Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long Overdue Update!

Lovelies! How the heck are all of you!? I'm hoping you still read, as I've been VERY poor at posting lately.

Here's some new things I've done / new places I've found in the past few weeks:

- Auditioned for Musical Theatre of Wichita. I felt really good about what I did in the room, and they were very kind to me - but I wasn't asked to stay & read for a part. Sigh...

- Auditioned for the Depot Theatre (they're doing Smokey Joe's Cafe and they had me sing for the girl who sings "Falling" - was super exciting, as I got a callback...)
- I have been on a few dates with a few different fellas - no zing with any of them yet, but never fear lovelies! I have faith that someday I will find some respectable dude who I will have the zing for that thinks I'm hot stuff too!

- Went to see the movies "The Country Teacher" and "The Class" at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema. (I really wanted to see "Everlasting Moments" but it was already gone from the theatre when I tried to see it. Sigh.)
- Auditioned for Crazy for You at the John Engelman theatre on Long Island. A great show, but I didn't get it....
- Dropped another 2 pound on weight watchers (that's 22 total, my lovelies!)
- Oh, and I bought my first size 6 pair of Capri pants! Super cute!
- Went to loads of theatre dance & tap classes at Alvin Ailey. (I just LOVE that dance school!)

- Saw the opera Ruskala at the Metropolitan opera! Renee Flemming walked on water - LITERALLY. I was in hysterics in the audience - weeping with joy.
- Got asked if I was a call girl while waiting for cupcakes at Butter cream Bakery on the UWS. (WTF - do a cute pair of boots and a good make-up job automatically give one "call girl" looks??)
- Went shopping in my friend Stacie's closet & she GAVE ME 5 beautiful dresses - all Nanette Lapore and Betsy Johnsons! (and they are in MINT condition lovelies - AMAZING!)

- Discovered the store Baked By Melissa in Soho. It's Crazy Amazing - or Cramazing as I like to say! They give you three mini-cupcakes for three bucks! (I had the PB&J cupcake, the S'Mores one and the Cookie Dough one... truly cramazing...)

- Went to the Broadway opening night of Impressionism with Jeremy Irons & Joan Allen. The play kinda stunk, but the set changes were GREAT! And this dude who played the muffin store owner was wonderful!

- Got my container store desk organizer in place -- it looks FANTASTIC, don't you think?? (that computer is where all the blogging magic happens, kids!)
- Had my Australian gal friend visit for 2 weeks and then had my best friend Pooks stay with me fore a week! Was so nice to have both of them here!
- Booked my ticket for DISNEY WORLD in May! I'm going to my girlfriends wedding (which is going to be at the Grand Floridian!) Super exciting!
That's about it, my dears! I'm falling asleep at the computer now... Here's to a great March 2009 and an even better April! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Typing In today... Sigh...

Lovelies, I didn't get typed in today for Papermill's production of "Full Monty".  It looked like they wanted real Jersey Girls...  Of which I am not. ...Unless you could have Scandinavian girls who don't reveal too much skin populate Jersey...  

But they did let me sing and then they did callbacks.  So that was nice to get my 16 bars in!  

I also saw a TON of my girlfriends today at the audition!  That was fantastic - I am so lucky & blessed that I surround myself with positive & beautiful women who are also wonderfully talented!  

Last night the Argentinian said on the phone to me "You sound so happy!  Perhaps you don't need a man in your life??"  To which I replied "It's not a need - it's a choice."  

I'm very happy to be dating - that's fun.  But it's also time consuming & emotionally a bit draining to be concerned about another persons ego (especially in the case of the Argentinian - he is a nice enough guy, but I don't know if he's got the goods to carry on for the long term.  He's pretty married to his work.)

Hopefully I'll be able to drag myself from my bed for the auditions tomorrow morning...  It's just so freakin' nice to sleep in!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Date #2 went MUCH better...

Lovelies,  I went on a date with the Argentinian again last night and it went MUCH better.  He showed up on time and there were no friends who appeared unannounced.  Overall was vastly improved from the first date.

However, my little red flags are still up.  (there are a few things that turn me off : like that he told me that he smokes at work - yuck.  But the good things outweigh the not-so-good.)  Do not worry lovelies, I'm actually enjoying being the smart girl this time.  

When we met up last night there was a little hesitation on my part.  In fact when I mentioned my girlfriend from Australia was in town and staying with me he asked "Why didn't you invite her with us?" and I responded "Because I don't bring my friends on dates with me."  

I think he got the picture then.
We had dinner at Ariba, Ariba on 9th Avenue & 50th Street.  Was tasty - had some great fajitas!  YUM!  And I treated myself to a corona light!  After which we actually went back to Astoria - where the Argentinian & I both currently are living (how convenient) and we went to a little wine bar called "Vino de Vino".  They had a great Pinot Noir and a respectable Cabernet... 

(I've totally gained weight on Weight Watchers the past 2 weeks-  I'm so ready to go back to my meeting tomorrow and just be like "My name is Miss Musical and I've fallen off the wagon a bit over the past week.)  

I was supposed to have my Kenyan girlfriend come & stay with me tonight, but she missed her bus this morning from Baltimore, so she's coming tomorrow with her sister.  (I'm secretly a little happy to have the night to myself, as my Australian girlfriend is out of town just for tonight as well - will be lovely to get a full 9 hours of sleep again.  

I'm DRAGGING after this past week of getting up 2 - 3 times a night with my Australian friend's coughing...)  I feel so bad that she's sick on vacation, but that stuff happens.  

Now it's back to work, lovelies - I gotta make some money today!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

TYPED IN!!! Heck, yeah!

Lovelies, one of my all time FAVORITE shows is South Pacific.  I saw it at Lincoln Center a few weeks ago and wept the entire way through.  It's just a beautiful show and it makes me so proud to be a part of  American Musical Theatre!

My Minnesota-native friend Lo (star and winner of the reality show Grease: You're the One that I Want) is actually going to be taking over the lead role of Nellie Forbush at Lincoln center starting March 10th!  (She gets to kiss Paulo Shotz every night - lucky girl!) Plus it's going to be fun seeing the true age difference between Emil & Nellie, as Laura is only 23 and Paulo has gotta be mid 40's - I love me some May/December romances!

And what's nifty lovelies is that I just got TYPED IN this morning in the Chorus Call!  Hooray!  Me!  Typed in!  (That means they thought I fit into "the world" of the show & I also fit the requirements they were looking for - which happened to be blond girls 5' 7'' or above!)  The song I sang went great, the pianist was lovely - I tried my best and they seemed to like it!

I'm not holding my breath lovelies, but think that it was just cool that I even got typed in for a Broadway show/ National tour.  That's always fun!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm in LOVE with Luke Brandon!

Lovelies,  I'm reading all the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella and I'm totally diggin' them.  And the hunky love interest Luke Brandon is totally a "Miss Musical" type:  A suit with a personality, charm, warmth and a great devotoional spirit!  

I wish he could jump off the pages.  

This guy played him in the movie (which was sourly dissapointing and totally unlike the book).  He was OK.

But I'd love to give my cheeky Orlando Bloom a crack at the role.  Or some other Brit who's a little taller & more well built.

Perhaps the guy who played Patrick on the UK's Coupling..  He's hot.  But maybe a little old to play 34.  Sigh...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why am I not independently wealthy?

Lovelies,  I know it's just stuff, but I have a hankerin' to get some fancy-schmancy shoes!

Manolos, Valentinos, Choos, Loubitons & Weitzmans...  All of these names make my mouth water & make my face green with envy...

Here's some of the shoes I have on my wish list for when I marry a sheik.  Or perhaps a Pharaoh.  (They marry white chicks, right?)

For the first pair: Oh!  So Girly!  So pink!  So Monolo-licious!  So outrageously expensive!  (DAMN YOU, BARNEYS and your high price points!)  **Insert Visual: raise angry fists to God here**

I'm not a dude, but these Valentinos with the little bows make me hard.  Seriously.  

I think these will be the wedding shoes - a delicate chiffon layered Orsay pump by my favorite Italian Stallion of shoes: Mr. Manolo Blahnik.

Here's a spanky pair of Stewart Weitzmas that would do for the boardroom or the bedroom...  And honestly, if I were in these I'd be willingly done in the boardroom or the bedroom.  (Is it sad how close sexy shoes & sexual innuendos are related for me???  Maybe just a little.)

These lovely shoes are by far the most conservative - coming in just under $200.  Totally justifiable for a pair of Steward Weitzmans, no?  

Someday lovelies, when I'm a big Broadway star, these shoe companies I love so much will come to ME and ask me "Miss Musical, would you do us the honor of wearing our shoes to the Tony Awards?" 

Which I will promptly reply "Of course, bitches.  Of course."