Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update: Espresso Man in Town

Lovelies, I had a GREAT weekend!  My friend the Espresso Genius, formerly known on this blog as Coffee Man, came out from Minnesota to spend the weekend with me!  He rang me on Thursday night, asked what I was doing this weekend and booked a ticket to come out on Friday!  Hooray for spur of the moment flights!  (and frequent flyer miles... God Bless NWA...)

We caused much mayhem all around NYC and I'm certain that it was one of the most fun, busy and successful weekends I've had!  

Espresso Genius arrived on Friday evening and we watched a little of the debate and then scooted out the door to get to Ruby Foo's in Times Square.  We had sushi, Kung pao chicken and dessert!  (Yum!)  

Then we walked to find a Pinkberry (the closest one was at 32nd and 5th) and then walked to Union Square eating tasty tart Pinkberry.  I love Asian food inventions:  Sushi, pan-Asian food, and Pinkberry.... 

Saturday we got up & milled about the apartment for a bit.  Then it was off to State News to pick up Balloons for T-man's birthday party!  I made Espresso Genius carry the balloons down 3rd Avenue - he was a hit with the kids!  

I went to the party and Espresso Genius went to the MoMA - which is his all time fav. NYC museum.  So, after the party he picks me up at Master & Lady of the House's home on the Upper East Side - he got to meet the whole tribe of wonderful people that I work for, including T-Man who was celebrating his first birthday!  

Then we went to the theatre the Avenue Q is playing at to get rush lottery tickets (For those of you who don't know, rush is when you arrive early & get cheap tickets.  A lottery makes this into a fun event where everyone puts their names in a hat & they pull 12 people - and WE WON!!  HOORAY!!)

So then we went and grabbed a quick bite at my favorite place Etc. Etc. on 44th Street - was heavenly!  (and Weight Watchers would've been proud - I minded my points!)  Just a lovely glass of wine, a savory plate of braised short ribs & broccoli and a little cookie for dessert!  

Then we saw the show - OMG funny!  I'd seen it before, but it was just as funny this time!  

We then went to the swanky (and quiet enough so you can hear each other) Ritz Carlton Hotel bar!  Fancy!

Sunday was Statue of Liberty and getting ready for Espresso Genius's departure that evening...  Was such a fun weekend!  

Hooray for great times with excellent friends!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Sucky-Sucky!

Well lovelies, I was pleasantly surprised last night!  The movie The Duchess did not suck - in fact it was quite good!  I enjoyed that it was based on a true story and I felt like I learned a little in the process about English history.

I just adore English History...  Seriously.  

I especially like the life story of Lady Emma Hamilton.  I want to make a two person musical about her life.  (and I want to star as Lady Emma)  Just a small musical about a woman who sleeps her way to the top...  (sound familiar??  EVITA!  EVITA!)   Too bad Lady Emma fell from her status & rank and died in poverty....  Such is life....

On another TOTALLY RANDOM tangent:  The boots I've been eyeing at Aerosoles went on sale today!  (from $180 down to $135 AND I have a 25% off coupon!)  Hooray!  New boots!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Date night - party of one!

Lovelies, I think I'm going to take myself out for a date tonight after work!  Hooray!   Think I will probably go to see The Duchess.  

The underwhelming & anorexic Keira Knightly is in it, -and I don't exactly love her work- but I do love a good period drama, so we'll see if the two balance each other out....

I had a fella call me last Saturday - that was nice!  We met on and he seems like a real catch!  But the problem is that I managed to say some stupid things over the phone... God it sucks when you tell a joke and then there's silence on the other end of the line...  Uugh...  

He asked me out at the end of the conversation, and said he'd call me back to schedule something for this week- and lovelies, would you believe that 4 whole days have gone by and he hasn't called yet!!??  Of course you would, because Miss Musical has this wonderful way of throwing her herself at horrible men... it's like a moth to the flame...

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Word of the Day is HOT!!

Lovelies, today I had 3 special things happen:

1. I got to have coffee/lunch outside in Bryant Park with my lovely girlfriend H.Co.  She is the coolest & classiest and I just love spending time with her!  Plus it was a beautiful day here in NYC and I got to reap the benefits of having no job on one of the last days of Indian Summer.  

(is that PC to say that anymore?  "Indian Summer" - Or other such fun phrases like Feathers not Dots?  Tomahawks not Turbans..."  Hmmm... Probably not...)

2. I got a cutie patootie fall jacket at Ann Taylor Loft!  (It cost me a small fortune, but thankfully MasterCard came through for me once again!)

3. I auditioned for TARA RUBIN herself!  Usually I only get to see Eric or Merri, her two casting assistants, but Today was Special!  Tara of Tara Rubin Casting (who casts Spamalot, Phantom of the Opera, Avenue Q, Mary Poppins, Little Mermaid AND this new show called Happiness) was IN THE FREAKIN' ROOM, PEOPLE!!!  Awesome that I got to sing my ass off for the big cheese herself!  

Also, I said the word "Hot" today more times than Paris Hilton does in a week.  (that's a lot of "Hot's" to go around...)  So H. Co decided that "Hot" was my word of the day like in Pee Wee's Playhouse where you have to freak out after you say it.  Much hilarity ensued after she made me follow this rule!  

Aah (wiping away a tear of laughter) I love my friends!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall is in the air!

Lovelies!  The "fall smell" is in the air and I love, Love, LOVE IT!!! 

It reminds me of the first day of school, long walks with leaves crunching under my feet and nights at the Cake Eater High football games (where I was in the color guard!  Laugh it up lovelies - Miss Musical also can twirl a mean flag!)

My costume for Halloween came today (see 2 posts ago) and it fits GREAT & looks GREAT!  I'm so excited for Halloween I can hardly stand it!  :)  Kind of another High Holy day for us crazy theatre folk!  

I want to do the haunted tour at the Merchants House Museum this year - it looks like fun and my roommate & I got some eerie vibes when we visited there 1 1/2 years ago.  I love a good "real" haunted house!

On a final note - check out the CUTE costume I found for T-Man!  He's going to be the most handsome Giraffe EVER!  :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This weeks Audition Update!

Lovelies...  I just noticed that I blogged about everything under the sun EXCEPT for auditions! 

SO, here's a recap of my past week.  Ready, Set, GO!

Last Thursday I auditioned for a company called Mill Mountain Theatre.  They're doing one of my favorite shows "Spitfire Grill" and I think I'm pretty great for the part of Percy.  (It's dramatic AND has a great range of well written songs - I freakin' LOVE that show...)  It went great!  I sang Mill work by James Taylor and really rocked it out in the room!  They said "Thank you SO much for coming in, Miss Musical!  You were great!"  Gotta feel good about that!

OH, and last Wed. I went to the Wicked principal audition and sang my little heart out!  (I love my uptempo Soprano song!)  My fav. pianist Marky was playing.  He's the best!  And the handsome P.Goods was in the room representing Telsey & Co.  He suggested a song for me & talked to me for a few minutes after I sang.  Wow - how GREAT to have them talk to me like I'm a human!  (But then today I got typed out of the Chorus Call - balls....)

Also, I tried out for Spamalot on Tuesday.  I think I'd make a fierce Lady of the Lake.  But I never get called back for it - and I gave a wonderful audition for Merri and she said so in the room!  (I sang my contemp. driving ballad - I just love singing it!  My imaginary scene partner is someone who I'm crazy head over heels for in real life and I get to tell him I love him in the song!  It's great!)  I also did the same audition song for Mary Poppins last week - Eric Woods said I did a great job in the room with that song!  

The compliments are nice - now I just want the callbacks! (and then to book the show!)  It WILL happen my lovelies, just not on the timeline that I want....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halloween Costume - 3rd & Final post of the day!

Lovelies - here's my Halloween Costume for this year!  I love me a good Alice in Wonderland sex pot, don't you?  

Brought to you by my favorite & yours:

New Target Dress!

Lovelies - I just purchased a new Target Dress that was ON SALE!  It's the Issac Mizrahi 18th Hole dress - very cute, very fresh & VERY Hamptons!  (And it was still in my size - hooray!)

Men, Shows & Books...

Lovelies,  I was doing a little stalking today on Ye Olde Google and found NEW PICTURES of Kevin McCollum, my future husband.  (Some of you may remember the previous post I did declaring my feelings for him...)  What can I say?!  I'm a producer groupie!  

Well, he looks just smashing in the opening night pictures for Title of Show - not to mention that the rest of the cast looks great too! (He's the one in the grey suit standing between the two women.) These were taken a few months back, but I think that Kevin looks fantastic!  

Oh, and I'm also starting a book club with my good girlfriend H.Co.  Won't that be fun?!  Our first book is Heyday: A Novel by Kurt Andersen.  I'm only on the 2nd chapter, but it's proving to be an interesting read thus far!  (I love a good historical novel, don't you?!)

So I will be doing a lot of this over the next month until our first book club meeting on October 22nd!  Hooray for reading!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Race for the Cure, Tenement Museum and Family Times ROCK!

Well, lovelies - what a GREAT weekend it was!  Mama Musical was in town this weekend to Race for the Cure.  We spent all day shopping on Saturday (I introduced mom to the wonders of Bare Minerals make up!)  AND mom bought me a new dress from Banana Republic!  Hooray!  Here's a pic of the lovely purchase:

I found out that my dress went on sale from $150 down to $99, so I went & got a price adjustment yesterday!  Love that!

So mom & I did Race for the Cure on Sunday morning - Cynthia Nixon was there and she was the Grand Marshall!  Was fun to hear "Miranda's voice" doing the countdown before the race started!  I might even try & run it next year - but I just love walking it so much!  It's for such a good cause!

Sunday afternoon we met up with my little brother (who really isn't that little - he's 24) and we all went to the Tenement Museum!  It was FANTASTIC!  We did the "Piecing it Together" tour about working in the Garment Industry in the 1800's and early 1900's.  I love that historical stuff!  (AND I asked the guide if there had ever been any ghost sightings at the Tenement house and he said they weren't allowed to disclose that information.  WHAT?!  I want some ghost stories - there must be some old spirits that haunt that place...)

This was one of the little apartments that we saw on the tour.  I think I'm going to become a member of the museum - it's only $45 and you get unlimited tours.  I love history and I love a good tour - and the membership fee goes to preserving the museum!  

If you should ever visit NYC, dear reader, make SURE that you visit this museum if the history is your thing...  It's just so interesting to see how our ancestors coped & lived when they first immigrated to the United States!  What a struggle to get to where we are today!  (It makes my struggles acting in NYC look like small cookies compared to what they had to do to get by!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I heart Weight Watchers!

Lovelies, I love Weight Watchers - not gonna lie!  

I'm 10 pounds thinner than I was 1 month ago and I'm totally looking forward to loosing the next 12.  It's really a wonderful program and I figured that if I could loose 30 pounds in college, I can sure as hell loose 30 pounds now!  (and I'm 10 pounds closer to my goal of 130!)

Here are some of the foods (other than fruits & veggies & weight watchers bread and cheeses) that I love:

Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop:  It's 94 % Fat Free AND it's super tasty!  (and filling!)  For a little 100 calorie bag it's only 1 point!  AWESOME!!!

And then there's Sugar Free Jell-o & Fat Free Cool Whip - ZERO points!  Best of all - the Jell-O is actually really good for your nails!  

We all knew I loved Diet Coke, but I also love Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea.  It Rocks my world!

Finally, last but not least, I LOVE my Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran Cereal with 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk.  Mmmm.... All that breakfast-y goodness for only a mere 3 points!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speak-a some ENGLISH!!!

Lovelies, I get SOOO frustrated with non-English speakers... Or poor speakers with terrible accents.

I'm currently on the phone with people from HP - they actually have some English speaking folks, but the other day I was on the phone with the Belkin people. Where was there support office located out of?
Oh that's right, India.

Helping me. Where, you might ask, was I?

In America.

Outsourcing is a frustrating bitch. I want some po-dunk-e-dunk English speaking telephone operator who GREW UP in AMERICA with NO ACCENT! I couldn't understand the Belkin guy to save my soul & asked him to transfer me to a non-accented person. The next guy was even worse! Uugh!
I actually told the Belkin guy that I was in theatre and "Look, I can do your Indian accent, See?" (which I did for the next few sentences.) Then I said "Would you mind at least pretending that you're a snotty American and TRYING to speak like us? Or British? Or Irish? Something that I can understand?"

I mean, c'mon - I don't care if the guy has to channel John Wayne to get a cowboy accent out. (As in "Well, Howdy little Lady! Let's see what all the fuss about your printer is.... I reckon it's the innards that have got you in a pinch...")
I would accommodate others if I was a telephone rep. to India & I'd try to talk like them to help out.

But I'm not. And they are.

Am I a racist? Maybe a little, but I just like it when people speak clearly & properly.

Is anyone else with me in hoping that all customer support doesn't sound like this guy?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Birthdays are fun!

Lovelies.  It's not my birthday, so don't send cards.  BUT it is T-man's birthday on the 30th of this month!  He'll be 1 year old!  

Part of my job as a personal assistant/nanny is to help plan the kiddies birthday parties.  It's a blast!  We're having T-man's in Central Park -just really low key.  But I asked his older brother Henny Penny (who is 2 1/2) whom we should invite to the party.  Henny Penny promptly responded : Curious George!  

What a fine idea, indeed...  SO, now the birthday is Curious George themed  and I'm on the Internet researching all sorts of George-related merchandise!  There's a TON of it out there!

I like these nifty gift bags myself:

I also like the pinata - it looks like George got his period.  Or shat himself.  Either or - it makes me giggle!

(Now wouldn't that be a great kids book: Curious George and the Menstrual Monster.)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You can't see the Chrysler Building from Minnesota.

Lovelies, I was having a chat with my friend Coffee Man tonight (whom wishes to be referred to as the Espresso Genius now - ah, men & their egos...) and was whining about how sad I was leaving Minnesota.  It's such a problem I have...  

I love New York, but I also love Minnesota.  I usually end up talking about Minnesota a lot of the time in NYC.  I bust out the accent to give my friends a good laugh and the occasional "Yah, you betcha" for a giggle here & there.  But seriously - I'm fiercely proud of my Minnesota roots and wear my heart on my sleeve about that issue.  

At the same time, when I'm back in MN I kinda miss being in the hustle & bustle of New York City.  I enjoy a great many things about NYC!  I love going skating at Bryant Park in the winter, I love the tall buildings and seeing Lady Liberty on a monthly basis.  I love playing "tour guide" ad it's very fun to have family and friends come out here & visit...

.... However, there's always the flip side where I miss walking around the Lakes, I miss going to my home church with my parents, I miss my cabin in the summer and I miss seeing my family on a weekly basis.  

I do want to have a career on Broadway & regional theatre.  I also want to move home and have my children (someday) in Minnesota with a husband who enjoys living there as much as I do!   (Seriously - it's a great place to raise kids!)

Garrison Keillor of "Prairie Home Companion" fame moved back from NYC to raise his daughter in Minnesota.  Can I do that too?  (He's also 65 years old and fathered his daughter at 55...  I'm on a little more of a time crunch.  My eggs have an expiration date in about 10 years...)

We shall see, my lovelies...  We shall see what the future holds for Miss Musical