Sunday, May 24, 2009

Folk Concert!

Lovelies, I'm doing my own folk/country concert! I'm going to sing songs by the Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, John Denver, David Wilcox and all my other favorite folk artists!

Think it will be a BLAST! It's going to be on June 21st at 9:30pm at the Laurie Beechman theatre (which is located in the basement of the West Bank Cafe) on 42nd Street and 9th Avenue!
I'm so pumped! Here's the picture I'm using on the postcards & posters! Taken by the Brillian Lindsay Mae of Lindsay Mae Photography! (kinda fancy, right?!)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Being a Grown Up Sucks Sometimes....

Lovelies,  there are some parts of adulthood that I really enjoy.   Like not having a curfew, being able to move where ever I want in the world, and -of course- being able to partake in alcoholic beverage consumption. 
HOWEVER, there are some parts of Grow-up-dom that SUCK.  (warning - this is not a happy typical "Miss Musical" blog - I'm venting a little bit)

Let me list them in order:

1. Bill Pay.  (I hate bills & paying them.  I like having an apartment, cell phone, In Style Magazine every month - but I HATE having to pay for them.  Uugh.)

2. Ownership of your mistakes.  (Do you remember when you effed up when you were young and were able to say "Oh, I'm so young & I haven't learned that yet, so you can't get mad at me for messing up!" and then you're supposed to learn from your mistake, as to avoid it in the future??  Yeah, I have a hard time learning from the past, I guess...)

3. Societal Pressures.  (Ie.  You MUST - according to society- have a job that you're "successful" at, get married, have babies and be exceedingly happy with your lot in life.  Oh, and you have to do this all by the time you're 35 or you're a failure.  Got that??  ... God, I hate the "normal" people -- and I hate myself even more for wanting to be one of them...)

4. Never Having Enough.  (This is kind of a spin on social pressure, but I feel as an adult that I never have enough.  Enough money, enough living space, enough food, enough clothing, enough furniture.... When does it end?  When will I be able to step back and say "Yeah, my little apartment in Queens rocks and I love all my clothes!"  I kinda do say this stuff already, but I secretly would love to come into loads of money -- but even then, would that be "enough"?  Or would I still crave more??  Bigger Money = bigger toys)

5. Religious questing.  (Lovelies, believe you me - I love me some Jesus, but I also don't believe in dismissing all other religions quite so quickly.  This bugs me about being an adult, too - as a teen I was spoon fed Christianity and while I love the teachings of the bible, I still think that there are loads of other good things you can take away from other religions, too!  Like the calm of Buddhists, or the devotion of Jews, or other such things...  And most adults think "I believe (fill in the blank) and that's the ONLY way to go!"which makes it hard when you can appreciate other aspects of various religions... Very frustrating part of being an adult.)

Well, lovelies, I think that's enough seriousness for now!  Onto nicer things - I gave an AWESOME audition for "A little Night Music" for my FAVORITE casting director E. Woods on Friday!  (and MatE. was playing at the piano!  Love that!)  I felt so calm & at ease in the introduction & end of the audition -- and I ROCKED it out on the song.  

Was so into the song that I was close to crying but never lost it totally until the last verse & then I had to "Pull it together" during the very last lyric in the song!!!  I got a "Excellent audition, Miss Musical" from E. Woods.  (and I kinda look a little like Kelly Price in the face - who's playing the role I want to play in London... Planting little seeds of hope, my lovelies... We'll see if I even get a callback...)

I AM AN ACTRESS - HEAR ME ROAR!!!  And it feels so great when you really feel like you've done justice to the song!  Now if I can just get one person to believe in me and think I've got the stuff to do a show here in NYC, we'll be set! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies = Slow Death of Miss Musical

Lovelies, I'm sitting here at my desk. I have no Weight Watchers Points left for the day and there's a delicious box of Girl Scout Cookies sitting in my freezer calling my name...
"Miss Musical!!! Pssst! We're right here!!! Come & eat us!!!"

"We taste soooo good!"

"We love you, and want you to make you feel better for having no boyfriend/ Broadway show/ size 2 body! Come & enjoy our tasty toxins!"

Well to that I say - NO MORE G.S. Cookies! NO MORE!!!! You can take your false promises of happiness, sunshine and all that crap and shove it up your pie hole!
(hopefully I'll be able to resist until I go to sleep -- the calling to eat ceases when my head hits the pillow...)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Love me some Vintage Clothing!!!

Lovelies,  I have recently gotten hooked on AMC's fabulous show "Mad Men"!  And let me tell you - I am more twitterpatied about that show than I can tell you!

I love the story line, I love the characters, I love the cinematography and I LOVE THE CLOTHES!!!!!

I wish I could dress like Joan everyday - all those form fitting garments that say to the world "I'm a Woman - check out my awesome curves!"  Here's some deliciousness for you to feast your eyes on!

And don't we all just love how sweet Peggy looks on the show??  I'm pretty sure they make her more sassy in the second season (don't spoil it for me, lovelies -  I'm only on Episode 5 in the first season!) 

And let's be honest here: Everyone who wants to be Don Draper's mistress Raise Your Hand!!!  (My hand is up so far I think it's going to go through the ceiling!!!)  Hooray for 1960's drama -- now only if they would have some freakin' nudity!  (C'mon if HBO can do it, AMC must be able to pull strings to do it, right?)