Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hamptons, Hamptons, Hamptons!!

Lovelies, I'm at the summer home of Master & Lady of the House in Wainscott, NY. It's so great! Beautiful weather, beautiful house, beautiful people - well, the beauty of it all is freakin' ridiculous!

I'm not here to do too much personal assistant work - just here for moral support and to help out with the other 4 kids that are here. (they are cousins to Henny Penny & T-Man who I nanny for on Wed. & Thurs. when their nanny has the day off).

It's a full house. Here's the numbers: So it's those four fun kids, their mom, Henny Penny, T-Man, Lady of the House, Master of the House, the cook, the nanny, the G'ma & G'pa and me. One big happy, my lovelies.... One Big Happy. (and 13 people if you're counting)

Today we went to the beach, came back to the house & played all afternoon. One of the little girls - SoHo we'll call her - is four and we walked to the strawberry stand at the end of the lane today. She was just delightful! It was like talking with a girlfriend - she has a very old soul, and had an excellent vocabulary!

Was fun to watch Henny Penny try and keep up with his cousins - he is a fantastic young man! And the grandparents are so sweet! I'm really enjoying myself and can't wait for the rest of the 2 weeks!

And here's Alec Baldwin's Hamptons House. Pretty no?

I waited on him at Ruby Foo's. He's kind of a jerk.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The week of Birthday Continues....

Lovelies, I just had my audition for Hairspray!

I sang GREAT, looked GREAT, but sadly I guess explaining my cut in the music to the pianist wasn't great... and well, it didn't go quite as I planned...  He kind of stopped playing half way through.  I'm sure I didn't do the cut right, but I was so sure that it was clearly marked...  He joined in with me again at the end.

But I still rocked it out!  (It was the Splish Splash song that I did in my pop/rock class the other week!)   It's such a fun & up beat song to sing and when things started to go down hill all I could think was "I didn't wake up at the ass crack of dawn to come in here & do a bad audition.  No way man.  Not today!"  So I pulled it together and carried on!  Felt good to just do my job.

Last night was the last pop/rock class.  Sniff, cry...  I love that class and am so sad that I won't get to rock it out anymore!  And my last Cassara class was on Sunday night...  No more classes...  AARUGH!!!  Where am I going to get my creative groove on?  (hopefully the show-lette in MN will be a good outlet for that!)

Time to get back to work!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blue Hill

Lovelies,  I went to a FANTASTIC restaurant last night called Blue Hill.  It's right by Washington Square Park and it's just a wonderful place to eat!

The place is a Manhattan location of the upstate restaurant that is located at Stone Hill Farms.  Everything is freshly picked from the farm, the animals are raised right and fed well - so the meat is PERFECT.  I can't say enough good things about this whole establishment!  

My lovely friend H.Co works there and for my birthday she treated me to a little meal!  Her boyfriend is the sous chef at Blue Hill and he made us somewhere between 8 and 10 courses of little and big dishes!

Pre-meal: Wine (Lovely Barbara from Italy) and bread - oh, god the warm bread and FRESH butter!  (the rest I'll try to remember - it's a little foggy, as I was overcome by food lovin' and also was a little drunk)

Course 1:  Baked Kale with salt.  

Course 2: Little Quarter Sized Almond Puffs with a sweet pea puree in the middle

Course 3:  A neighbor of the celery family, but it's like lettuce - just one slice - doused in citrus and salt and chives.

Course 4: A split pea soup in a shot glass -served cold- yum!

Course 5: More soup - this time hot with shitake mushrooms - and I think it was a different flavor than the one before...

Course 6: A HUGE Scallop with lovely green sweet pea puree around it!  And there was also mushrooms and two little boneless chicken pieces.  Fantastic!

Course 7: I had the lamb & H. Co had the fish.  Let me tell you friends, by this point I was SO full that I had two bites and had to stop eating.  It was delicious and I saved the rest of my lamb with nettles in pea puree for lunch today.  (I just devoured it about 1/2 hour ago...  Was lovely even re-heated)

Course 8: Dessert number 1.  Peanut butter sorbet with strawberry jelly underneath and what tasted like Graham cracker crumbs - delightful!

Course 9: Dessert number 2.  Birthday souffle!  I got my own chocolate souffle with a candle next to it and vanilla sorbet.  The chocolate-y goodness made me so happy!

Course 10: Berries and cream.  The most beautiful fresh strawberries, blueberries and the lightest most lovely cream I've ever had.

Washed it down with a final swig of wine and ROLLED out of the restaurant.  (You know it's bad when you're not carrying that much an you're not that tired, but you have to take a cab home because you're so full!) 

I love this place!  I should really bring all my first dates here...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Cards & Big Dreams...

Lovelies, I have received some lovely birthday cards in the mail this past week!  One of which was a thank you card from my friend Yimmy who stayed with me the 2 weeks ago!  

I was kind of down & out, and wavering about my career the other week when he was visiting and gave me some good advice.  And then I got this AWESOME thank you card in the mail from him & wanted to share it with you all!  (And you don't have to believe what I believe to appreciate it  - it's just a really nice card and a good reminder to keep moving forward!)

It's titled "Live with Faith and Your Path in Life Will Become Clear".

As we take our journey through life, we often wonder what will bring us fulfillment.  We have a vague sense that we may have a calling, yet we do not know which way to go.  Always remember that true happiness and purpose will be found in relationships with each other and with God.  It is often through sharing your gifts and talents that your path in life will become clear.  It is when you are "giving" that others can see in you that which is known as "your best self."  Pray, be open to guidance and remember, God Takes Care of your Dreams.  

(I actually teared up a little typing it!)  What a great message!  I love that part that talks about when you share things with others that your path becomes clear.  It's about the process, the journey - not the end result!  

I carry the card in my purse now & try to look at it several times a day!  

(oh and it's from a company called Blue Mountain Arts, should you want to purchase some for your family members...)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank God for Mentors...

Lovelies, I had a long, but wonderful day today! I had class tonight with the fantastic Jen Waldman - whom I cannot say enough about! I will sing her praise until the day I die!

Little back story on how I met Jen... I moved here June of 2006, auditioned for 1 year and wasn't booking work and was quickly loosing confidence.

One day in the audition line I asked the people sitting next to me who they took classes with - and the two people who mentioned Jen's classes SMILED when they talked about class. (The other guy who was taking another class looked like he didn't give two hoots about his teacher.) I knew I had to find out what made these people smile!

Well, I had my first lesson with Jen in October of 2007, have since taken 2 of her audition technique workshops, she's supported me trying out other teachers (which I've done 3 separate classes with her colleague VP Boyle - and loved him) and friends, she still makes me smile to this day!

And the reason why I smile is not because she is funny or thoughtful or energetic - which she is all of those. No, the reason why I smile is because she taught me that bringing me into the room is enough.

I, Miss Musical, am enough.

Just as I am.

So now when I can bring that into the room, it's such a joy to perform because it's mine. And at the end of the day, the time & the work do not belong to anyone else but me. And having that ownership gives me a wonderful sense of self confidence and contentment.

And let's be honest here, isn't that the best gift that someone can give to you?

Monday, June 16, 2008

I Got a Show! Well, kind of a show...

Hello my lovelies!  Well, well, well.... what a weekend it was!  

I have some exciting news!  I'm going home for three weeks to do a show!  While it wasn't the show I initially tried out for, it's still a project to work on - and I'm pumped!  And I love anyone who loves me enough to offer me a good project! Hooray!!!  

It's going to be at the Ordway Center in St. Paul, MN and my "show-lette" as I like to call it, is a little "extra" before the real show starts.  It's kind of an educational cabaret where patrons can find out more about the life of George M. Cohan - whom the musical Yankee Doodle is based on.  And I'll get to sing various songs during the 50 minute show-lette!  I'm assuming the show will cover how Mr. Cohan influenced later musical theatre and pop music...  Regardless, I'm pumped!  

Speaking of the Ordway Center - the first man I ever had a crush on used to work there.  Kevin McCollum is his name and I saw my first show at the Ordway. (This was an OLD picture I found of him - what an awful tie...)

I was 12.  

He was the producer & CEO of the Ordway and also 20 years older than me.  And he was SO hot and he loved theatre and he liked the ladies.  

I was in love.  

While all the other girls at school had Danny or one of the other New Kids on the Block names scrawled across their notebook, mine had Kevin McCollum + Miss Musical with a BIG heart around it and kiss marks next to it.  (God, I'm such a nerd....)

I only met him once.  It was at the Orpheum theatre a couple years later and I was in high school.  I was there to see a touring Broadway show and so was he - well friends, I just about leaped out of my seat to shake his hand!  I'm sure that he didn't want to meet a 16 year old from Cake Eater, Minnesota but I SURE wanted to meet Him!  

Fast forward to 10 years later.  I'm still smitten each time I see a picture of him - and I've seen him on the street once.  The love of my life - Kevin McCollum - just won ANOTHER Tony award for In the Heights last night...  And his beautiful wife Lynette Perry (also an actress) was right by his side.  

AARUGH!  MARRIED!!!  Such a tragedy!   (and of course she's a size 2, absolutely stunning, and graduated just one year after him at CCM.  Uugh...)

I was so sure he would've waited for me!  

But one never knows does one??  There's always divorce.  Or cancer.  (Terrible, terrible...  I shouldn't write such things...)

Or perhaps I could just be his mistress and then we can BOTH have him!  I think this is the only fair option, don't you?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Subway Etiquette

Lovelies, instead of whining about Subway problems, I'm going to put out a list that should be forwarded to all of your friends living in the NYC area or pretty much any urban area that has mass transportation.  (you might need to  edit a little at first - because I might end up whining just a smidge...)

Miss Musical's Subway Etiquette:  

1. Let old people, pregnant women and mothers/ fathers with strollers & children sit down first - or if there are no seats PLEASE offer them yours!  (don't wait for Danny the douchebag who's closer to the person to notice -he won't.)  

2. If all old people, Moms & Dads with little ones, and preggers ladies are all sat, then please let the Ladies sit!  (I know that I'm setting back feminists everywhere by saying that, but c'mon!)  We have to wear heels - men don't.  We have to deal with cramps every month - men don't.  All the more reason why we should get a seat after those who are more in need. 

Chivalry is not dead - nor is kindness.  The fairer sex should get to sit first.  And yes, I'm a chick, but if I were born a dude and raised right I would STILL promote this.  

3. For the love, fellas, keep your knees no more than 6 inches apart.  I see all these short men on the subway who insist on sitting and spreading their legs while the women on either side of them have their legs squished together.  Now I know that men have to spread a little, but pequito Jose doesn't need to spread all of his 4'11'' self all over the bench -- honestly - the package on those itty bitty little men can't be THAT big.  It's just bloody annoying.  

4. Move quickly & for god's sake step WAY into the car & don't block the door.  I see so many LAZY people mozy into the cars and just stand where they can get the first space.  You HAVE to make room for the other people coming in behind you too!  The train conductors don't say "move all the way in to the center of the train" for no good reason!  They want you to DO IT!

5. A follow up on the last one - please PLEASE just don't stand in front of the doors.  Especially if your fat and your entire body takes up 1/2 of the train door entrance.  (YES - I'm talking to you Shaniqua! Loose a few!)  Or if you have kids - see question one -- just keep staring people down until someone gives you and your offspring a seat.

6. iPods.  Great for ignoring neighbors -- but not great when neighbors can hear them.  I did an experiment one day and asked the girl across from me to give me a thumbs up when she could hear my music.  Well - I didn't realize that when I listen to it kind of loud (like over 2/3 the way on volume) that she and the rest of the car - can her it too!  Embarassing!  And honestly, I like music - but I really don't want to have to hear your 50 cent or Rihanna playing...  So TURN IT DOWN.

7. Talk quietly.  No yelling please.  For the love of all that is holy....  I don't need to hear about your baby daddy nor do I need to hear you scream at him on your cell phone.  

8. If you're going to have a coffee on the subway AND read a book - please do not put the coffee on the seat next to you, it might fall during a quick stop and scald your neighbor with no health insurance.  You SHOULD put it on the floor and hold it between your feet if you insist on reading AND having coffee on your morning commute in.

9. No making out/ having sex on the subway.  I saw a couple with their hands in each other's crotches and sucking face at 8am yesterday on their way into work.  Gross.  
10. If you bump into someone and they say "excuse me" it's generally a good idea to say "excuse me" back.  Yes, you heard me - in North America the term when you bump into someone is "Pardon me, or Excuse me".  Nothing bugs me more than people who act more like animals than humans...

OK, that's it.  Wow - I feel really refreshed - and the MTA should totally post that list all over their subways and give riders seminars about this.  If we could train everyone properly with classes or seminars, there'd be no subway problems.  

OR we could just inforce strict laws. I like this one: spread your legs more than 6'', have a finger cut off.  

It's pretty primal, but I think it would work.  

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's My Party! (and I'll drink if I want to!)

Lovelies!  I'm throwing myself a big birthday bash on Saturday night!  (or what I thought was going to be a big birthday bash...)  I sent out the E-vite 3 days ago for the Saturday night party and NO ONE is able to come!!  (and here I was all set to get a ton of cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery!)

My real birthday is on June 21st, and there were so many people who couldn't make it that weekend that I thought I should have it a week early.  WRONG.  So many people can't make it - and it's so last minute!  I invited over 80 people and only six have said yes.  Uugh. 

But on a good note - I got a new ring!  It's called a twilight topaz - I wrote about it a little before....  I can justify buying it because:

A. It's my Birthday
B. I'm single and therefor have no one else to buy me jewelry.
C. I'm using it as my "motivation ring" where I look at it & think of how it reminds me why I moved to NYC and why I still need to stick it out!
D. It's PRETTY, Damn it!

'Nuff said...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marley Musical has arrived!

Hello my lovelies!  My parents finally broke down & got a new dog this weekend!  Hooray!  He's a boy and his name is Marley.  (They named him Charlie in the pet store, but Mama & Papa Musical didn't think that was such a hot name, considering that my uncle is named Charlie, too!)

We lost our Lhasa Apsho in October last year - we got her when I was 12 years old -  now I'm 26.  She was an old dog, and it was time to put her down as she wasn't eating and was having accidents inside.  But she was a sweet loving dog.  Her name was Dusty and my parents waited through the whole winter so they could get a puppy in the springtime!  (In Minnesota it's essential to get a new dog in the spring due to weather related issues!)

Here he is Boys!  Here he is World!  Here's MARLEY! 

 (named by my dad after Christmas Carol's Marley - Scrooges business partner.  Not Marley & Me - despite what a great book it is!)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Splish Splash!

Lovelies, I just had a GREAT pop/rock class Thursday night! I sang the old 1960's song "Splish Splash" and it was so much fun!  I seriously rocked it out!  And we did all these great exercises that really helped!  This week we sang the song four times in a row and each time there were people in the class that participated with us to get us to use our body in a different way, or interpret the song in a different fashion.  

It was SO fun to do & even more rewarding to help with other's creative processes.  

Also, two EXCELLENT things happened to me on Friday - well three if you count the fact that I finally found someone (my good friend's Boyfriend) to put in my air conditioner!  Me Gusta the A/C.  Especially after Dante's inferno came through NYC this past week.... (notice the A/C in the picture - sweet, sweet Air Conditioner..._

1. I got invited to audition for Ace: A New Musical (which is a really great musical that is going to be BIG BIG BIG!)

2. I got my RING!!!  (Yes, yes, I know I put it on Lay-away only the day before, but I LOVED it so much & thought it would prove to be a good luck charm & a good reminder that there a big things headed my way!) Will upload the pics soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday night = Fun night!

Lovelies, so I was feeling a little silly yesterday and I decided to sign up for an event called Finance Meets Fashion.  It's a singles night for men in finance & women in fashion. Great idea, right?!  

I was worried that I wouldn't be accepted to the event - due to the fact that I'm more-so of a personal assistant than a personal shopper... But I buy things from the fancy stores for Lady of the House, so I'm kind of her personal shopper...  (Which is what I put down in the job field area of the application.)  But I got accepted - so I'm off tonight to the big event & then to pop/rock class!  

Pocket Change - the sponsor (and one of my favorite websites) says the event "facilitates destiny by purifying the dating pool bringing together only the most appealing populations in the New York dating game."  


I'm really not THAT superficial, but I just like a guy that's a little more educated, a little more focused on career and overall a great catch - to match MY catchy-ness...  (I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...)

By the way - I put the ring I talked about yesterday on Lay-Away!  I plunked down $100 this morning and will have it all paid off by the end of July!  I love paying for things in small doses... Plus it'll make it all the sweeter when I get it on my finger in a month & a half!  

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Favorite Site!

Lovelies,  My good friend L. Zma sent me an e-mail this morning urging me to visit this website:

Needless to say - it' Brilliant!  These women post everything from jewelry, to watches & earrings and even "Gifts that Should Have Been Jewelry" all from their ex-boyfriends, husbands, lovers-  what-have-you and sell them for a profit!  

It's E-bay for Ex-es!  I love that!  

I admit, I looked through the rings (and believe you me, there are some UGLY rings on there -- two words: Pear Cut.)  Some are actually quite nice though!

Speaking of rings, I was walking by the little jewelry store in Astoria and I fell in LOVE with the Twilight Topaz ring in the window.  It's a HUGE emerald cut ring and it's just stunning!  I kind of want to get it for myself, as my birthday is coming up and I think I deserve a little something special!  (Paying off my credit card is special, too, but not nearly as fun!)

Here's the color of the ring:

And here's the cut - so just merge the two in your minds!

It's not as bling-y as you would think.  It's just a perfectly beautiful cocktail ring that I can totally justify buying.  Plus they have a layaway plan where I put 30 % down and then pay off the rest within 2 months.  

I think I could totally talk myself into this purchase...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things are looking up!

Lovelies - I was just workin' my buns off today for the Lady of the House!  I am pooped & I've barely left my desk!  (LOTS of e-mails, phone calls, orders, faxes and of course, appointments.) 

I love my job, but it kills me when her 2 year old son, who we'll call Henny Penny, comes and BEGS me to play with him and I can't because I'm swamped with work!  (because let's be honest here - wouldn't you rather play with the cool 26 year old nanny who sings the Guys & Dolls vocal selections to you?  Or would you rather be in the company of an aging Chinese woman who is not really that into making up games, singing songs, etc?)

Let's face it people -I'm Mary Poppins...  The cooler of the two nannies, fo' sho'.  

Later this summer I'll be able to join the family at their Hampton's home and then I'll get to play all day on the beach with him & not have to worry about the leg waxing appointment for Lady of the House at J. Sisters or the Friends of the High line Benefit RSVP (which is a great organization you should all donate to!)  Count down 20 days to Hampton's Heaven!  

Something fun that happened today was I got an e-mail for an INVITED AUDITION!!!  It's for the Ordway Center for the Arts in St. Paul MINNE-FREAKIN-SOTA!!!  That means I'd get to go home, lovers.  Home sweet home...  (I'd click my heels three times & wish real hard, if my Mella sandals weren't in danger of falling off...)

Oh, Ordway!  How pleased am I that you called ME for the upcoming production of Yankee Doodle!  (they need a strong tapper -so I'm hauling my ass to tap class on Saturday!  I took for 18 years, but I'm freaked out a little by these dance audition things...)  But overall - it's a nice little feather in my cap!  A spring in my step! A notch in my belt! Ok.... I'm stopping now.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Miss Musical's Summer Favorites!

Lovelies,  I saw that Oprah had her Summer Favorite things episode the other day -- and I thought I should do a summer favorite things as well (and for those of you who know me & read this - my birthday is coming up on June 21st -- hint, hint!)

Here's a few of my favorite things to have, see and do in the summertime!

1. Ice Cream.  My favorite is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked (Lo-Fat) it's tasty & GREAT!  Sadly my true favorite is in the Ben & Jerry's Graveyard....  It's called S.N.A.F.U (Strawberries Naturally All Fudged Up)  It's heaven on a spoon!  

2. Sitting outside in Central Park (preferably with a picnic on the Great Lawn during the week when it's less tourist-y)  The best is getting cheese & wine at Whole Foods on 59th and 8th and then wandering into the park!  Brilliant stuff!

3. The Pazzi Dress from Calypso.  I have it in 3 colors and I live in it during the summer!  (but it's not good for girls with bigger chests - if you're blessed with the boobies, then you want to look at the Julia dress...)

4. O.P.I. Not so Bora-Bora ing Pink nail polish!  Perfect for any summer pedicure!

5. Sushi and cocktails outside at Bamboo 52 here in NYC.  (it's such a great place - the outdoor cafe is so enjoyable!)  Plus the sushi is SMASHING and the drinks are lovely! (I recommend the Dragon Roll)

6. My Mella Terry Cloth Sandals.  These are best found at and I like the one's that are Raspberry with the Orange rubber sole or the ones that are Orange with the Raspberry rubber sole.  (and then best part - you can wear them right off the bat & get NO BLISTERS because it's terry cloth!  Love that!)

7. In Minneapolis, you just can't beat lawn bowling on the roof at Brit's Pub.  (it's super fly because you're on a roof in the middle of downtown and there's grass on the roof -wait a minute - that makes it sound REALLY lame... but it's not - don't be fooled by this bloggers lack of handy descriptions!  It really is a cool place!)

8. Big plastic beach bags from Land's End.  Also, they usually have a matching towel of sorts with their bags.  I love that!  This summer's bag has polka dots on it!  (Last years was paisley!  Fun, right??  ...oh, god, I'm a sad, sad person when I'm calling polka dot plastic bags Fun!)

9. Popsicles!  (They're sexy AND the cool you off!)  I like the strawberry fruit ones the best!

10.  Last, but not least, I LOVE the Great Minnesota Get - Together!  The one and only Minnesota State Fair!  I go every year and every year I love it more.  (below is a picture of the Sweet Martha Cookie Booth.)  I would Kill for these cookies...  You think I'm joking, right?  WRONG!

Oh, Summer!  How I love you!  (Plus I also like it 'cause it's my birthday on June 21st!)  And cause it's warm.  And did anyone else from MN notice the lack of mosquito's in NYC during the summer months??  Now THAT's Something to Smile about!  :)