Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FINALLY!!! A new Blog post from Miss Musical!

Oh, lovelies! Has it really been a whole month since I've last blogged!?!?! I've missed you!

Let's call this whole thing a Christmas card from Miss Musical to you lovelies out there who read my little bloggy blog. An update of sorts over the past month!

Well, well - the show closed on Sunday, and it was a bittersweet closing show. Tons of my family members were there, and several friends came as well! For all those of you who turned out for "Sisters of Swing" over the past four weeks, I cannot even begin to tell you how much your support (and applause) has meant to me.

I was truly humbled to get to work with the greatest "Sisters" a girl could ask for: P.N. and Stace-a-frass. Both are so uber talented, kind, generous and warm... The list could go on & on... And I'm also lucky to have worked with a great 6 piece swing band, a wonderful crew and a great professional creative team!

When I first came back from NYC for the rehearsals I was a very angry gal with a lot of confusion, especially in the theatre world. I didn't know if that's where I fit anymore, and if this would be my "swan song" last show ever. Well, after a fabulous opening night, excellent reviews, and a great run my faith has been restored in myself as well as the universe's plan for me!

Even though I may have not been in a show for four long years, it does not mean that I'm untalented and useless. On the contrary, I've come to the conclusion that I am right for a great many things, but I've been so busy focusing on the jobs I didn't get that I forgot to look to the future. There's loads of "what-if's" that await me! (Aka. What if I get a Broadway show the week I move back? or What if I land a national commercial? or What if I have two agents fight to have the privilege of representing me?)

I feel hopeful again. And hope is something I haven't felt in quite some time, especially in the theatre realm.

So here's to life experiences that are therapeutic and thought provoking! May you all have a truly wonderful holiday season!