Thursday, March 11, 2010

8 days until Paradise!!!

Lovelies,  we're now eight days away from when the Englishman and I leave for Hawaii!

We had another excellent date last night!  I love that Wednesdays are our date night!  And Saturday nights and all day Sunday!  He is just so darn great and thoughtful!

Yesterday we met by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and had a quick stroll around Central Park.  Then we stopped by the Boathouse to warm up by their little fire in the bar area.

Was so nice and relaxing there!  And the Englishman said exactly what I was thinking: "You know I was very happy before, and I'm happy now, but you make me so blissfully happy."  I don't need him, lovelies, but he sure rocks my world when we're together!

We went for dinner at Atlantic Grill - I had the terryaki chilean sea bass.  OH YUMM-ER-IFFIC!!!  And we split the most lovely sushi roll - had asian pear, tuna, lobster, cucumber, a mild wasabi sauce and an apricot puree on the top!  I almost died when we had our fantastic dessert: it was like a big banana yummy ice cream tower!

Then we were going to see the Blind Side - but I was just tired (and wanted to smooch & cuddle a little) so we got a cab back to my place and "listened to music" together for a bit.  That's what the kids are callin' it now-a-days right??  "Listening to Music??"

He went home and I spent an hour watching Millionare Matchmaker on  And organizing my summer clothes for the awesome trip!!  I will be hula-ing all the way to Hawaii in 8 more days!  Alo-ha- hey... Hawaiian day...  La, la, la, la!  (That song has been stuck in my head for days!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

He Loves Me!!!!!

Oh, lovelies!  He loves me!

He does!  Hooray!

I knew he did (he'd been saying "I adore you" before this) and then on Sunday morning he turns to me, kisses me good morning and says "I love you" so softly!

I almost couldn't hear him so I requested "Please say it again".

And he said again in his charming syrupy sweet British accent "I love you, Miss Musical."

Icky. In. My. Yuckies.

Lovelies!  It was like out of a freakin' romantic comedy movie! 

And I said I loved him back, of course.  Because I do. 

Then we had the best date EVER:

Breakfast at Perkins on Stanten Island (I LOVE Perkins! and they don't have any in NYC - just Stanten Island).

Shopping for Hawaii and home goods at the clean and surprisingly NOT ghetto Stanten Island Target.  Where he beat me to the punch and got me this: 

Grabbing a starbucks for the road and then driving to Westchester Broadway theatre to watch that evening's performace of Nine!  The lovely Lo.Blacks is my girlfriend and she is one of the Stars of this fantastic show! 

I love my tall ginger Englishman, lovelies...  Now, onto Hawaii!  10 days away!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm in Like with a Wonderful Guy!

Lovelies, I'm so falling in love with the Englishman!  Do you know what he did last night??  This is too much:

1. He brought me roses.  Beautiful antique purple ones - you know the light violet color??  Just beautiful!

2. He showered me with kisses and compliments!  Which I love - who doesn't?!

3. He listened to what happened my day and asked very thoughtful questions!  (all while I was cooking him a tasty meal at my little apartment in Actoria!)

4. He happily tagged along when I suggested meeting up with my out of town girlfriend Bex and her lovely boyfriend, the Violinist.  We all went to the champagne bar Flute in midtown.  Gawd I love a good tall glass of bubbly!  (he got the veuve cliquot, I got this tasty rose champagne! Amazing!)

5. He had to leave Flute after an a hour or so to get ready for his 5am meeting the next day - but get this - he PAID for the WHOLE BILL!!!  Their drinks, my drinks, our cheese plate AND our dessert!  What a classy guy?!!!

So I wil have to pay him back with proper kisses & cuddles!  He's just the BEST lovelies!  And he makes me feel like a queen!  Hooray!

Dates Update!

Lovelies,  I have had a few more dates with the Tall Englishman.  He is still charming and wonderful and tall.  AND he is very into me and spending time with me!  So that's quite exciting!

Last week on Friday night we went to eat at Wave Thai in Actoria by my house - that was fun!  He's so sweet about coming all the way out there, because you see, I'm sick as a dog right now.  We just went for Thai, had a bit of wine at the little wine bar down the street, made out a little at my house and then he went home!  He's just so cotten-pickin' lovely!  I'm for sure twitterpaited by the tall Ginger Englishman!

Our last date was just last night and he picked me up after my (rockin') audition in midtown and we went to Shake Shack for dinner.  Yum!

And cold, as the Shake Shack is outside...   But we were under heating lamps, so that wasn't too bad!  And those burgers, fries and strawberry shakes are WORTH sitting outside in the cold for!  I love Shake Shack.

Then we went bowling at Chelsea Piers - I was tired so I only wanted to bowl one round...  I think I'm still getting over my winter cold...  Le sigh.

THEN we went back to his place, watched American Idol - sidenote -I'm sourly disspointed in most of the contestants for this year...but I do love seeing Ellen on AI!

And when it came to naughty makey-out time at the end of the date, I told him that I really just wasn't feeling well and could I please go home.  He walked me down to the cab stand to get a cab - how great is that?!  Such a sweet guy - and paid for the cab ride home...  What a treat!  He is really the best!

I'm so lucky!


Lovelies, I just got the most lovely little purse in the mail from Kate Spade's sample sale!

It's the Westbur Serena purse in cream!  De-licious!  And it was only $119, as opposed to the original $365 price it once was!  Hooray!!!  A cute purse and a deal!  And PERFECT for Hawaii!  I think cream bags are the perfect way to say Aloha, wouldn't you agree??

Now, the new one I have my eye on is similar, but a little more summery and fun!  It's called the Neptune Avenue Addie and it's CUTIE PATOOTIE!  See:

But it runs a cool $225, so I might be waiting for the sample sale next year before it joins the collection of Kate Spades I already own!