Friday, November 20, 2009

It's the Day of the Show, Y'All!

Lovelies, I've been waiting 3 1/2 long years for this! Its my opening night in a new musical tonight! (Well, new to me...)

Sisters of Swing is going to be a blast! It's the story of the Andrews Sisters ( you know - the girl group in the 1940's that sang "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" and "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" and also the Christmas favorite "Mele kelikimaka".

We've had 2 previews, that have both gone fairly well. I'm thrilled to be back & doing a show again! I really missed being in front of an audience. They're rooting for us! It's quite exciting!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Take Back Your Mink!

Lovelies, I envy the mink wrap that my boss has in NYC. I actually tried it on when she wasn't there and thought to myself "Gosh, I've never really seen how beautiful fur can be before - but DAMN it looks good!"
So I've been having fur envy since I tried it on, and thought I'd never ever be able to afford one. Well, surprise, surprise lovelies...

Yesterday I was in my favorite vintage store in Minneapolis (Melrose Antiques) and they have the coolest vintage clothes. I get most of my dresses from there and I just love their stuff! So I was looking through the furs for fun and saw the most BEAUTIFUL mink wrap I've ever seen! It's got little arm holes in it, would be perfect for the opera, night out, musical or even just a fun chilly day in the park.

I had to have it.

And guess what - the Lady of the House paid upwards of $10,000 for her mink. Guess how much mine was?! 250!!! BRILLIANT!! (and it looks the same as Lady of the House's and it's just as high end & quality!)

I put it on lay away and am planning to pay it off within the next 30 days! Hooray!

Plus, I got it, as I'm feeling kind of sad for myself... The Straight Cute Banker never called. But instead sent me an e-mail saying "I'm sorry I can't give you the attention you deserve right now. Things are just too busy at work for me. Hopefully it'll calm down when you're back in NYC, Miss Musical".

I'm so stupid lovelies. I actually thought that he liked me enough to have a 5 minute phone call once or twice a week... AND he said that he wanted to keep in touch before I left. Uugh. Perhaps its out of sight out of mind. I just don't know how to respond back to him. I feel like he's asking for a temporary break up - and I know we just started dating - but c'mon. 5 minutes a week is not a lot to ask.... Am I right??

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy 40th Sesame Street!!!

Lovelies, I have a confession to make. I LOVE the Muppets. And Sesame Street! I have the first three seasons of the Muppet show on DVD and (get ready to laugh it up) I'm really excited about this new 40th Anniversary Sesame Street DVD that's coming out!
I mean, c'mon! That show taught me my ABC's, how to count to 10 in English AND Spanish, how to be kind to my neighbors, what happens when someone you love dies (Mr. Hooper... sigh.) and also that C is for Cookie! C'mon - it's a brilliant show for kids!
And now I love that the First Lady is teaching kiddos how to plant a garden and raise their own healthy food! Also they just did a special on the recession and how Elmo's mommy lost her job, so they're being careful with their money - going to the park for fun, watching movies at home, and having dinners at home to help save cash.
They film the show at Studios in Actoria, too - I would pee my pants to get to visit that studio! (and I would probably crap myself if I ever got to audition for it-- I'd be so excited!)

And didn't you just die when you saw this on Google today??

Can you believe that 6 year old Big Bird hasn't aged a day - although Gordon, Maria, Luis and Bob look like they've all kept in pretty good shape!

Ah! Jim Henson is smiling down from heaven!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree...

Lovelies - I'm here! I'm in Minnesota doing Sisters of Swing: the Andrews Sisters Musical at the History Theatre! It's just so freakin' exciting! To be doing theatre after 3 long years of waiting! I just love it - and I'm very grateful to have the time to spend with my folks, as well...

I'm currently staying with Ma & Pa Musical - which is great, as they found a car for me to drive and also aren't charging me rent while I'm here.

When I'm not in rehearsal, I'm going to the gym, weight watchers meetings, Target (a lot) and Starbucks. I love to sit in Starbucks and journal & watch the world go by... I think I'm going to have to find a part time job when the show opens - I'm making 1/4 of the income here that I was making in NYC and that's just sad...

Oh, but here's an update on the Straight Cute Banker:

We went on Date number 5! And I think it was our best date yet! I met him at the theatre - we went to get lottery seats for Ragtime and he WON!!! (Lottery is where everyone puts their names into a bucket and they only pull 12 names -- 2 tickets each at $26 bucks each! And you sit in the first Row! AMAZING deal!) I was so excited that he won I jumped up & down!! - and almost broke a heel in the process...

Then we went for a quick Thai meal and I gave him a very early birthday gift - Table Topics! You know - that fun box full of cards that have all sorts of interesting conversation-inspiring questions on them! I said "I hope we'll get to talk on the phone a bit over the next few months
and these might be fun to use in our phone calls!" He seemed genuinely excited about it and we actually opened it up at dinner and started asking the questions inside!

We walked back to the Neil Simon Theatre where Ragtime is playing. Let me tell you, lovelies - that show was AH-MAZING! I'm going to go back and see it again. And again. And again. I just love that show!

And guess who was there?! At the opening night? With his 14 year old daughter?! KEVIN McCOLLUM!!!! (remember the dude who I openly - and lovingly- stalk?!) I almost fell over myself walking to my seat - and he smiled at me! Of course I was with Straight cute banker, so I couldn't run up to him and say "Hi Mr. McCollum, my name is Miss Musical and I think you're swell!" but I may have shouted "Let's have babies!" over my shoulder... This is such a knee jerk reaction with me to gush over Kevin McCollum that I think I may have frightened Straight Cute Banker a bit. He seemed OK about it, though - and actually think he was amused a little as well...

So the show was GREAT! I really can't say enough good things about this cast/ direction/ costumes/ set/ lighting and choreography! All amazing. And the talent - oh, lovelies! The talent in that show rocks the roof right off the Neil Simon Theatre! If you're lucky enough to be in NYC or visiting in the near future - go see it!