Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Terrible... Terrible...

Lovelies, I was SHOCKED when I was checking msn.com today and noticed that one of the trends of 2008 was the stache... Uugh...
Now I love my Dad, but he has a problem that he's still stuck in the moustache era - and now here's all these movie stars doing the same thing to encourage him! Blah! I've been trying for YEARS to get him to shave that shit, but he's firmly planted on this issue: the tuft of hair below his nose is here to stay.
The trend may be current right now (and here's hoping it'll be out the window in a red hot minute) But all I can say is that the stache reminds me of one word & one word only: Smarmy... and Pedophile is a close runner up.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Early Planning....

Lovelies, I'm thinking about Halloween costumes for this year and trying to decide between the Marie Antoinette that's peachy-tan (see first picture) or the Marie Antoinette that's pink. The blue is out of the question, as I was a Alice in Wonderland last year & don't want to re-do the blue thing...

I'm leaning towards the peach - the material looks nicer... I also own the petti coat for both already! And I'm going to buy the big wig that the girl is wearing! I love me some big hair!
Perhaps I should walk around with a little guillotine and say "Let them Eat Cake" all night long!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Want this Item more than I want a Boyfriend - is that wrong??

Must. Get. Sometime. 2009.

I love Minnesota!

Lovelies, I followed my own little yellow brick road to my Minnesota home this past week...

There's nothing like a little trip to MN to make me re-charge my batteries and feel better about the world as a whole! I LOVE coming home!
I feel so rested and calm here and enjoy my family & friends more than anything! I do miss the city, but c'mon - MN is pretty freakin' great!

Here are some Random things that I love about Minnesota:
- People say "Excuse Me" when they need to get in front of you in the shopping mall or Target.

- Drivers wave you in because they're nice people& give a "thank you" wave when you let them in!

- The roads are clean & there's no graffiti - at least in the burbs.

- There's all 4 seasons. Always. No matter what type of global warming is happening, you can bet your bottom dollar you'll have a white Christmas in Cake Eater, MN.
- There are usually people you know in the About Town section of Minnesota Monthly.

- The theatre community is SO tightly knit & supportive! (I love me some MN theatre folk!)

- Quality of human beings as a whole is significantly higher than many other regions I've lived in. Thus it equals smart, spiritual & overall healthy folk live here.

- The volume of gay men is less, leaving there more straight men for me to date. (Side note - most of the people in MN get married VERY young, so I figure I'll be able to snag the "starter marriage" leftovers if I decide to move back in a few years... Aaah, the incompatible getting married because society tells them to...)

- Wollet's Bakery. 'Nuff said.
- The fact that when someone has a flat tire or is off on the side of the road that not one, not two, but usually Three other cars have pulled off to help the person - in NY people just drive by, point and says "It Sucks to be them!"
- Clerks at Target, the bank & various stores say "How are you?" and genuinely mean it. (and most of the time they're interested in your response...)

- The Targets are all well stocked & clean. And the staff in MN is VERY helpful!

Maybe I'm just a nostalgic for home, but really Dorothy got it right - there really is no place like it!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Newsflash: Miss Musical finds out she's a Jew! (and Merry Christmas to that!)

Lovelies! I had some news today that shocked & excited me: my great-great grandmother on my mom's side was a Jewess! I never knew that before today!
We were all just sitting around the table this fine Christmas morning with my Grandma Ruth and talking about the Leonard Bernstein concerts that are happening soon in Minneapolis when Grandma says "Oh, my Great Grandmother had that same last name as the fella with those concerts. She was a Jew."

WHAT??? I have been chosen all this time & I never even knew it!!!

I guess it works where the Jewish-ness is passed along down through the women - and so even though we thought we were all Christian & such, we're not. My brother & I are fo'-sho' Jewish.

Exciting news!

So where do I go from here?

Do I convert? Maybe.

Do I start eating challah bread? Yes!

Do I sign up for J-Date? Feasible!

I feel so surprised & delighted by this news! I AM chosen after all! Hooray! (but I still love me some Jesus - but that's OK, cause he was a Jew too!)
Happy Birthday Jesus! -- Which I like to pronounce "Hey-soouse" - like the Spanish say it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm REALLY Mad today!!!

Grr lovelies.... I'm really pissed off right now. All on account of my friend Espresso Genius - who is now demoted to Espresso Guy.

I just got off the phone with him and he's taken 2 of the holiday activities that I thought we were supposed to do together (or that I thought he was reserving for me, as I am only home for 2 weeks and then gone for another 4 months) and is taking someone else for BOTH!

When he came to visit me in NYC at the beginning of December I told him "Gee, I'd like to go to a Wild game when I'm home." He is taking someone else to the ONE FRICKIN' GAME that he & I are both available for! I also told him "I had such a nice time shopping with you last year - let's make that happen again!" and guess what lovelies - he's got SOMEONE ELSE to go shopping with him!

Seriously - WHAT THE FUCK??? My "friends" don't do this to me... Usually my "friends" are thoughtful and sensitive people who think ahead as to when I'm coming home & invite me to partake in Holiday activities that we did in previous years!

I know it may seem like a little thing, but I was looking forward to it in my mind and I'm just really disappointed that Espresso "so-called-friend" Guy didn't even take the time to think "Gee- I wonder if Miss Musical would like to see a Wild game when she's home?? She told me she did, so that would mean of course that she still wants to go!" (I took him to a freakin' RANGER game for christsake!) and "OH, and Miss Musical won't be home for another 4 months so wouldn't it be a nice friendly gesture of me to ask her shopping."

Pissed. Off.

And the worst part is that I totally didn't give him the what-for on the phone! I was just Miss Minnesota-Nice Musical! UUGH!! I'm so mad at myself for controlling my emotions - what kind of an actress am I if I can't fly off the handle with my friends??

Please lovelies, if you have any ideas to help me get over my little anger today let me know... I'm debating on forwarding him the link to this blog... Grrr......

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Judy Holliday has to be my Grandma....

Lovelies, I am often told that I bear a resemblance in looks & manner to the late-great Judy Holliday by many MANY people. (Casting directors, voice teachers and sometimes even total strangers have alerted me to this fact...)

And guess what - the woman (Judy) is a COMIC GENIUS! (not to mention one of the biggest stars of the 1950's before her tragic death from cancer.) Pretty sure she was in her early 40's when she passed...

So I'm watching her in the movie Born Yesterday and it's BRILLIANT! They really don't make movies like this anymore! This scene where she deals the cards & starts singing is amazing for a comic study - or if you just want to laugh your ass off!

The fact that people even put this woman's name in the same breath as mine always amazes me - her acting and comic ability seems so effortless... But it's strangely comforting to know that she was a big star and yet crazy down to earth- so perhaps there's hope for all of us!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I heart Kate Spade - seriously...

Lovelies, I've had an addiction now for the past 10 years or so...   I'm addicted to Kate Spade purses.  

I can't get enough of them!  From the traditional all black nylon Sam bag that everyone "had" to have back in 1999, to the lovely new Easton Kenny (yours for $495 - see below)  that just was added to the collection - I love it ALL!  (and I lust after it!)  

And - here's the worst part - I've stopped buying the cheap ones on e-bay and started to really enjoy the fine treatment I get when I purchase them at FULL PRICE in the SoHo Store!  Uugh...

My credit card really gets a workout - and I haven't bought a new one since last year... But I've had the urge to buy one... 

Here's one I like (the Savona Dillen for a cool $475)  

I also really like this one (Spring Island framed Lella with feathers) for going out holiday parties! (It's only $244 on sale - hmmm... pay half my rent for a month OR get a new purse...  such a difficult choice...)


The luggage on the other hand....  well, I could totally drop the $446 on that & justify it because I'd know which bag is mine amongst all the ugly black suitcases at JFK!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Life Goes On...

Lovelies, I had a little bit of a heartbreaker this past week - I didn't get Millie. Waahhh!!!

I thought for sure this was going to be "my" show! Would've been worth it after not getting cast in anything after 3 years... such a bummer that all my hopes & wishes have to get tucked back into my mental knapsack and I move on with my life...

I am happy about the girl that they picked - she's really a sweet gal. But I am also a little mad a God because I know that she's played the part of Millie before. In what universe is that fair that someone gets to play the same part twice??? Just not fair - then again, like my mom says "Sometimes Miss Musical, Life isn't Fair." But then we learn how to deal with it & move on...

Today I did a dance audition for Mary Poppins! We did a quick tap combo for the first cut and I got asked to STAY & do the longer dance cut! Hooray!!! Now I am a smart gal, but I knew that the Step in Time tap combo was going to be really REALLY hard.... SO (trumpet cue: Da-Da-Da-Da!!!) I hired a gal to teach me the routine this past Saturday before the audition! I'm super happy that I did that! I would've had NO idea what was going on otherwise!

The routine was taught VERY fast & was VERY intricate & hard - but thankfully I went in knowing the combination very well! What fun it is to dance when you know what you're doing! (and how scary it is when you don't know what you're doing...)

I've got a weird feeling that something big is going to happen in 2009 for me... either career wise, or in my love life! I have faith - something rockin' is coming my way! (It has to, right lovlies??)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm so Nervous I could Puke...

Lovelies, have you ever gotten yourself so worked up about something that you become physically ill??  

I have had this problem since I was in grade school....  I used to get so nervous  in Ms. Shima's 1st grade classroom and then I felt ill and I would have to leave and go to the nurses office & lay there for a bit.  Sometimes I even went home.  

In my adult life it's gotten a lot better - but there's one time when these nerves come back & play a game of flag football in my stomach:  When I've had a decent callback & I'm waiting for the phone call if they gave me the part or not.

That's where I'm at today.  I felt like I had a lovely callback last night for Thoroughly Modern Millie - I rocked at the singing, felt really good about my scene work and thought that I did a pretty nice job with the quick & difficult dance routines that were happening.  

I know last year when I was up for the lead for this same company that they called the girl who go it by 8pm the night after.  I don't know if that's the same way that things are working this year, but my guess is that it probably is the same way...  

I'm so worked up over this because I care!  I care SO much!  I really REALLY want this show and I know it's just 1 show, but darn it - I've come SO close SO many times and then they all say "Thanks Miss Musical"...  What I want to know is WHEN WILL IT BY MY TURN??!!  I'm ready!  I want it!  I can DO this part!  

I know that everything happens for a reason and that I shouldn't get so stressed out about this, but c'mon - To get the lead in a tap musical that pretty much is my dream role...  Well, you do the math on that one...  

And to make matters worse, I'm getting a little upset at myself for having this kind of reaction!  I'm an adult - I should be able to control these things!  

If anyone out there has good suggestions about waiting and what to pray for, please let me know... I need some serious patience in my life when it comes to waiting to hear back from a callback...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let's Say Thanks!

Lovelies, my dear old dad sent me an e-mail this morning with info on a WONDERFUL program!  It's called Let's Say Thanks and it's sponsored by Xerox copy company.

Here's the deal:  If you go to the website, www.LetsSayThanks.com you can pick out a Thank You card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq.  You can't pick out who gets it, but it will be given to a member of the armed services.  

Though I am not pro-war, I am pro-help and I do think that the soldiers over there deserve to know that we are thinking about them...  I couldn't imagine being so far away from home over one of the most important times of the year...  

SO lovelies, this is where you come in!  Please click on the link & make some soldiers day - it takes about 30 seconds!  (20 perhaps if you're a speed demon with the mouse - you know who you are...)  

Monday, December 8, 2008

So 2 weeks later...

Lovelies!  Long time no chat!  Hope that all of you in cyber-land had a lovely & fun Thanksgiving!  I certainly had a wonderful celebration with my family - and I even managed to stick to my weight watchers points on Thanksgiving Day!

When I was home in Cake Eater, MN I got to go to a variety of events:

*Went to Perkins with my famous Guthrie director friend R.Go (always something fresh & new at the Perkins...)

*MN Wild Game with the Espresso Genius

*112 Eatery after the Wild Game with same listed EG fella above

*Shopping at Southdale, Mall of America & (Love of my Life) Target...  I LOVE target!  (was my first place I stopped for the Black Friday Sales!)

*Sang at a private party for the family I used to PA for back in Minnesota!  They have a big beautiful mansion on Summit Avenue (see photo above: ca-ching!!) and paid me a wonderful sum to sing my favorite musical theatre songs for all their friends for an hour or so...  was such fun!

*And by far my favorite: Sang at my Grandma's 90th Birthday Party!  I sang to a ghetto karaoke track of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - the other old bitties from her seniors-only independent living home LOVED it!  (good thing I downloaded an encore of Bi Mier Bist Du Schen - they wanted to hear more 1940's hits!)  :)  

It's funny to me that when I'm the old folks home someday I might request to hear "Umbrella" by Rhianna & all the young kids will say "Uugh - Old Lady Musical!  What an OLD song!" 

THEN I came back to NYC and auditioned for the Gallery Players production of Throughly Modern Millie!  Lovelies, not gonna lie...  I want to play Millie more than life itself!  It's one of my dream roles!  And guess what - I got a CALLBACK!  (and I know the Director AND the producer is one of my nearest & dearest!)  Lovelies, if I get this show it will have been worth the 3 years of not getting any other shows - all the pain & rejection will just melt away if I get to tap dance my little buns off in Brooklyn every night!  :) 

So send good thoughts my way on Wednesday night between 7pm & 11pm - that's when my callback is!

AND Espresso Genius, my dashing friend from MN, came out to visit me in NYC this past weekend!

We went (for FREE - thank you investment banking boss!) to the NY Rangers game on Wednesday night!  The WON against the Penguins in a shoot out!  Was a VERY exciting game!  :)  And there were 2 fights - just the way Hockey should be!

After the game EspressoG. and I went to Room Service on 18th and 8th for some lovely Thai Food!  (He got the steak & I got curry!  Mmmm...)  We also went to dinner the next night with some clients of his at Athos - a lovely Greek place in Midtown!  Was such fun!

Friday we went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!  One of my girlfriends from college is a Rockette - so that was fun to see her!  (she's 3rd from the left in the big line, if you go to see it!)  After we got the backstage tour!  AND that night we went to the dress rehearsal of A Prairie Home Companion at the Town Hall!  (Is it dorky that we're both Minnesotans and we went to a Minnesotan show in NYC??  Maybe just a smidge...)  

I also know one of the cast members in Prairie Home Companion - so was fun to go backstage after!  We didn't get to meet Garrison Keiler, but it was still cool to talk with the lovely Ms. Scott!  She's such a brilliant comedienne!  

On Saturday we went to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum and went on the Moore family tour - they're the Irish Family who lived in the apartment in the 1880's.  Brilliant!  And we stopped by the Roasting Plant (also on Orchard Street) after for a quick cuppa joe!  It was a great little coffee shop!  

Then we came back to Astoria, had dinner at Wave Thai (Yum!)  After that we headed back into the city to see Rock of Ages!  What an awesome show!  All 80's power ballad and just a fun & silly storyline!  Who doesn't love Pat Benetar/White Snake/Journey/Survivor songs all jammed into a 2 hour musical!!??  I know I do!  

All in all, was an awesome past 2 weeks!