Thursday, June 18, 2009

Favorite Painting

Lovelies. Something I enjoy doing year round is visiting museums. I love the rush I get when I walk through the doors - eager with the anticipation that my brain will be a little more expanded and the hope that my world view will broaden.
So, I was recalling today my all time Favorite Painting. It's probably not one that many people would call their all time favorite, but also you have to take into account how I happened upon this painting...

I was 20 years old, a junior in college and studying for the semester in London. We were so lucky to have an art history class right at Tate Britain. (That's not Tate Modern people, it's the old school museum.) So we had this lovely old man who was a professor that toddled all around the museum and showed us various works of art. But my favorite part was the fantastic stories he told us! Just amazing stuff!

Sometimes they were stories about the artist's tragic life. Sometimes they were about the subjects in the painting. But my all time favorite was when he brought us around a corner and there was a big (10 x 10) beautiful oil painting. It was John Singer Sargent's "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose" and it was magnificent.
And then my teacher told us how Sargent tried to capture the twilight everyday and how he spent the two whole summers at his friend's home and waited everyday to paint by that light.
Also, the children who were his subjects were his host's children.

It's not much of a grand story, but it intrigues me.
That part of day is so beautiful and as I sat & stared at the expansive painting way back when in Tate Britain, a nostalgic feel washed over me. I was brought back to my memories of my own summer evenings when I was a child.
I could remember and recall wonderful detail of running with sparklers (like the young girls here are playing with lanterns) and how cool it got as the sun went down and the sounds of the birds settling and the toads croaking.... Guess that's why it's my favorite. I have a little print hanging in my room, but someday I hope to have a big beautiful replica!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm almost two years away from 30.

Lovelies, Happy almost 28th birthday to me. It's a mere 4 days away and I'm getting anxious and also kinda nervous. Not only because I'm doing a folk concert on my birthday, but also for the main question I have:

Shouldn't I be getting more done in my life now that I'm nearly a 30-something?

I don't mean like having a relationship or kids - that may or may not happen. (it's up to the fates to decided that.) I'm talking about the things that are a sure bet, like 401K and owning a home.

Perhaps my worries (which only started today) are totally unnecessary. While I do feel great about moving to NYC at the age of 25... and all that came along with that. Like learning that I am the only one that I can rely on. It's also exciting that I've made so many great friends and contacts along the way. Now if only I can screw my head on straight and start concentrating on getting an agent I'll be set!

I've also become more comfortable with being lonely or alone. And I'm actually (gasp) starting to enjoy my singleness. Something I thought I would NEVER EVER say.

BUT having said all that I look at my boss who was married & preggers at 28 with a stable job and think to myself "CRAPSACK! She was on the boat to Stability long before I was, but even so... I feel like I just need to start holding myself accountable.

Nobody else will hold my hand and do this for me. (although, it's a shame that they don't make jobs like that -- you know -- an accountability angel or some nonsense like that.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

How do I Seal the Deal?

Lovelies, I have a question:  How am I smooth enough to get a fellas card, but not smooth enough to have him call & ask me out on a date??  

I don't stalk.  I don't pry or call them too much.  I just let them be the man and make the first move.  I hate hate HATE it when business cards are exchanged and then nothing happens... Here's some cases in my life:

Remember Opera Hottie?  Or O'Hottie as I called him....  Yeah, so nice with loads of potential - and after 2 e-mails back & forth of very non-evasive brief stuff he never calls?!

AND remember the cute guy I ran into at the airport on my way back from Christmas Vacay this year?  The handsome british one who gave me his card after much flirting ensued in the taxi line.  Same thing.  3 or 4 e-mails back & forth and then nada.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zilch.  

So the latest was on Saturday night there was a terribly attractive man at the piano bar I was at!  He was there with a gal, but then my friend Z. went and asked if he was single, what he did, etc. on my behalf (yes, a little jr. high, but sweet of her, nonetheless..)  So turns out he's single, straight, and works at a respectable job.  I did some follow up questions:

Miss M: Where are you from?

Straight Dude: Texas.  You're from Minnesota right Miss M?

Miss M: Yes I am!  Do you enjoy piano bars?

Straight Dude: Yup! 

Miss M: Me too!  I wish I could play the piano.  Do you play any instruments?

Straight Dude: Yes - I play the violin & mandolin.

(Side note: Miss Musical is insane about the mandolin - HELLO???  Nickel Creek anyone??  Mandolin's are HOT!)

Straight Dude: Here's my card!

Miss M: Thanks!  Hey, I'm doing a show next Sunday night!  You should come!  (I produce a postcard for my show).

Straight Dude: Don't think I've got anything planned for next Sunday- I'll try to be there!

And then lovelies, I did something stupid.  I facebook friended him.  D'oh!  Facebooking someone you fancy is the dating kiss of death.  Seriously.  I know.  I've been facebooked which is another way for a dude to say "Yeah, you're pretty to look at, but I just don't really want to get to know you in that way.  Let's be facebook friends instead!"  

Le Sigh.

A Message to Men everywhere: Do not give a lady your card or ask for her number unless you intend to follow up.  This is not a game of "How many cards can I get in a night?" or "Who will call first?"  

I've decided to start handing out lists to random fellas on the subway & preach about dating etiquette on the N train.  That should reach a lot of people right?  I mean if the homeless people can collect money on there, I must be able to help the men of NYC become a little more aware!  Here's the easy 5-step lingo: 

1. You like a chick.
2. You ask for her number
3. You call and ask her out.
4. You take the time to figure out what you'll be doing on the date 
5. Date happens. You show up on time.

Too much to ask??  I think not.