelies,  I thought that when I graduated from my college I would have a wealth of musical theatre knowledge & be able to use all my tools that I learned there to get me through all sorts of things.  I also thought I'd be done with classes for a while - this is not so!  And let's be honest - I love learning!  (God, I sound like an after school special commercial!)

That said I took Waldman's awesome audition class last night & it was such fun!  She is such a lovely teacher & I really feel like I make good personal strides every time I work with her!  Last night I sang a RARE Rogers & Hammerstein tune.  (from their 1946 musical HAPPY

 BIRTHDAY - weird, I know... but a GREAT song!)  Anywho - I went in not knowing what to do with it and NOW I have a clear picture of where I want the song to go, who I'm singing it to, all that good stuff!  It's the best!

SO today I auditioned for Pittsburgh CLO - went GREAT!  I sang & acted the pants off "Perfect Relationship".  God I love that song.  It fits me like a glove!  And I nail it out of the park EVERY TIME!!!  The people were really nice behind the table & Eugene- the piano player was AWESOME!
Tonight I'm off to Actors Connection for a little seminar with Merri Sugarman (casting director at Tara Rubin Casting) who casts a lot of stuff - Jersey Boys, Young Frank, Ave Q, etc....  Excited & a little nervous - but as the class starts at 7pm I gotta get on the road!  

Tomorrow will regale all of you with my tails of the Young Frankenstein Chorus Call!  (that's tomorrow morning!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Snowing!

Hello Lovelies,
FINALLY!  It's snowing here in NYC!  I've been waiting for this!  (and it's sticky snow - perfect for making snow men!)  I know I'll be making myself a snow man -- complete with a snow present to give me on snow-Valentines day. 

So I had one great and one terrible audition this past week!  I went to the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse audition on Sunday morning (they're doing Les Miz, Little Shop, All Shook Up and are also doing  a show that I was in the original cast back in Minnesota).   SO, I walked into the audition hoping for it to go well, because they knew about this show that only the folks in MN usually know about!  

Well, let me tell you, I SUCKED!  Laid a big egg in the room.  

I was so prepared to sing "Anything But Lonely" from Aspects of Love (to be considered for Fantine) and it just blew.  Big time.  

All the notes came out OK, but I had no connection with my imagined scene partner, I didn't hold the last note out liked I wanted to & pretty much was so tired that I felt like I was drunk.  
(Come to think of it, I probably would've given a better audition if I were drunk.  Must try that sometime...)

Oh, well - you gotta have some bad ones to appreciate the good ones!

BUT on Monday I did the chorus call for the new musical 9 to 5 (based on the movie) at Telsey & Co.  It went VERY well!  I sang Sara Evan's "Born to Fly" and ROCKED IT OUT!  Felt really good about how it sounded and also how I communicated with my "scene partner"!  Also, I took the beginning slowly and then sped up after 2 bars - this worked GREAT!  (that's a technique I learned from Jen Waldman!  Love it!)

Today I'm working at my personal assistant gig on the Upper East side & it's been a busy day!  Dinner reservations, car reservations, ordering orchids from the florist (see pic below!),
 looking at dresses on e-bay, playing with the two-year old & now off to get bras for the Lady of the House at La Perla.  (god that store is FANCY!  I'm so surprised that they don't ask me to leave when I go in there - I don't look like an UES tennis mommy....)

Tomorrow I have an audition for Pittsburgh CLO -- hoping that goes well!  Now it's time to go to the post office & return some stuff to Neiman Marcus & then off to Jen Waldman's AWESOME audition class!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

These Are a Few of My FAVORITE THINGS!!


Oprah has her favorite things.

Maria in "The Sound of Music" does, too - so I thought I'd share a few of mine! 

Let's start with the BEAUTY part:
The Body Cream at Bath & Body Works in Black Raspberry Vanilla (the boys love it!)  Plus, it's cream which means it won't dry out as fast as lotion will!
Moisture Surge Relief from Clinique.  LOVE this product!  (didn't realize the pic would be so gi-normous!) Makes my skin feel great!  And for a girl who is prone to dry skin - this lets my thristy skin take a tall drink.
Bumble & Bumble Hair Tonic.  This stuff will re-hydrate my over-dyed blonde tresses any time I want!  It's lightweight, makes it easy for you to comb hair when wet AND smells yummy! Plus, saying the name is rather fun...  (Side story - I dated a guy who worked at L'Oreal hair care development and we argued about this product all the time!  Aren't you all proud of me that I stood my ground and didn't change my opinion just for a guy??!!  Now he's gone & my hair still looks fabulous!)
Bare Escentuals.  This make up has CHANGED MY LIFE!!!  I love it!  Love the coverage!  Love the blend-a-bility, love the SPF 15, love it all!  If you don't have the starter kit yet - do yourself a favor and go to Sephora & buy it!!  

Now onto the CLOTHING Part:
Calypso "Julia" style Dresses.  This wrap dress rocks my world!  Plus they just had a deal where you could buy two for $135.  And it can wrap four different ways!!  What a great thing!

Gap Long & Lean Jeans.  They need to make these things forever.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Bras.  Seriously.  It's the only type of bra
 I own.  Makes the boosoms nice & round (not pointy - I hate pointy boobies!)  

And Finally - the FOOD! (Hooray for non-anorexia!)
Papa Johns Pizza.   Lovelies, I could die happy knowing that this was my last meal!
The Chocolate Covered Mammoth Strawberries at Godiva.  I try to have at least one a month.  (They're so freakin' expensive, but worth every penny!)
Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes.  'Nuff said.
Peanut Thai Curry with Coconut rice at Wave Thai in New York OR Pha Rom Long Song at Raum Mit in St. Paul.  Both are to die for.  Me gusta Thai food.  

Finally, the perfectly lovely, always wonderful Diet Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea.  
Would love to hear some of my readers favorites!  
... so I Simply Remember my Favorite Things and then I don't FEEL, SO UN-CAST-ABLE!