Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gotta Find Something Else to Do Tonight

Lovelies, I was supposed to go on a 3rd date tonight, but (tear) he just called last night while I was in class & canceled. He has to work, has to tie up loose ends because he is leaving on a 3 week family vacation this week, yadda, yadda, yadda....

He called again this morning to see if I had gotten the voicemail. He sounded disappointed on the phone and asked when I was leaving for the Hamptons this week. When I told him I was heading out there on Wednesday morning and coming home on Sunday and he said in his cute Australian accent "Well, that's not good news Miss Musical! I was hoping to see you before I left on my trip! Can we get together when I get back from vacation?"

The scary thing is lovelies - I didn't realize how tightly I have screwed the cap onto Miss Musicals "jar of love". I turned off my heart, so to speak, and was quite happy for the majority of the time! But now my world has been rocked a little and now I am sad that we aren't having date number 3. Sigh. Still stuck in my 2 date rut...
But who knows, he could actually follow through with asking me out for date number 3 when he returns. (Do men still do that? Follow up on stuff that they said they'd do? I sure hope so, lovelies!)

ANYWHO - I think I'm going to treat myself to see 9 to 5 on Broadway tonight. I've heard it's actually a pretty good show and that there's some cute & memorable songs in it! I love Dolly's writing and will throw my money at anything she lays a finger on! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, God - I've turned into a Teenage Girl!!!

Lovelies, two things I'm obsessed with:

1. True Blood

Amazing show. Amazing writing. Amazing cast. Love the whole thing - although I'm having trouble finding where to watch it illegally on the net. Sigh.

My computer runs so slow when I try to upload the season 2 episodes. Why can't they just put it on iTunes week-by-week like they do with all the other shows? Why we gotta wait for the whole season to come out on DVD? WHY?
2. (gulp - I'm embarrassed by this one) TWILIGHT

Yes, yes, it's another vampire thing, but I just love it! I read all four books over a month and they were fantastic! The writing is not War & Peace, but it serves its purpose and it's really quite addictive. I used to tell my friends that I couldn't hang out with them because I had to get high with the Cullens. Cullen crazy, friends.

Although, I love Rob Pattison, I still want another actor to play Edward for the movie -- which aren't as good as the books... But I think the dude who plays Jacob is great! And the chick who plays Alice is as cute as they come!
Overall thought: I never dreamed that I would turn into a fang-lover, but here I am, watching True Blood and coming off of my Cullen high from Twilight. If I start listening to the Jonas Brothers, I'm a lost cause... Good thing they don't interest me.

PS, lovelies - It's been almost 2 years since I've had a 3rd date, and I've managed to get one with this really nice & charming man! I mustn't get too excited about this, my lovelies - but I think it's kinda fun that a dude wants to spend more than just 1 or 2 dates with me! One day at a time this time...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Home Minnesota!

Lovelies, at this time last weekend I was watching the Cake Eater, MN 4th of July Parade - complete with veterans, floats and many pro-lific Minnesotans. There were more kids there than at a Dora the Explorer: Live concert! Guess that's who goes to parades... the breeders....

So here's what I did when I was home:
- Promptly got a Caribou Coffee the second I walked off the plane! Mmm... Gotta love the Vanilla Lite Coolers!
- Hung out with the family and went to the Saints game! I love the St. Paul Saints! And the mascot pig "Mudd-onna". Just freakin' brilliant stuff! We got to see the Klondike Kate's sing the National Anthem & some other goodies and they honored all these Women Veterans! One woman was even a pilot in WWII! Amazing - she was sprightly too! Jumping across the field!
- Went to Target to look around. God Bless it, I love my Target!

- Hung out with the Espresso Genius - we went to the new store Aldi. It's kind of like a ghetto Costco, but they had some good deals.... And you can totally tell it's a German run store - they're very efficient & economically friendly. And you have to return your cart at the end of the shopping trip! You HAVE TO! ...Germans and their rules. Sigh.
- Went to Macys/ Room & Board/ Pottery Barn & Restoration Hardware to help my parents look for a leather chair. My mom, the real Mama Musical, was deciding between the super cute Room & Board chair and the ugly old-mans study winged-back chair from Macys. She chose the Macy's one. I told her not to put me on the inheritance for that chair. If it was the Room & Board one, I might re-consider... I hate that I let my own mother buy ugly furniture because it made her happy.
- I sunned myself at the pool with the Da-zizzle sisters, Hols & RoGo! Was a BLAST to hang out with some of my nearest & dearest from Cake Eater High School! (and the 10 year is coming up in December... gulp)

- Went to see Star Trek with my dad in the theatre! Was AMAZING! And hot dudes... I loved it! It was so funny how they put so much of the TV show into it! My dad really liked it too - was great to spend time with Pa.

- Went to lunch with my Grammie Musical and Mama Musical at Perkins- always something fresh & new). Grammy Musical is 90 years old, people - still jumping around and with all her wits about her... And still gossiping about all the other old bitties that live in her retirement community!

- Had dinner with the fam. at Granite City Brewery. Even Bro Musical was home from the air force seminar he's doing in Georgia (the state, not the country - thank god.) I sang "Leavin' on a Midnight Plane to Georgia" to him before he left for the airport. He promptly punched me in the arm & told me I was dumb. Such a kind brother, no??
- Visited to the Mall in Cake Eater, MN a few times.
- Helped Mama Musical organize the linen closet. (can you believe that she had queen sheets & full sheets interspersed with one another - wha?? They should each have their own shelf.) I may have used the labeler to tell my near sighted parents what shelves are for what sheets....
Overall, I ate way too much, saw way too many friends & thoroughly enjoyed myself! Now I can't wait to go home at the end of August!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You Can't Get Your Heart Broken if You're Not in a Relationship! (and other goodies...)

Lovelies,  I just spend a fantastic 5 days at home in Minnesota.  The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and I had a grand time overall.  (I will re-cap further on in future blogs my purchases & events I attended...)  

But for now, I just want to say a word about singleness.  Ah, yes, I'm bringing it up lovelies... The ever-constant single state of my life.  And I didn't think so much about it until I started reading this book.  

(Damn you, literature! -- shaking angry fists!) 

Now this is not one of my normal Shopaholic or Twilight Chick-Lit Books where the characters are so far away from my real life that I can laugh at their problems whilst thinking "Gee - I feel bad for them!" or " Look at all their relationship issues/ flaws/ problems!" and finally the ever calming  "Glad I'm not like that!"

But lovelies this book is smacking me across the face again & again.  It's called Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single and it's by a Minnesota native named Heather McElhatton.  I swear, this book hits so close to home it hurts!  (In fact sometimes I end up crying I'm laughing so hard & then I realize I'm laughing because I relate so well... Le Sigh.)

This gal in the book is a normal gal who doesn't always say the right thing, dates online and usually ends up going home alone to her cat & a bottle of wine.  And she's funny!  A funny, normal sized gal who has trouble with men... Frighteningly familiar.  

The book is a great read for summer & I highly recommend it! 

But it got me thinking how much I crave a relationship and also how scared I am to actually be in one and be open to having someone be such a big part of my life!  Uugh, love.  

Why can't I just have a matchmaker say "Miss Musical, in 2 years time you will marry Motel the Tailor and live in a 2 bedroom co-op on the Upper West Side."  Oh, Fiddler on the Roof, if only life were as easy as your witty lyrics....