Friday, February 26, 2010

Stanton Social

Lovelies - I just LOVE Urban Spoon!  Don't you?  I also love that you can do the shakey-thing with it on the iPhone. (I still don't have my iPhone yet, but I use the Englishman's and pretend it's mine!)

It told me that if I wanted to eat tonight at an upscale American resturaunt that had a great bar and great food that I would enjoy the Stanton Social on the Lower East Side!  Hooray!

I'm going with my friend Linds-a-lou!  Should be a super fun & girly evening!  And the menu looks just de-lish!  Yum!  Although I can't get a ressy until 9:15...  Le Sigh.  Gives us more time to sit at the cool bar, though, right??  And its such a hot-looking place to eat that I really don't mind waiting...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goody Bags for the Airplane

Lovelies, I'm making a goodie bag for the Tall Englishman for the airplane!  My mom always used to make us goodie bags on our trips to & from places, so I thought I'd get a good bag going for him!

So far I have: a travel Guess Who? game, a travel Sorry game and a travel Battleship game!

 I'm also going to add coloring crayons & paper (I printed off a few He-Man coloring pages, as he likes He-Man), silly putty, a snack or two (thinking perhaps Bunny Grahams or fruit leather - something healthy, as they only serve fat filled crap on the airplane and both of us are watching our weight...)  Also, I was thinking of going to the wonderful store State News here on the UES and seeing what kinds of other fun things they might have to offer!

Oh, and this just came in the mail as well - I'm going to put it in the goodie bag, too!  Filled with fabulous music, of course!

Lucky Englishman...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guacamole and Goodies!

Lovelies, I'm getting a little twitterpaited!  The Tall Englishman is really pulling out all the stops for me! (as he should!)  Last night I went down to his apartment and he made me dinner!  

Was so lovely!  He'd asked if I wanted Mexican days in advance - which I so enjoy! 

When I turned up at his place in Battery Park (which was a lovely modern one bedroom) I found there were a dozen white roses waiting for me on the table!  

And he had a little gift for me, too!  I tore off the wrapping and it was a Lonely Planet guide book about Hawaii!  How great is that?!  And super thoughtful, too! 

Then he went into the kitchen and whipped up some of the most delicious fajitas!  Chicken (which was marinated - with home made sauce!), lovely red bell peppers and onions, and some tasty guacamole and sour cream.  Those last two were store bought, but c'mon - the guy works a 50 hour work week and he still managed to find time to cook me dinner!  

And our conversation was just great.  Some serious stuff, some funny stuff, some excitement involving going to Hawaii!  We're going to take surfing lessons, have a couples massage in the open air spa of the hotel, go hiking, tour a honey factory, take a yoga class, go shopping, and spend loads of time eating!  We are both foodies, so the polynesian and asian fusion dishes are sure to be exciting for both our pallets.  

After dinner I helped clear the table and then he put on a slideshow of his family - I loved that!  I got to see pics from when he was little all the way up 'till now!  (and I'm even in the last picture... how cute is that...)  

I may have looked up our horoscope compatibility online... So cheezy, but I like doing that.  And guess what?  It said we're a good match!  

I'd have to agree.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Aloha, bitches!

Lovelies, when I went out to Public bar on Saturday night the Englishman handed me a post card type piece of paper. It had a pic of a beach on the front.

I turned it over and it read "Valentine, Fancy getting lost together?? xo, the Tall Englishman". and below that was the American airlines logo with dates in late March to go NYC to HAWAI'I!!!!!!!

I almost shat myself!!! HAWAI'I!!!!!

He's taking me to Hawai'i and I haven't even slept with him yet. Damn, I'm good....

Or rather he's good.

Regardless of who's good, I'm so freakin' pumped! And he said all I have to bring is myself and some spending money - he's taking care of everything else! OMG!!!! I'm so excited! I got myself a new dress today to prepare for it! (yes, it's from Coldwater creek - get over it. It's beautiful and only cost me $65 bucks.)

And he made a cute little website on his mac for me! It's titled "Hawai'i Here We Come" and it's got links for the top 10 things to do in O'ahu (like luaus, Pearl Harbor and hiking) and also a link to the surf school we're going to try out! I've never been surfing and it looks like fun!

Then again, I've never been anywhere in Hawai'i before and I'm so exicted to go! Think I'm going to buy a new camera for the occasion, too!

3rd, 4th & 5th Dates are Equally Enjoyable!

Lovelies, the Tall Englishman is winning! He's a winner! And a keeper! And all those other great things you want from a person whom you smooch, spend time with, laugh with, etc.

I have been pleasantly surprised how much he lets me know that he likes me. Both in actions and in words. (both written and said!) He's great at letting me know he's thinking about me (e-mails, texts, calls, on dates, letters) and I really enjoy being so fawned over. Especially because it's not too much for me. If I didn't fancy him, it might be too much - but let's be honest here, I'm an actress. There can never been too much attention paid to me, right??

So our 3rd date was on Wednesday night. We'll call this the Changes date, as we changed plans a zillion times and it was one of the best dates I've ever been on!

Here was the original plan: Meet at Chevys, go see a movie, have an early dinner & go home.

Here's what happened:
- Met a Chevys on the day of the BLIZZARD! My feet were soaked, as I didn't have my wellies on.

- Tall Englishman suggested we get me a pair of rain boots.

- We went to Bloomingdales to get me a pair of Hunter wellies! (I've had Rain boot envy the past 2 years, as EVERYONE on the UES has them except for me!)

- All sold out of Hunters in my size at Bloomies, so went across the street to a little shoe store on Lex that had them in black in my size! HOORAY!

- Stopped for wine & crostadas at the lovely Fig & Olive. Yum!

- Went to the Beekman to try and see their 6pm showing of "An Education". It started at 5:45 - the guy told us we're better off watching it start to finish. So we looked up another movie on Tall Englishman's iPhone. (Side note: God Bless the iPhone!)

- Went to the Regal cinema on 62nd and got tickets to the Blind Side.

- We had 30 minutes till the movie started so we had sushi at this great little place on 1st and 62nd. Just a little nosh...

- Went to the movie - sat down for the previews and I was about to turn of my phone when I got this text message from my lovely friend Lo.O. who is in South Pacific on Broadway right now: "Hey Miss Musical, I have 2 free tickets to South Pacific tonight! Show starts in an hour. You want 'em?"

I turned to the Englishman and said "You wanna get a cab over to the west side right now and see South Pacific for free at Lincoln Center?" and he said "Yes, please!" SO:

- Took a cab over to Lincoln Center and saw a FANTASTIC show of South Pacific!!!

- Backstage tour / hugs & kisses with Lo.O. after the show (that's her in the blue suit in the pic above - she's great right??)

- Dessert with Lo.O and her charming husband and their friend John after the show!

- A little walk, a little smooching and a CAB RIDE HOME! Lovely.

Date #4.

Saturday night before Valentines day... this date was totally as planned although the Tall Englishman made all the plans. I just got to sit back and let it happen... I liked the bullets I just used on the paragraphs above, so I'm going to copy that again here. (Copying is form of flattery right? So am I flattering myself?? Complimenting my own creative writing techniques?? Yeah, Maybe.)

- Met for drinkys at Public, a GREAT little bar on Elizabeth street with a KILLER fig and vanilla Bellini. I was in HEAVEN! And the Englishman was still charming and tall & wonderful. And he'd been texting me to tell me how excited he was to see me! He's so great. And he gave me my Valentine's day card here - which is in the future blog post because the surprise was so great that it deserves it's own blog post.

- Went to have dinner at a cute Italian / American fusion placed called Aurora also in Soho. Was de-lightful! Great conversation, great food (I had the braised short ribs & polenta puree.... insert Homer Simpson salivating noise here.)

- Walked down the street to have dessert at this great little place called Aquagrill. Had a lovely hazelnut creme brulee. YUM! And I might have had a Bailey's on the rocks. Equally Yum! And we discussed so many great topics here - had our first conversation about our families, and I found out a lot of information as to the events that he's had in his life that have made him such a Rockin' Tall Englishman. He's had some serious struggles, and he's just come out on top every time! I love a good optimist!

- A 2 stop cab ride after the lovely dessert (at his & mine) and a good night text from him finished up the evening. Just great stuff.

Date # 5 was also AH- MAZING!

Couples side-by-side massage & facicals at a little spa here in NYC and drinks after at Dos Caminos. Does it get to be a better Valentine's day than that?? Read on to the next blog post and see.. It does get better!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Equally fun Superbowl 2nd Date!

Lovelies, I had the second date on Superbowl Sunday with the Tall Englishman. He is SO great lovelies! And the wonderful things that come out of his mouth like "I like to dance!", "The Beach Boys are great!", and "May I get you a cab home again this evening?".

Just beautiful stuff -and I know he's into me, which is exciting I've wanted to have someone with a good heart, who loves me for me and who challenges me to be a better human - and he does all of this... but.... (there's always a but, isn't there...)

But there is trouble my friend, right here in River City, with a capital T, that rhymes with P and that stands for  Paranoid. I didn't get the zing quite as much tonight - but the kiss at the end of the evening was still really sweet and he is so kind and good to me!  But I'm paranoid that I'm not as excited as I was the first date...

I just feel awful about the fact that I'm not as physically zing-y as I was...  Or the fact that I'm obsessing that he's got a larger frame and has recetnly lost loads of weight.  He is so darn sweet and good to me (and I'm not a perfect 10 either, lovelies) his eyes are kind and a plus - he is super muscular in the arms!  But, I always told myself (after watching my dad have a triple bypass at the age of 55) that I would never EVER be with someone who was overweight. I wanted to be with someone who took care of their bodies and who was thinner so that our kids would at least have a fighting chance of the "naturally thin" thing, considering that I carry the Gonna-Be-A-Fatty gene already. I just want my kids to have the best hand possible when playing the genetic lottery.

I know it's whats inside that counts and I'm really trying to look at the positives here: he has a lovely head of hair, he's got really kind eyes, his voice and laugh are amazing...  I feel like a terrible person focusing on the negatives - when he is just so kind and warm!

And lets be honest here - no one else is banging down my door to date me. Maybe this is Gods way of telling me to start loving people for who they are rather than how they look...

But you gotta want to take the clothes off the person you're dating right?? I kinda don't have that itch with the Tall Englishman.

I just like smooching him.

And maybe that's OK for now!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best First Date. Ever.

Lovelies, I had the BEST first date EVER last night! Charming guy with a brilliant personality and excellent conversational skills - I was in Heaven!

First off he suggested that we meet at Forge in Tribeca. What a cool, trendy and warm atmosphere! I loved it instantly! And lovelies, he stood up and I almost jumped up & down and started clapping! He was 6' 6''!!! Tall! Hooray! In the NYC landscape of men, I have very rarely come across dates that are taller than 6 foot. The tall Scandinavian men of Minnesota are not dominant in the NYC dating field. (But the short, balding ones are... that's a whole other blog post, though!)

Then he opened his mouth - and the syrupy sweet deep British accent that came out gave me a little icky in my yuckies. Not gonna lie.
And the conversation was just de-lightful! I felt totally at ease from the second I sat down. It was so weird - I could've sworn that we've spoken before because there were no awkward pauses in the conversation! It just flowed so naturally - I loved this, as I'm a talker and I can't stand when I have to play social director on dates.

So he suggested grabbing something to eat, as I had just come from work and was totally famished!
So we went off to a super fun restaurant called Ninja. You walk into this little reception room and go down an elevator - when you get to the bottom floor the elevator doors open, you step out into a cave/bamboo looking room with calming Japanese music and then an Ninja jumps out at you! Seriously! It scared the shit out of me, but I loved it!

The restaurant could be tacky, but it's too fun and doesn't take itself too seriously! I loved the tabled - each table was in it's own little Japanese hut with those cool sliding paper doors on the front. And the servers yelled out "Hai!" every time they served the food or came in to refill the waters... I was in stitches the whole time!

And the Tall Englishman was just charming as ever - very funny & witty! And we have a lot in common!

He asked me out for Date #2 halfway through our date - I'm going to coffee and a Superbowl party with him on Sunday. Should be fun - I'm not a football girl, but I do want to see the commercials. And I usually don't say yes to group second dates, but he did ask to go to coffee before - so I'll go with it.

At the end of the evening he started to walk me to the subway, but it was cold and the subway was a walk away... And after a few "helpful" suggestions from me he suggested that I get a cab ride home! Yea! (and lovelies, we all know how I feel about cab rides home - especially on the 1st date!)

All in all was a smashing success! And I'm looking forward to tonight's date - hopefully will be a repeat of the first!