Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FINALLY!!! A new Blog post from Miss Musical!

Oh, lovelies! Has it really been a whole month since I've last blogged!?!?! I've missed you!

Let's call this whole thing a Christmas card from Miss Musical to you lovelies out there who read my little bloggy blog. An update of sorts over the past month!

Well, well - the show closed on Sunday, and it was a bittersweet closing show. Tons of my family members were there, and several friends came as well! For all those of you who turned out for "Sisters of Swing" over the past four weeks, I cannot even begin to tell you how much your support (and applause) has meant to me.

I was truly humbled to get to work with the greatest "Sisters" a girl could ask for: P.N. and Stace-a-frass. Both are so uber talented, kind, generous and warm... The list could go on & on... And I'm also lucky to have worked with a great 6 piece swing band, a wonderful crew and a great professional creative team!

When I first came back from NYC for the rehearsals I was a very angry gal with a lot of confusion, especially in the theatre world. I didn't know if that's where I fit anymore, and if this would be my "swan song" last show ever. Well, after a fabulous opening night, excellent reviews, and a great run my faith has been restored in myself as well as the universe's plan for me!

Even though I may have not been in a show for four long years, it does not mean that I'm untalented and useless. On the contrary, I've come to the conclusion that I am right for a great many things, but I've been so busy focusing on the jobs I didn't get that I forgot to look to the future. There's loads of "what-if's" that await me! (Aka. What if I get a Broadway show the week I move back? or What if I land a national commercial? or What if I have two agents fight to have the privilege of representing me?)

I feel hopeful again. And hope is something I haven't felt in quite some time, especially in the theatre realm.

So here's to life experiences that are therapeutic and thought provoking! May you all have a truly wonderful holiday season!

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's the Day of the Show, Y'All!

Lovelies, I've been waiting 3 1/2 long years for this! Its my opening night in a new musical tonight! (Well, new to me...)

Sisters of Swing is going to be a blast! It's the story of the Andrews Sisters ( you know - the girl group in the 1940's that sang "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" and "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" and also the Christmas favorite "Mele kelikimaka".

We've had 2 previews, that have both gone fairly well. I'm thrilled to be back & doing a show again! I really missed being in front of an audience. They're rooting for us! It's quite exciting!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Take Back Your Mink!

Lovelies, I envy the mink wrap that my boss has in NYC. I actually tried it on when she wasn't there and thought to myself "Gosh, I've never really seen how beautiful fur can be before - but DAMN it looks good!"
So I've been having fur envy since I tried it on, and thought I'd never ever be able to afford one. Well, surprise, surprise lovelies...

Yesterday I was in my favorite vintage store in Minneapolis (Melrose Antiques) and they have the coolest vintage clothes. I get most of my dresses from there and I just love their stuff! So I was looking through the furs for fun and saw the most BEAUTIFUL mink wrap I've ever seen! It's got little arm holes in it, would be perfect for the opera, night out, musical or even just a fun chilly day in the park.

I had to have it.

And guess what - the Lady of the House paid upwards of $10,000 for her mink. Guess how much mine was?! 250!!! BRILLIANT!! (and it looks the same as Lady of the House's and it's just as high end & quality!)

I put it on lay away and am planning to pay it off within the next 30 days! Hooray!

Plus, I got it, as I'm feeling kind of sad for myself... The Straight Cute Banker never called. But instead sent me an e-mail saying "I'm sorry I can't give you the attention you deserve right now. Things are just too busy at work for me. Hopefully it'll calm down when you're back in NYC, Miss Musical".

I'm so stupid lovelies. I actually thought that he liked me enough to have a 5 minute phone call once or twice a week... AND he said that he wanted to keep in touch before I left. Uugh. Perhaps its out of sight out of mind. I just don't know how to respond back to him. I feel like he's asking for a temporary break up - and I know we just started dating - but c'mon. 5 minutes a week is not a lot to ask.... Am I right??

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy 40th Sesame Street!!!

Lovelies, I have a confession to make. I LOVE the Muppets. And Sesame Street! I have the first three seasons of the Muppet show on DVD and (get ready to laugh it up) I'm really excited about this new 40th Anniversary Sesame Street DVD that's coming out!
I mean, c'mon! That show taught me my ABC's, how to count to 10 in English AND Spanish, how to be kind to my neighbors, what happens when someone you love dies (Mr. Hooper... sigh.) and also that C is for Cookie! C'mon - it's a brilliant show for kids!
And now I love that the First Lady is teaching kiddos how to plant a garden and raise their own healthy food! Also they just did a special on the recession and how Elmo's mommy lost her job, so they're being careful with their money - going to the park for fun, watching movies at home, and having dinners at home to help save cash.
They film the show at Studios in Actoria, too - I would pee my pants to get to visit that studio! (and I would probably crap myself if I ever got to audition for it-- I'd be so excited!)

And didn't you just die when you saw this on Google today??

Can you believe that 6 year old Big Bird hasn't aged a day - although Gordon, Maria, Luis and Bob look like they've all kept in pretty good shape!

Ah! Jim Henson is smiling down from heaven!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree...

Lovelies - I'm here! I'm in Minnesota doing Sisters of Swing: the Andrews Sisters Musical at the History Theatre! It's just so freakin' exciting! To be doing theatre after 3 long years of waiting! I just love it - and I'm very grateful to have the time to spend with my folks, as well...

I'm currently staying with Ma & Pa Musical - which is great, as they found a car for me to drive and also aren't charging me rent while I'm here.

When I'm not in rehearsal, I'm going to the gym, weight watchers meetings, Target (a lot) and Starbucks. I love to sit in Starbucks and journal & watch the world go by... I think I'm going to have to find a part time job when the show opens - I'm making 1/4 of the income here that I was making in NYC and that's just sad...

Oh, but here's an update on the Straight Cute Banker:

We went on Date number 5! And I think it was our best date yet! I met him at the theatre - we went to get lottery seats for Ragtime and he WON!!! (Lottery is where everyone puts their names into a bucket and they only pull 12 names -- 2 tickets each at $26 bucks each! And you sit in the first Row! AMAZING deal!) I was so excited that he won I jumped up & down!! - and almost broke a heel in the process...

Then we went for a quick Thai meal and I gave him a very early birthday gift - Table Topics! You know - that fun box full of cards that have all sorts of interesting conversation-inspiring questions on them! I said "I hope we'll get to talk on the phone a bit over the next few months
and these might be fun to use in our phone calls!" He seemed genuinely excited about it and we actually opened it up at dinner and started asking the questions inside!

We walked back to the Neil Simon Theatre where Ragtime is playing. Let me tell you, lovelies - that show was AH-MAZING! I'm going to go back and see it again. And again. And again. I just love that show!

And guess who was there?! At the opening night? With his 14 year old daughter?! KEVIN McCOLLUM!!!! (remember the dude who I openly - and lovingly- stalk?!) I almost fell over myself walking to my seat - and he smiled at me! Of course I was with Straight cute banker, so I couldn't run up to him and say "Hi Mr. McCollum, my name is Miss Musical and I think you're swell!" but I may have shouted "Let's have babies!" over my shoulder... This is such a knee jerk reaction with me to gush over Kevin McCollum that I think I may have frightened Straight Cute Banker a bit. He seemed OK about it, though - and actually think he was amused a little as well...

So the show was GREAT! I really can't say enough good things about this cast/ direction/ costumes/ set/ lighting and choreography! All amazing. And the talent - oh, lovelies! The talent in that show rocks the roof right off the Neil Simon Theatre! If you're lucky enough to be in NYC or visiting in the near future - go see it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canceled dates & Date #4

Lovelies, I was supposed to go out with College Professor and the Young Lawyer again this past weekend - but I canceled the Saturday evening out with College Professor because I got a FREE ticket to see Tosca at the Met.

Now, I love dating, but I love Puccini more - so I called and apologized to him that I was busy. And Tosca was well worth the date nixing. (is that a word? Nixing? Now it is.) Great singing, great story, respectable set & costumes and one free seat = one happy Miss "Opera" Musical!

And lovelies, I was canceled on by the Young Lawyer who had to work, but it was actually a great thing because my brother (who just got back from OSI Military training) and I got to go to church and have a nice long brunch after. That was nice... Was good to catch up with my bro and check in on how his life is going...

So that Sunday evening I had date number 4 with the Straight Cute Banker. Lovelies - he suggested seeing an off Broadway play!

So we met for sushi before hand and had some lovely conversation - he is just so warm and open and a total gentleman! Helped me into my coat at the end of the meal, got the door for me on the way out, and was careful to have me not walk on the grates when we were walking to the theatre.

We saw "A Perfect Crime" which is an off Broadway thriller/ mystery type play. Very interesting and was pretty well acted. I really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed even more that he suggested going here and he seemed pretty pleased that I was pleased!
After the play we went and got a little Red Mango. I think I could die happy after having a Red Mango... They're just perfect and not nearly as tart at Pinkberry - and don't get me wrong - I enjoy a little tart, but when you get too much it's just overwhelming!
We finished our yogurt, had a lovely little walk towards the park and then (he did it again!) the Straight Cute Banker bid me goodnight and got me a cab ride home!! I feel like such a queen when he does that! Loves it! Can't wait for Date number 5 (which he asked me out for at the end of the date!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

AWESOME Date number 3!!!

Lovelies! The Straight Cute Banker is winning every round of the dating game! At the end of our date last Saturday night he asked when I was free again and I suggested Wednesday night. He asked if he could see me then and of course I accepted!

So, I'd mentioned in passing that I enjoyed opera - lovelies, he sent me the sweetest e-mail on Wednesday afternoon saying how he tried to get tickets for Tosca, but they were all sold out and he kindly suggested we go see an off Broadway play... Well, I was running errands around mid-town at 3:30 and decided to swing by the theatre where Memphis is playing. (I've wanted to see this musical for a while and it's got some great word of mouth!) So they had Student Rush tickets left -- I got 2 tickets in the first row for 25 bucks each! I promptly texted Straight Cute Banker who was super excited and then suggested that we go to Sardi's for dinner before hand!

Oh, lovelies - ever since I saw the Muppets Take Manhattan I've wanted to eat dinner at Sardi's (I've had appetizers there, but not a real dinner!) And I did! Straight cute banker and I had some delightful conversation & tasty eats - we also have the same pallet for food! Very curious - both of us wanted the same things! And so we ordered and had little tastes of each others dishes! And he got a lovely bottle of wine for us to share - and always asked me first "What are you in the mood for Miss Musical?".

And then we saw the show - ohmygod! This is the BEST musical I've seen in a long time! The dancing/ set/ costumes were great enough, but the winner of the show is the phenomenal book and music! I was totally into it! :) And it made me cry, laugh, clap and jump out of my chair at the end! Just wonderful stuff - go see it! NOW!

After the show we went to grab dessert at my favorite place to eat Etc. Etc. I just love this little restaurant on 44th between 8th and 9th Ave! Brilliant desserts, great food and awesome service. More lovely conversation and Straight Cute Banker asked when I was free next - I said Sunday after 4pm. We're going out again then.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me that he always asks for the next date at the end of the previous date! And he's so open and sweet... I think he may be a keeper! :)

THEN we did a 2 stop cab ride home - his first and then mine -- and he paid for it! (Clappity-clap-clap!) And reimbursed me for the tickets! What a kind and appreciated gesture!

Enjoyable 3rd date?? Oh yes! Bring on date #4!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not, He LIKES ME!!! (and I'm exhausted...)

Lovelies, I have been a BUSY girl on the dating scene the past 2 weekends! My social calendar is FULL!
Last weekend I went on a date with the Tennis Pro on Friday night, the College Professor on Saturday night and the long time coming date with Straight Cute Banker on Sunday evening... It was a busy weekend, indeed... So let's re-cap...

Friday Night: Tennis Pro
Oh, lovelies, I was sourly disappointed with this whole thing... He did book the date a few days in advance (via text - which always is lame in my opinion! I like when dudes call!) but when it came to what we were doing, he suggested a movie. Now we haven't seen each other in 6 weeks - and he's only texted a handful of times... I wasn't pleased with the fact that we'd be sitting in a dark theatre unable to chat about our months adventures...

And then he picked the bloody movie! I was totally excited to go and see "The Invention of Lying" and he goes and picks "The Informant" - which is a crap movie... Netflix if you must see it, but really, try and avoid it.

At the beginning there was crap conversation, we have no more "spark" AND, lovelies, halfway through the movie he put his hand on my knee and tried to do the "let's hold hands & touch knees" move. Uugh. I promptly removed his hand and said "I don't let my friends caress my knees." Then he fell asleep during the remainder of the film - which was fine with me. We said our good byes, I hopped on the subway and was home in bed eating ice cream and watching 30 Rock DVD's by 12:30.

SATURDAY: The College Professor

Lovelies, let me just say this - I wish I had a stronger interest in the College professor because he is SO nice! He treats me like a queen and is very respectful of me and really honors me. I love that. (and my life coach said that it is good for me to receive that and enjoy it! A dude who is not afraid to show interest & honor who I am as a person!)
So we went to the Shake Shack for dinner - ohmygod - I LOVE the Shake Shack. Outdoors, delicious burgers -- and the Shack sauce... Heaven, lovelies. So he won for location, he won with conversation - we swapped many stories and some of his were actually interesting tonight! He is so kind and mild mannered and soft spoken... A very good thing to balance out the "crazy" in me.

We went to see "The Invention of Lying" after - such a funny & cute movie! And the best part was that he let me pick the movie! I gave him 3 suggestions and he chose! So we both won!

After he walked me to the train and gave me a little peck - was nice and I surprisingly wasn't grossed out by it! (you know when you have an average to good date and then you kiss the dude at the end - if you're grossed out the deal is off... I've had that happen before.) But this was warm and I love that he asked me to text him when I got home safe..

But he lives in New Rochelle... Sigh. I know I live in Queens, but c'mon - New Rochelle is a LONG ASS ways away... We're going on our 3rd date next Saturday. In the city.
SUNDAY: Straight Cute Banker!!!!
Lovelies - I've been looking forward to this for a while. I had actually lost (or thought I had lost) straight cute bankers business card, so when the card re-surfaced when I was cleaning out my desk drawer I thought "I should call him!" which I did.

I usually don't do the asking, but from our brief conversation, I thought that it might just be fun to get to know a little more about him and his story of where he came from, how he got to NYC - and worst comes to worst - I make a new friend.

Well, he took me to the Radiance Tea house (what a great first date location) and we had 2 huge pots of tea and some little nibbles.... Lovelies, he was so handsome I just about fell out of my chair. And so funny, and kind and sweet and non-judgemental!

And I really feel like he knows who he is and what he wants... Very open minded. And he's always ready to add to the conversation! And he loves old movies - AND he listens to Prairie Home Companion, plays the violin and the mandolin, loves Poetry and Opera! (Whew! I'm breathing heavily now - I get very turned on by smart, artsy, language-lovin' dudes who are straight and not in the business...)

Lovelies, I cannot tell you how much I was hoping that Cute Banker and I would hit it off - and he called on Wednesday and asked me out for this past Saturday! (There may have been Happy Dancin' involved after I hung up the phone - I'm just sayin'...)
and dates for THIS PAST WEEKEND:
FRIDAY: Young Lawyer.

A date, young lawyer is delightful! Grew up in Connecticut, is one month older than me, just moved to NYC 2 months ago, works in cooperate law, and is tall with a nice smile, good hair and a charming self-deprecating wit to him. He made me giggle! And the conversation was quite good!
We went to Employees Only for drinks. What a fun bar! I had never been there before, but it was highly recommended, so I trucked my cookies down to the village after work. Brilliant atmosphere! And they had a tarot card reader in the front of the bar! I got my cards read on the way out - and it was word for word everything that my life coach told me on Thursday morning - creepy... And the Young Lawyer wasn't too creeped out by it!

Then the Young Lawyer took me to the trendy Market Table - which had FANTASTIC food! I totally ordered for us - which he seemed OK with! (we got 4 little appetizers to share!) It was such a great light meal! And after the meal of good & fun conversation he hailed a cab for me, we had a very short peck on the kisser and then I went home. (and had to pay - we all know how Mama Musical feels about paying for her own cab on the first date... No likey.) But I can overlook the cab thing, as it was a pretty fun night!

SATURDAY: Date #2 with Straight Cute Banker

Ohmystars, lovelies! I was super excited for this date, too - but it's crazy, I work myself up for it (all the while trying to think "This could just be a friend thing, don't get too excited!"). So he let me know that he would pick a place that was in midtown east so I could get there easy. We went to this great Greek place called Ethos - kind of upscale Greek food. It was PACKED when we got there, and we had reservations! (which he made, bless his heart! A man in NYC who knows to make dinner reservations - I LOVE that!
So the conversation was Ah-mazing! He is so great at picking up where I leave off and he doesn't mind my random-ness... (truth be told, I think he enjoys it!) And he really listens to what I say and then references it at times! So great! We talked a lot about music, old movies, our families, trips we've been on, and several other subjects! Just so fun to share with him & hear what he has to say back! (I need to do a better job at listening -- sometimes I get so excited to share that I forget to put on my listening ears...)

He was just as handsome & charming as ever, very kind and warm, non-judgemental and open. All things that I so enjoy. Only (very small, almost not noticeable) downfall is that he's my height exactly, if not half an inch shorter, so it kind of sucks that I can't wear heels and I want to bend my legs a little when we walk together... I don't like the idea of kissing down, but that may not be the case if we're both barefoot... Something to look forward to!

Anywho - after the great Greek dinner we went to a little piano bar called Mimis - was such fun! They played some great songs! And there was this SUPER drunk guy there, we'll call him Dennis, and he kept slurring his words and saying to Cute Banker "God, she's really beautiful, isn't she??" referring to me, and Cute Banker just looked me straight in the eyes and said "Yes, I've thought that for a while now..." I thought I was going to melt into the floor!

Then we went for one more nightcap at a little pub on the UES and after on the street he kissed me - for quite a bit! Was just delightful - and I had the zing/ bells/ whistles! It's been a long time since I've felt that... Now I just have to not day dream about him and focus on me and getting done with stuff I have to get done. But not before....

SUNDAY: Clark Kent

Lovelies, this new guy I went to the Museum of Natural History with was just a scream! He's a little younger than what I usually date (which means he's a year and a half older than me) and also a little awkward, but had pretty good conversational skills and also was very go-with-the-flow kind of guy. And I just about fell over when I saw him -- Mc. Dreamy Clark Kent-type with a twist of school boy!
He was very nice and we went all over the Natural History Museum - it was his first time there! Was kind of exciting to see the Museum through the eyes of someone who has never seen the big whale or the dinos before! And he was funny, smart, kind, warm and all of the good things I look for... but it was still so new and I wasn't quite sure about his sense of humor, so I just tried to enjoy and be myself! We went to starbucks after and took our coffees and sat on a big rock right by the pond in Central Park and watched the sunset! Was kind of romantic - we split a biscotti! (gawd, lovelies - it's the little things sometimes with me)
He walked me to the subway and we had a little peck, and now lovelies, here I am blogging to all of you...
I'd have to say that I was able to take away something from each of these dates! Like my life coach says "Enjoy having others recognize you!" - and believe-you-me, I am! Oh, yes... I am.

Never in my life have I so badly wanted to be Lois Lane!

The REALLY EXPENSIVE Vintage Dress...

Lovelies, in an earlier blog I mentioned my purchase at The Family Jewels - a vintage clothing store here in NYC. My dress was $400 (which is 2/3 of my rent for a month) and is FABULOUS!

Here's a pic for those of you who have been patiently waiting! And below is a pic of the fabric - so SO beautiful! It's a Lord & Taylor Dress, and they had it under "1950's party dress" at Family Jewels, but it's gotta be between '54 and '56... Either way, it's beautiful and I'm obsessed with it! (and that it fit me like a glove!)

Such a fun little frock! Makes me feel like I'm out of a Rosemary Clooney movie!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can Anybody Find Me -- SOMEBODY TO LOOOOVVVEEE????

Lovelies, I'm OBSESSED with Glee! Obsessed! It's such a great, positive and heart warming show!!! I love that you can download the songs on iTunes a day before - but I also hate it a little, cause then it's not a surprise!

I love the heart of the show! I feel like I knew those people in High School - heck, I WAS one of those people in High School! I don't know how I became somewhat cool when I got to college, but I think my lucky stars that I did...

Kristen Chenoweth, Matt Morrison and Lea Michelle are all just great in the cast! The other cast members are also amazing-but I had to do a shout out to my Broadway turned TV peeps! And the story line is so interesting & silly all at the same time!

Go do yourself a favor and go onto and watch GLEE!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Broadway Flea Market

Lovelies, I went to the Broadway Flea Market this past Sunday! Was a BLAST! I got to go through old bins of Playbills, try on dance shoes they really used in Wicked and saw some Broadway peeps from my favorite shows!

The Flea market benefits Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS and is quite an event! I got a show poster frame, some cool playbill tumbler cups, a Rydell High T-Shirt, and submitted myself for a few raffles for show tickets!

It's usually held in the Schubert Alley, but this year was at the Roseland Ballroom, due to rain. Still, a wonderful afternoon where I got to shop to benefit others... I Love that!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dates and Auditions...

Lovelies, I have been keeping myself buys for the past week and a half or so by going on a few dates and doing a few auditions... I will re-cap.
Friday night date: The College professor. We met at a little pub on the UES for a quick after work drink. (and I actually had a movie to go to later that night with a girlfriend, so I had exactly 2 hours to chat). He was Very nice, tall, blue eyes, light hair and laughed at all my jokes... However, I was there first and got myself an ice water - he never asked if I wanted any thing else to drink, even when he ordered his own.

He's a runner, but he lives in upstate NY - like the Westchester, New Rochelle area... And lovelies, he just doesn't give me the zing! Such a drag, as he was a perfectly nice fella... And he texts me constantly (like 2-3 times per day) and has called twice. I like that he's persistent - that's a bonus that I always find in the men that I'm just not that into. They can't get enough of me when I don't want them...

Saturday night date: The Architect. We met at the Gramercy Park Hotel for drinks (fancy) and he asked right when I got there what'd I'd like to drink! And he was so well dressed, and cute and funny! We had the pleasantries about where we were from, what we do and then we started talking about regular life and what we enjoy doing around NYC -- this dude was the male version of me. I kid you not. He is kind of a metro sexual, very interested in historical architecture - as that's the job he has - a dog lover (and he has a dog), enjoys theatre and shows, enjoys art, loves his family... The list goes on and on of the similarities.

So we get to the end of the date (so I thought) and he asked if I'd heard of the cabaret singer Uta Lemper. (FYI: She's only the greatest cabaret singer in the WORLD!) Well, turns out he did architect pro-bono work for this club/concert space in DUMBO called the Galapagos Islands for his friend, so now he has unlimited access to tickets for any show the club produces.

And Uta Lemper was singing was singing at the Galapagos Islands.
That night.
In 1 hour!
And he asked me to join him!

HOORAY! This was for sure one of the most exciting first dates I'd ever been on! I was so impressed that he cared enough to think "Hey - this is right up Ms. Musicals alley! I'd like to surprise her with these tickets!"
The show was great, the club was BEAUTIFUL and he got me a car ride home! (and lovelies, we all know how Mama Musical enjoys her car rides home...)

OK, so I texted the Cute Architect on Wednesday:

"Hey, thanks again for the fun on Saturday night! I had a lot of fun with you! Hope your week is going well!"
and he sends me back this:
"I had a blast on Saturday as well and I like you but I seem to be getting back together with my ex. I'll let you know if it doesn't happen. Thanks for the text."
WHAT!!!?? Not fair. I hate being sloppy seconds. And I texted him back that. Now I'll never hear from him, but that's life in the big city...

The AUDITIONS I went on have been pretty good! I went in for Musicals Tonight! They're doing the shows Paint your Wagon and Silk Stockings. Both are pretty good shows and I thought I'd go in and try out for the tomboy turned good girl in Paint your Wagon. Well, lovelies, I must have sung the wrong song, because they didn't give me two looks... Uugh. Wholesome Mormon show (PYW) plus Miss Musical doesn't equal a contract I guess... But I felt really good about owning my time in the audition room and going balls to the walls with my song choice and enjoying it!

This week I'm planning on auditioning for Catch me if You Can the musical! (based on the movie). They're looking for understudies, but perhaps it might be fun!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Go Girl! Literally!

Lovelies, I was delighted and frightened by this product! I was at the MN State Fair two weeks ago, and they had a booth advertising & selling this product in the grandstand!

It's called Go Girl & it allows ladies to pee standing up! WEIRD!

They market it for women who are campers, runners, boating enthusiasts and also everyday women who just don't want to sit down on the toilet & get all germy. And if you're ever doing volunteer work, like habitat for humanity or something, where there's no place to pee you can just sneak out somewhere and pee - not pop a squat, but go standing up!

I'm still a little creeped out by it, but take a peek at the website & see what you think.... I might re-consider getting one if I ever go on Safari in Africa or Hiking in the Rain forest...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wanna play Doctor??

Lovelies, I went into the Al Hirshfield clinic today. I love the Al Hirshfield, as it's sponsored by the Actor's Fund (which means I don't have to pay for my exams) and the main Doctor - Dr. S - is a really sweet older dude who is very easy to work with.
Well, today I went in to have my lady bits looked at. (Not pretty, I know lovelies...) So this is embarrassing enough, right? And I usually don't have a problem with these types of exams - it's old hat now...

But Dr. Spears said to me walking in "Well, I have a 3rd year medical student with me today from Columbia and was wondering if he could ask you the questions pre-exam and then stay for the examination." I said "Yes, of course." because I want to be of service to the medical community, and if me and my lady bits can help further someones education, EXAMINE AWAY!

However, the med student then walked in the door. And he was HOT! I'm not talking like beach guy hot, I'm talking nerdy, book loving, boy-next-door HOT (which is SO much better than beach hot, in my opinion). And he had this lovely dark hair and these magnificent teal-blue eyes... I got a little icky in my yuckies...

Lovelies, I repeated FUCKBALLSCRAPSACK to myself in my head, while smiling and saying polite howdy-do's. Why do I have to have a hot med school doctor?? NOT FAIR - I can't explain my problems to a hot med student, now known as HMS, without acting like a total fool!

So Dr. Spears leaves us to the pre-exam questions and this guy was so thorough with his questions, but I got embarrassed when he was like "when was the last time you had sex?" and I had to say "Two years ago... Sigh." and he said "I know that sigh." (OMG - cute HMS is funny, too?? ) I tried to be funny back, but what can you say to a hot cute med student who is going to be looking at your cooch in 5 minutes. He was so kind & sweet & took crazy detailed notes...

And then the exam came with Dr. S and HMS. And guess what - it was his first OB/GYN type of appointment he'd ever done (not Dr. S, but the Hot M.) And, (oh this is awful lovelies) I actually said to them "Well, I haven't had my wax yet this month, so my apologies for any crazy hair growth you might find!" WTF?! Why do I say these stupid things when a hot young dude is around... Sigh.
I wanted to ask HMS out for coffee or drink, but I decided against it. Why would he buy the cow when you've seen the milk for free?? ... if that makes any sense.
Mortified is the new word of the day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Born to Boogie!

Lovelies! I was wallowing so much last week that I forgot to share my good news! When I went in to audition for Mary Poppins last week, Mr. Brown from Tara Rubin Casting asked that I come in for the Billy Elliot dance chorus call this week!

It's kind of like an invitation, but more of a polite suggestion... Regardless, I'm just jazzed he suggested it. I hear that the tapping is MUCH easier than the Mary Poppins dance combo (which I had to pay a friend to teach me in advance!).

I'm trying to find someone else to teach the Billy combo to me before they do the dance call on Wednesday, but it's tricky... The one chick I know who was in the show in now on maternity leave and can't be away from her 3 month old for very long. Le Sigh. Guess I'll have to learn it on the day of with all the other gals.

So that's cool, right?! What if they want me to cover the dead mom & the dance teacher?! Or even just be person number 5 from the left in the ensemble?! I'm OK with that!

I'm hoping we dance to something fun like "Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher" - I like that song!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Turning Over a New Leaf... and the Great MN Get Together!

Lovelies, I was on the phone with my lovely friend Miss Abs tonight and she suggested that I start e-mailing other people about dating, as the Tennis Pro isn't calling me...

I think this is a splendid idea, as she is right on that I am putting all my eggs into one basket with the Tennis Pro. And I make up all these excuses for him "In Vegas with the Boys", "Doesn't want to call & bug me at home in MN", "at the US Open". All a little true, but mostly crap I tell myself to feel better about his lack of calls. Because even though I like him, he may just not be that into me... Le Sigh...

On an up-note: I went home to Minnesota for a week and a half! For - you guessed it - the MINNESOTA STATE FAIR! Was just brilliant!
I went to the fair four times in all: Once with Espresso Genius, once with a friend from St. Fabulous church in Cake Eater, MN, once with my director for my upcoming show (we saw the Prairie Home Companion, which his wife is a cast member in!) and once with my good friend RoGo! Ro Go and I were supposed to see Kelly Clarkson perform at the Grand Stand, but she canceled.... Whore.

I rode the space needle, went on the Giant Slide, had a apple cider Popsicle, went to the Miracle of Birth Barn with all the baby animals, saw a giant pumpkin, had a tasty wild rice burger, looked at jams & jellies that won awards, checked out the quilting & crop art and most important: saw Princess Kay of the Milky Way statues carved in butter.

I love the fair. Only 363 more days to go until the next one...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Self Worth

Lovelies, when it comes to relationships, I am not gifted. Take for example the tennis pro I've been on a four dates with... Our last one was at the sassy steakhouse in Bridgehampton.

He is always super attentive & sweet on the dates, is an excellent conversationalist and makes me laugh here & there. However, he doesn't call.

I'm not talking doesn't call me everyday, I'm saying it's been 2 weeks. In other words: Half a month since I've heard from him verbally. But he does know how to text - sadly, I feel like this might be what's hooking me in.

I did get a little text here & a little text there (always a few days apart) they are always plesent and say that "hope you're enjoying time with family" and all the general crap you text people who are strangers... And I usually respond the next day, because I don't want to seem too needy and desperate.... Sigh. And I actually called him breezily (is that a word?? Breezily... hmmm...) requesting he call me back. He didn't. The tennis pro is missing all the shots here, people.

The crap thing is I'm totally questioning my self worth!!! Why am I not cool enough for a phone call, and only texts?? He wanted to know when I was getting in, however he's never called to make a date for us! WHY?! Lovelies, I really don't want to write this one off, as I was just starting to get excited about it.... I even bought a freakin' U.S. Open T-shirt. God, I'm such a sucker. All the nice ones suck me in and then stop calling....

I know, I know - he was on a boys week in vegas, I know I was in MN for the next week and a half after that, but my cell phone works in Minnesota, too! Am I wrong to want a phone call 2 - 3 times a week, one or two dates a week and generally someone who is excited to plan dates for us?? Comments are welcomed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pretty Under-things...

Lovelies - I just bought some very pretty underthings yesterday! They are SO hot *and my boobs fit into them, so that's a perk - literally* and it's pretty comfortable! Here's the pic of my new hot-ness..

(except mine has got this beautiful coral print on it - not the blue. But it's the same cut!) Now I just have to get those pink thigh-highs like that girl has on & I'm all set!

Oh, and I just got this bra AGAIN the other week! I LOVE it! And the matching knickers! So cute!
And one of my girlfriends on Facebook just sent me a link to where Miss Piggy had Marc Jacobs design her a dress from his Fall Collection!! Too Funny, right? I love me some Miss Piggy & think that she looks exceptionally rockin! I mean, c'mon! Look at that perfect figure!

Miss Piggy is my hero. She's so fashion forward!