Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Blog of Many Sighs... (that sounds like it should be my Indian blog name -- feathers not dots.)

Lovelies, I have booked myself full for this week - with friend dates/ real dates/ dates with my hair coloring gal/ dates with my pop-rock class... It's dating frenzy all over!
For as much fun as that will be this weekend (I am busy EVERY NIGHT this whole weekend -- where is my personal assistant to take care of my calendar for me?! Not to mention my wardrobe of what I'm going to wear!? Le Sigh...) I'm looking forward to relaxing a little on Saturday. Although my friend Ro.Tro. is in town for the weekend & I'm sure I'll want to show her all around NYC! I just get so tired lately with the weather, work, auditions & all...

Oh! Speaking of auditions! On Monday I did 4 auditions and saw a GREAT concert that night!

So my day started on Monday when I went to the Camelot Chorus call for Goodspeed Opera House. Everyone & their mom was there -but was a blast to see my wonderful friends & catch up a bit with them! I was also in the first group, which is always nice to be done after 1/2 hour! Brilliant company that I gave a mediocre audition for. Double Sigh...

But then I had my appointment for Mason Street Warehouse. They were doing the Full Monty & I was called in for Georgie! Hooray for that! I sang my most rockin' pop/rock & they asked for a second song - all in all it went very well & I felt really good about it! Even if I don't get the show hopefully some good vibes will be put out into the world because of it. (But I secretly really want to get the show - that's OK, right?!)

THEN I went to the Equity building for the Chorus call for Little House on the Prairie. (Side note: saw the show at the Guthrie this summer -- all I can say for that show is "Well.... They tried real hard!") They were casting for the understudy for Nellie Olson - who is supposed to be 18. Now lovelies, I do not look 18. (Sigh, yet again.) However, if you were drunk & sitting in the last row of the theatre then Maybe, just Maybe, I might look 18.... The audition went OK and I got to sing a great song that got a laugh at the end.

And finally I wrapped up the day by going to Ogunquit playhosue. That audition was a red hot mess. All I'm going to say is: I forgot my cut, we started over and they didn't ask for a second song. Uugh.

Well, at least two of the auditions were up to par.

Finally - lovelies this was the best BEST part of the evening- I went to the benefit for equality concert: Defying Inequality. Was an AMAZING evening that was filled with celebs and performances from tons of Broadway companies! All coming together to support equality for LGBT marriage.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Side note

Lovelies, just as a small Saturday side note, I tried to comment on my own blog today. So many of you have left wonderful comments in the past few days & I wanted to follow up.

I wish that I could customize the word verification you have to put down in the security bar could be the name of a different musical every time! You know - like you wanna leave a comment for me but the words Guys & Dolls come up in a mixed jumble and you have to enter that Phrase.

I think my top three security comment musicals/musical characters would be:

1. Last 5 Years

2. Wheels of a Dream

3. Oklahoma! (you must also use the exclamation point to get past the security blog here -and I'd also like a audible "YOW!" for this last one as you link into the comment section!)

So Beyonce, Can you handle that? (not from a musical, but a great song, nonetheless)

Oh, dear. Most RANDOM Blog EVER!

Happy Saturday Activities, my lovelies... (laundry, brunches, coffee, what-have-you)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Skipping Auditions remind me of ditching classes in High School...

Lovelies, I didn't go to a dance call this morning because I chose to sleep in and get myself totally healthy.  (I'm almost there - I still cough here & there, but not nearly as bad as last week!)

I always feel a little bad ass and a little guilty when I skip auditions.  I have them all marked in my calendar, and this past week I only did one audition!  Wwaaahh! (better than none, I guess)  It was for Pittsburgh CLO - which is such a great company.  Only bummer is that the chica who casts it is not a big fan of Mama Musical.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that she doesn't like me very much.... 

Le Sigh....

The audition itself went OK - I felt pretty good about the song I chose, but also I felt like I was working too hard.  It's like people want me to cover up all of who I am, and the joy I bring to my work in order to "fit me in" to their show.  Uugh...

BUT good news, my lovelies - I got a show!  

Now, before you all get too excited - it's one I've done before and I didn't have to audition for it. It's going to be at the History theatre in Minnesota this Christmas season, so I'm brushing up on my music, the big monologue I have during the show, and I'm trying to remember the dance moves.  

I LOVE this show, friends.  It's called Sisters of Swing and its based on the Andrews Sisters life story.  (Kind of like a Jersey Boys for 1940's music).  Great stuff and people go nuts for it.

Oh, and update on the Argentinian:  He texted, twice.  And he called, twice.  Think I'm going to sit on this one more day, as his first date behavior really bugged me.  The beginning and the end of the date sucked - but the middle was great!  I really do think I'm going to give him a second chance, as he intrigues the hell out of me - but I'm not wearing my heart on my sleeve too much with this one lovelies - the red flags are flying, but I've got my "smart girl" cap on!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best & Worst Date night - at the same time! WTF?!

Lovelies, I just got home from Date Night!
I went out on my first date in a few months with a fella who I met at Bamboo 52 almost 2 weeks ago. (Here's how we met: I introduced myself, gave him my card & let him do the rest... which he was very good at! Loads of calls & texts over the past 2 weeks - hooray!) I had high hopes for him - he's Argentinian, good looking, smart and has a good job.

SO - tonight I got to pick the place: Fig & Olive on the Upper East Side. Now, lovelies, tell me if I'm a crazy lady here... He showed up an hour and a half late. Who does that?! Now, he texted me to let me know he was going to be a little late earlier, but a little late means 15-20 minutes right?? Not a freakin' hour-and-a-half!!!

Uugh. Strike One against the Argentinian.
Then we had the most delightful, witty conversation I've had in a long time! He was honest, sincere, sweet and smart. I did give him quite a bit of grief about being so late, but he said he'd make it up to me. To which I replied "Oh, well - this is our Get to Know You date, so you can make it up to me on our OFFICIAL first date..."

He made me laugh and let me be totally myself! Was rather exciting, as usually I hold my cards very close during the first date & don't open up that much. He asked tons of questions, had great stories to follow up with... but (there always has to be a but, doesn't there?! ) BUT, lovelies, he black berried during our date - STRIKE 2.

More lovely conversation followed (our jobs, families, various activities we enjoy) after he put down the crack berry and apologized for using it during the date. (I was in the ladies when he started texting, so I can't get too mad, I guess.)

But at the end - and I thought this was REALLY weird - his friend was supposed to "pop by" and say a "quick hello". The friend stayed. A LONG time. And chatted.

I didn't' want to get in the middle of this friend thing - so I high tailed it out of there. Said I was "tired." I hope that Argentina guy got the gist. I was PISSED OFF! Who the fuck asks their friend to a FIRST DATE??!!

Strike three.

(But the dude still intrigues me, and he did ask me out on date number two. So I think I'm going to sit on it for a bit & let it stew... And if I do happen to give him a second chance, I might have to give some ground rules: 1. Be on Time, or pretty close to it. 2. No texting during the date. 3. For the love of Christ - meet up with your friends on your own time, NOT MINE.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

And now I'm sick... Uugh...

Lovelies, now I'm not hungover anymore - I'm just with a an awful sore throat!

I've been pumping myself full of water/tea/liquids all day and it's just a pain in the ass....

BUT the good news is that I gave a GREAT audition this morning for Sacramento Music Circus! So happy I showed up early for the appointments! I sang my standard uptempo and the first question they asked me after was "Do you tap? Like in "Millie?" (fyi - they are also doing Thoroughly Modern Millie) My response was "Of Course! Wings! Pullbacks - the works! If there's tappin- count me in!"

So we'll see if I get a callback - they have another day of auditions to get through tomorrow... I'm debating on if I should skip work & go to the Chorus call, but I felt like I did so well with this one that I don't want to jinx it.

There were SO many people there this morning - was a FREAKIN' Crazy Red-Hot-Mess of an audition set up. I love me some auditions, but honestly - there had to be at least 300 people there for 120 time slots. Uugh - and then some people who got there later complained about not getting the slot they wanted. (for those who slept in & missed getting there as 7am like Mama Musical did: Suck it, Suck-aars!)

And say a prayer lovelies that I can heal my throat magically by tomorrow - I have my callback for Musicals Tonight at 2pm! (for the chanteuse lounge singer - should be fun!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ow-ow- oooowwww!

Lovelies, I'm hungover.

There. I said it.

I feel like I have a mac-truck sitting on my head! Grrr - why did I let my friend Fabs talk me into going to the happy hour at Bamboo 52 last night??? (although come to think of it - we had 4 cocktails each AND a sushi roll and my half of the bill only came to $35 bucks - AWESOME!)

Then we went to the Time Out NY bar at New World Stages where we ran into my guitar teacher who is an actor friend of mine & his new VERY pretty girlfriend. (Is it bad that I wonder why on earth women date actors - I just don't ever consider it. That's a whole other blog post though...)

After hangin' at the Time Out NY bar I discovered that my backpack which had all my audition material AND my 150 dollar BCBG shoes AND my new vintage dress was MISSING! Gasp! I ran back to Bamboo 52 and thank GOD it was there! Right where I left it - in a dark corner behind the hostess stand... (Insert HUGE sigh of relief here.)

THEN we went to his friends wonderful apartment and had even more cosmos/ diet & Malibu/ wonderful concoctions that made me happy & sleepy.... So I took a cab home & that was fine.

Now today I woke up & have a dull ache in the back of my head and my mouth tastes like cotton. Aaahhh, the joys of youth & drunken stupor.

(Note to self: Never EVER consume 7 beverages in less than a 12 hour period EVER AGAIN!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Lovelies, I'm FREAKIN' in LOVE with this show!

Secret Diary of a Call Girl is amazing! It's kind of like Sex & the City and kind of like a soap opera, but it's 100% British & Fabulous!

I'm totally loving the story line & such - I found it's free if you google "Secret Diary of a Call Girl Online" and it's also on the Netflix! (But season 2 isn't out on Netflix yet - however it IS on the net!)