Friday, May 30, 2008

I went. I saw. I Loved....

Lovelies,  I went to the midnight showing of Sex and the City last night - one word: FABULOUS!  If you or anyone you know is a fan of the series this long-ish movie will make you quiver in your Manolo's!

Speaking of which - did anyone see the exclusive blue Manolo's that were made for the movie!  (yours to own in July for the bargin price of $885 on June 9th at the NYC store )  I know I'll be in line to get a pair.... wait a minute... no - no... that would be I'm NOT going to be waiting in line for the coveted shoes.   

Being on a budget is such a tragedy.  

But lets be honest-  the movie ROCKED!  And it made me want to appreciated more of my time here in NYC.  I forget sometimes that I live in the greatest city in the world!  

Would I call the movie an academy award winning spectacle?  No.  But then again, would I call it a great time that made me laugh, cry and wish that I had the life of our heroine Carrie?


Friday, May 23, 2008

Every Girl LOVES a Little Blue Box...

Today has been a rockin' day so far (and I'll re-cap on my crazy week, too!)  I got up, auditioned for And the World Goes 'Round - got a CALLBACK!  (Boo-yah!)  So that's exciting enough...

 And when I got to work today I found this waiting on my desk:

And there was a card with MY NAME ON IT!!!  

Of course I started jumping up & down with delight!  The card read "Happy Late Administrative Assistants day!"   I opened it up and this was inside:

OH! Clappity-clap-clap!  

Sheer delight, my lovelies...  Sheer delight!  It's called the Paloma Picasso Loving Heart Pendant and it's so pretty and simple!  I LOVE IT!  (Lady of the House, whom I work for, done good.  REAL good!)

So I'm back to work after a 2 day absence of worshipping the porcelain god.... I think I puked from 4 am Wed. morning until 8 pm Wed. night and Thursday my body was just getting used to being back to normal.  

Great part was -I lost about 5 pounds (fun, eh - maybe there's more to this bulimia thing than people think... Hmmm....)  Bad part was that I wanted to slit my wrists and end it all most of Wednesday while lying on the cool tile of my bathroom floor and praying that the need to puke would go away and I could just go back to bed & watch Oprah... (which was a REALLY depressing episode on Wednesday - what's up with all those OCD people anyways?!  Crazy stuff...)  

Other than that my week has been great!  Just work & auditions AND my friend Miss Hall came to visit me - I love her!  She's such fun!  We went all over the city last week and had many fun adventures!  (my favorite was when we ran into Spike Lee giving directions to a guy while we were on our way to brunch at Alice's Tea Cup.)   Pure NY moment....  

Now back to admiring my new necklace -and work - mustn't forget work....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daydreams and ball-sy acts....

Lovelies, it happened.  The Guys & Dolls invited dance call happened this morning.  

Not gonna lie -it was ROUGH.  Real Rough...

I felt so good going in there!  Thought I was going to be perhaps playing Mimi (the earing girl) in the ensemble & covering Adelaide.  Yeah, that's a pipe dream.  

Walked in  & every dancer-dancer (that means the really true dancers -not the mover/dancers like me) so every dancer-dancer with legs to their shoulders with the ability to kick to Jesus was there...   And me.  And also my good mover/singer friends were there Niks & Kels.  Was so good to see friendly faces!  

So the choreographer started teaching the dance.  FAST.  Really really fast!  (we learned a full 2 minute combination in under 20 minutes complete with barrel turns, double inside left turns, double outside right turns and so many high kicks I thought I was going to smack myself in the face.)  

The guy who called me in turns out is the Music Director -not the main Director.  Both were in the room with the casting director and several assistants & other people!  I felt OK about the routine - had to have the assistant dance in front of me during the combo - that was nice that they let her do that for us mover/dancers.  All in all, I didn't fall on my face & I didn't miss too many steps.  

The whole thing made me realize how much I need to get back to taking lessons again!  I miss it!  (and if I had a little more time to practice, I'd have kicked that routines ass!)

Also, last night I saw my friend Sh-ronie in an Andrew Lippa tribute concert!  Was a great show and Andrew Lippa himself CAME to see the show & did a talkback!  (FYI - Andrew Lippa is a musical theatre demi-god and he writes some AWESOME music!)  Here's a pic of him:

So anywho- after the concert, during the talkback someone asks what is on his iPod.  (Good question, right?!)  And he said he was always looking for new music.  

So, me being the outgoing girl that I am, wrote down Pink Martini and David Wilcox on the back of my business card and gave it to him picture side down...  He was very cool about getting new music suggestions, and when he flipped over my card I half expected him to tear it up, but instead he said "business card - clever" or something to that sort - I was a little star struck.  After which he shook my hand and thanked me for the music ideas!  Hooray!  

I just introduced myself to the man who could be our generations Stephen Sondheim!  

Hip-hip! Hooray!  

Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh, Men!

Lovelies, I've been running errands for the Lady of the House today and I saw the most BEAUTIFUL man on the street!  I winked at him.  He looked at me like something was wrong with my eye.  ...Oh, it's springtime, my hormones are telling me to make little Ms. Musicals and I've gotten to that point where I wink & smile at total handsome strangers.  I actually enjoy flirting - but I'm not very good at it! 

I actually had to think "flirt with this man" before I did it!  I mean, I'm really good at being nice & laughing and all - and I'm pretty funny, but the actual "being sexy & flirting" thing is not my strong suit.  How does one practice at this and get better - especially when there's only 1 in about 20 men who I'd even consider flirting with...

The other day I was on the subway.  It was me, 5 other women, and close to 30 men...  I only liked 2 of them!  What is my problem?!  I think I'm just a super picky girl.  

Usually when I go on dates I have 2 requirements: 1. Do they make me feel like a good person? 2. Do they make me laugh?  Those 2 things are at the top of my list every time!  Of course, if both these things happen-- it's a jackpot!  

Also, does anyone out there like men to call you on the phone?  Not text, but call...  I like them to call!  Even if it's just a quick, "Hey, I was just thinking about you."  I just like to hear their voice.  It's nice, you know?  Like when they ask you out at the end of the first date for the next date - it's just nice!

And I may have said this before, but I hate Hate HATE text messaging.  Fine for when you need to know locations, etc - but to have a real conversation over texting - well that's just wrong.  I love to hear vocal tone, how quick they can think on their feet, and most importantly - if they're good conversationalists.  (SO important!)  

I've found that most the men here in NY are happy going through life without a passion for anything, living blase lives & can't hold a decent conversation!  WTF?!?  I don't care if your passion is fly fishing or organizing your empty Cheetos bag collection - it's just gotta be SOMETHING!!  (now because I'm a crazy person, my passion is my job - theatre, but it doesn't have to be that big -just give me a human who has a desire to get as much out of this life as possible!)

Perhaps it's true when Frenchy in the movie Grease says "The only guy a girl can depend on is her Daddy."  But I sure hope there's someone out there who I'll be able to depend on in the future...  Or maybe I just need to read the book above.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A weeks worth of Thoughts!

Hello my Lovelies,

Well, it's been a VERY busy week, but I'm pleased to be blogging again!  Last weekend I saw 2 musicals with Natey J. (He is Husband to my friend the lovely Lo- Girl who won that big Broadway reality TV show last year!)  So while Lo-Girl was doing her big Broadway show , her hubby & I went to see Adding Machine on Friday night and then went to see Glory Days on Sunday afternoon.

I have to say that I was very excited by Adding Machine!  It was a very dark show that was kind of a combination of Sondheim and Adam Guettel & Jerry Herman.  And I really felt like each of the songs were a monologue instead of a song....  Was very good!  And so dark!  And the story is super relevant today - Man works counting numbers for same company for 25 years, gets replaced by an Adding Machine and kills his boss.  (that last bit isn't too relevant - but being replaced by technology is pretty relevant!)

Then I saw Made of Honor on Saturday night - with my girlfried M.Stryker.  (I love her last name - and the joke it makes.  When we first met she introduced herself and I said "Strike her!  But I just met her!)  Bad joke, but a good friend!  

We thought the movie was especially cheesy but it was fun to see the NYC locations that pretty girl & Mc Dreamy go to!  (and there's this one bakery that's like a mystery bakery -it's not Magnolia Bakery or Amy's --- it has a brown awning and looks very village-ish...  If anyone can figure it out, I'll buy you a cupcake there & overnight it from NY!)

So Sunday I went with Natey J. again to see Glory Days. (or Glory Day as the critics are calling it).  The show closed on it's opening night.  Sad.  I feel bad that they even produced it on Broadway - it was good for off Broadway or off-off Broadway, but really who ever thought that was a good idea also probably thinks that reviving Floro Dora is a good idea....

Onto the week!  Was a pretty good week!  


- Oklahoma at Papermill Playhouse.  I gave myself a 9 on a scale of 1-10 as far as auditions go! Felt really good about it!  

- Cohoes Music Hall for their season.  This was a 10 for sure!  I rocked it out.

- The Guys and Dolls chorus call for Portland Stage.  I gave my audition a 9 here.  It was good, I sounded great & was funny - they thought I was charming... AND... GAVE ME A CALLBACK!  I'm going to the "invited dancers" call on Tuesday morning!  (Fancy that - me!  And "Invited Dancer!" ... is that like a Private Dancer?)  

So all in all a good week of auditions - and a sad week for our musical theatre class -- was the Last week of the 7 week class I've been taking!  The casting director is my doppelganger - at least so I've been told!  (by like 50 people - but I think she's very nice looking, so I'll take that as a compliment)  So we'll call her the Telsey Twin, as she is from Telsey casting!  

She enjoyed my songs and I hope she will shove me at who ever is in charge of casting Wicked.  I'd give my left boob to play tree number three in that show!    

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Suck it up! (and Get the Gimmies)

Lovlies,  I totally thought Wednesday night's musical theatre class was going to go well!  I had on my hot-to-trot outfit, I was feeling great about my two new songs that I picked to work on, and then I got up there - sang fine - and was told that I need to stop staring at one point on the back wall & "be a Human" when I sing.  

This shouldn't be a problem - I'm a professional, right?  I have loads of training under my belt and I'm a smart girl!  So I tried my best to "be a human" but when I sang my second song the casting director stopped me half way through and said "You're doing it again!!".  I just wish I knew how to stop - I guess what I consider to be "focus" he thinks is just staring for the sake of staring.  Uugh.  I can't win....  But next week we have a lovely lady casting director from Telsey coming to see our auditions!  

Onto other things -I got a FANTASTIC shirt yesterday at Arden B. (which was totally out of my budget, but hey -I'm only young once and I won't be able to pull this type of shirt off in another 15 years -so I best be enjoying it now!)  So I wore it to my Wicked Chorus call audition this morning and it got a TON of compliments!  Hooray!  I love a cute shirt!  :)  ... And I feel really sexy & powerful in it!  (Now if only a boy would ask me out so I could be fierce & wear it on a date!)

Speaking of boys - I'm still totally smitten by the boy in my Musical Theatre Class...  Dreamy Kindness Boy...  He's so hot.  And nice...  Lovelies, if he makes a move I'm done for!  :)

Now onto a few Gimmie items - these are things that I want, that I think I need, which I probably don't really need all that much...

First is this lovely little number  - I  LOVE the color!  (oh and these are all from NY & Co., so it's not mucho expensive - but still a little expensive!)

This next one is GREAT - I like it without the belt - but it's SO pretty when you try it on.  Plus I can bleach it if it gets dirty!  (and it's kinda short with out being whore-y...  Mmeeoww!)

Finally - this super cute pair of shorts....  SO cute, no?  And not tacky short - made for girls with normal thighs!  Love it!
I'm still working on getting myself out of debt, so these might have to be put on hold.  Unless my fairy god mother is out there in Cyber land & wants to purchase for me??  (Hey -it's worth the ask!)