Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mamma Mia & Date #2

Lovelies,  I went to the Mamma Mia chorus call on Tuesday morning and knocked it out of the ballpark! 

For the pop/rock type of auditions I sing a certain TV show theme song which ends with a hat toss - and guess what?!  The two guys behind the table both pretended to toss their hats at the end with me!  Awesome, no?

So I felt good about that - they haven't called me yet though to offer me a callback...  Uugh.  Dating & auditioning seem to parallel in my life - when one area goes well, the other tends to follow in suit....  but last night was different!  I had a lovely date with no lovely audition.

It was date number 2 with the Engineer (not like a train conductor - like one who makes programs for computers dealing with financial analysis & things like that.)  

We were supposed to go to the Tribeca Film Festival to see "The Girlfriend Experience", but alas, we didn't book tickets in advance... SO - we got tix for "I Love You, Man" and used the Engineers iPhone (thank you Urban Spoon) to find a lovely little paella bar called Socarrat

It was AMAZING!  Although the wait was very long, the food was just fantastic as was the service!  This is what we ate:

And after our quick meal we saw I Love You, Man - and lovelies I was almost wetting myself I was laughing so hard!  Paul Rudd is so deliciously awkward!  Brilliant concept for a movie - brilliant casting.  I loved it all!

Then it was back home to Actoria to watch more Mad Men DVD's - I'm obsessed!  Just started Season One & can't wait to get the second DVD in the mail!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blockheads vs. Norman Conquests & Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge

Lovelies! Let me tell ya - I had a FANTASTIC weekend! I saw two shows & went to blockheads twice! They were equally fun and I don't think there was a real winner, except for maybe my sunburn which continues to live on well into this mid-week.

So the first think I did with my weekend was to go & see the Norman Conquests with my friend M.Cassy - he's a cool dude and was made even cooler by getting us free tix! Awesome show! And my fav. actor Ben Miles from the UK's Coupling was in the show - hot! (even if he is playing the nerdy neighbor - he's still really effin' hot!)

I saw the first of the three plays called Table Manners - just bloody fantastic! Spot on comic timing and a dash of crazy, but endearing! I loved every second and was sad when all the shenanigans were over... Good thing there are two other companion plays in the three play cycle courtesy of the Old Vic Theatre in London! (I love me a good touring British show -- now if we can just get Ben Miles to consider me for his mistress....)

Then I high tailed it over to Busy Lizzy's to get shit faced with a bunch of lovely people at her wine tasting! (ah, to be young and stupid! I love wine tasting night!) After which I promptly headed back to Actoria where I slept until the crack of noon the next day!

I did some errands around Actoria on Saturday, but had to be quick, as I was meeting Dani for Drinky's at Blockheads for our "business meeting" to brainstorm about the new musical I want to write & star in! Hooray!

Lovelies, lemme tell ya: Miss Musical + eighty degree weather + margaritas at friends = one very happy (and drunk) girl!

As if I wasn't drunk enough, I went to my girlfriends Bacholorette party! It was such fun, and was lovely to go to Azya Chocolate & wine bar for dinner and the to Flute Gramerecy for champagne & strawberries after! (this is the same girlfriend whose getting married next Saturday in DISNEY WORLD - I'm flying down there next week! Awesome, lovelies, awesome!)

On Sunday I slept until noon again and then went to meet my friend Johnny S. at Blockheads for more drinking fun! (I just had a Corona light this time, lovelies - not a fish bowl margarita like Saturday...) Again, beautiful weather, beautiful conversation and beautiful booze... I really do love a little Blockheads on a summer day - not gonna lie...

THEN (my weekend rocked) I went to see Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge at 59E59 theatres - was a show right up my alley! It's all folk music and the musical is based loosely off "Playboy of the Western World" - was just an AMAZING show by Pete Mills! My friend D-Man got me the ticket for free and my lovely friends Tori & Mikey were both in the show, too! (and they were all fantastic!) I love me a good hoot-in-an-ny of a musical!

Then I went out for dinner with D-man and our lovely friend T. Surprisingly, I didn't drink anything here other than diet coke. But our waiter liked us enough to bring us free dessert (vanilla flan) which was super tasty!

Ah, lovelies - I love being young, fabulous & living my dream in NYC! (and let's be honest - I love a good warm weekend where you can booze it up outside!)

Here's to summer! ... I'll drink to that.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Summertime! And the living is... well, pretty easy!

Lovelies, spring has sprung here in NYC!  Finally!  I am giddy because of the sunshine and all I want to do is go to Blockheads open air cafe and have one of these salivating-inducing drinks!


AND lovelies, I just did two auditions this morning that ROCKED!  (at least I felt like they rocked - I'm not so sure either company was that into me, but darn it, I did a great job!  Who wouldn't want to hire me?!)

So the first audition was 101 Dalmatians (not the Disney movie, the book version - where the female dog that's Pongo's love interest isn't named Perdita, but instead named Missus!  Shocking!  AND the place where "the Dearly's" live is the exact spot where I lived when I studied in London!)  

The main casting director WALKED OUT of the audition building 10 minutes before I sang -- WTF?!  So I had to sing for the Music Director and the lovely casting associate.  They were very nice.

And then I tried out for Westchester Broadway Theatre's production of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change.  I sang my Mary Tyler Moore song for that - went VERY well for me, but the people behind the table couldn't give two hoots about me.  They looked like they wanted to go outside & be in the sun as much a I did!  

Then it was off to work for the Lady of the House on the UES.  I love my job as an assistant!  I got to hand deliver presents today and work on photo albums!  God bless it!  

OH, and I got this today in the pale yellow color!  (along with the matching undies!)  SOOOO cute, lovelies!  (and push-up-riffic!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

OMG! That's MEEEE!

Lovelies, I just had a 1950's pin up - type photo shoot this past weekend and let me tell ya - meeooww! They turned out great!
I'm so thrilled with all of them, but here's a few faves from Lindsay Mae Photography. She's AMAZING! (and made me feel like a rockstar!)
I like the green dress - my friend StaceBo gave it to me. I should really write her a thank you for that... After I get done CLEANING UP! (see below!)

Cute, yet still sexy, no? I'm very VERY Pleased with all these shots! Brava Lindsay for the beautiful photos and making me, Miss Musical, look so rockin'!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring cleaning!

Lovelies, it's time for some spring cleaning!  And that means a swap party!  I've always wanted to do one of these and it looks like it'd be such fun!

Your friends all come over to your home & you lay out your clothes/ books/ CD's/ what-have-you and your friends all get to pick through the items they want one at a time!  :)  

Awesome, no??!  I saw this ad in Real Simple for the swap party & it sounds like a GREAT idea! Think I'm going to present things & have them look all spiffy & nice!  OH - also your girlfriends have to bring items also to swap with other people!  

The whole thing sounds like one big barrel of fun!  (and of course, having booze won't hurt matters....)  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is AMAZING!!!

Lovelies, I truly judge a book by it's cover.

I felt simply awful about my judgemental ways after watching this - and elated that this lovely woman, Susan Boyle, will (mark my words, lovelies - WILL) become a star!

Enjoy my dears - she is truly amazing & awe inspiring.

Loves & Losses

Lovelies, I have been on a few dates over the past few weeks. Two to be exact.

I enjoyed the company of both of the fellas, but I just didn't get the "zing" from them. I feel like the "zing" is a very important thing, as you have to have a little physical attraction towards the person, right? (and believe you me, lovelies, I don't need a perfect 10. I have been attracted to some pretty nice 5's...)

But the first of these two dudes took me out for a quick cocktail after work. I had my class way over on 37th and 10th. He works on 63rd and 3rd. I asked to meet in the middle & for him to pick the place. He picked a little pub on 51st and 2nd. (Is that in the middle, you may ask?? Why, NO! It's NOT! It's a butt-ass long way from 37th and 10th that requires 2 train transfers and a bit of walking!) Uugh. I should've picked.

So, number one was nice and attentive & seemed VERY nervous. I just wanted to have a drink & chill. He however seemed to need to ask me questions & then not wait for the answers, but just carried on talking about his stuff. Now don't get me wrong - it was all nice stuff - and you could tell he was a kind man, but c'mon.... Kind does not a "zing" create. (ALTHOUGH it helps dramatically to bring it along if there's physical potential).

Guy number two was also lovely & he had a GREAT date all set up for us! He got tickets to see Rigoletto at the Met opera - how cool is that? I enjoy opera, so this was a great date choice for me. We had excellent phone chemistry, but unfortunately he didn't match the pictures that he had put up online.

The evening was a smashing success - we even went to the restaurant La Goulue after for dessert, but unfortunately I just couldn't get over the fact that he was so much older than me. And that age, lovelies, I just couldn't get over.

The online pictures looked a little less weathered. Ah, such is life. But I told him that we could hang out again, sans making out. He seemed OK with that and actually sent me a nice text message today - truly is a kind gentleman.

I hope that I will find someone who gives me the zing, lovelies. And one who is kind, calls me frequently and is thrilled to plan fun dates for us to go on! It will happen. Right? Right??

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shows & Auditions!

Lovelies! Had a GREAT day today! My scene study class was A-freakin-Mazing! I did the "Three Bedroom House" scene from Bat Boy with my supa-cool friend Blarizy! Went amazingly well & I felt like we found out some good new material!

Also, today after class I saw Blithe Spirit with Angela Lansbury! She was so funny! (Her dancing took the cake!) And Rupert Everett was enjoyable. But by far the best character in the show was the side character of the maid! A gal who was making her Broadway debut was playing her and the choices & character development she had was just wonderful! Me Gusta some Noel Coward funny plays!

Tomorrow I'm going to schlep my cookies to Telsey to audition (again) for Legally Blonde national tour. Cross the fingers, lovelies - I might just make it after all! :)