Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dates, drooling and vacations...

Lovelies, I sit here writing to you from the wonderful Hampton's yet again! It's a blast, but I hardly find any time for myself, let alone my blogging! (so when the time does come to blog, I usually want to pass out I'm so tired!)

This past weekend was great and BUSY! I actually managed to go on TWO dates on Saturday! (one lunch & one drinks/dinner!) And I also got in my voice lesson in the morning and my guitar lesson in the afternoon! (I have my guitar lesson in Central Park, so that was fun - and my teacher is so kind & does a great job teaching me!)

Now, as for my dates - well one was OK and the other one was GREAT! (the OK one was the lunch date, and he was nice, but I don't think he was for me - plus his eyes kind of bulged out and he was a little short. But beggars can't be choosers, so I put on a good face & tried to get to know him as best I could...) But the GREAT date - well that was a different story! He was magnificent - and was a cellist, getting his MBA, tall as a tree and built like a Greek God. Plus, he was funny, thoughtful and charming....

My lovelies, why oh-why when I like the fella does he never call me back or ask me for a second date?! WTF?! I'm a nice girl (but I can't flirt to save my life) but I smile, ask nice questions, try to say interesting things, flip my hair, wear make up & pretty dresses... I just can't put my finger on what I'm doing so wrong that they don't ask for a 2nd date! (and NO, I don't talk about babies, marriage and the like when I'm out for the first time with a fella!)

Maybe my pheromones are no good... (can they do pheromone replacement therapy?)

Friday, July 18, 2008

I Need a Nap.

Cough, cough, cough...  Lovelies...

I - cough - am SO sick!  (and sick of being sick!)  I've been dealing with this cold for the past week and have been high as a kite on Mucinex for the past 2 days.  Uugh.  Will it ever end?!  

At 4 am last night I finally fell asleep.  After coughing non-stop for the past 5 hours...  I was finally in a deep slumber when the old alarm clock went off & reminded me that I had to truck it down to the Equity Building at 7:30 a.m.  

And silly me - I kept hitting that snooze button.  When I eventually did show up at the audition for the New York Theatre Festival I found (to my dismay) that all the slots were taken for appointment times!  Aaak - CURSES!  So, I smartly signed myself up on the alternate list in one of the later time slots and hoped that they wouldn't call my name until after lunch, as I had my hair appointment that morning in SoHo.

Well, lovelies - I went & had a lovely cut, color & blow-out.  It was magnificent.  And I am once again the blonde bombshell I want to be!  BUT - I got a little cocky and decided to go to Vicki's for undies & a bra and also to stop at Dean & Deluca for cheese samples (Taleggio, Midnight Moon Goats milk Testun Al Barolo, if you're interested) & free bread!  

What's that you say- "But Miss Musical, don't you have an audition to get to?!"  

Why yes, lovelies, I did.  

But I whittled away my time, took the R train back up to 46th street only to find that they had called my name 5 MINUTES BEFORE I GOT THERE!!!!  

I can't win.

(But that said - I have a great job, a great family & friends who love me!  And I sang at the Algonquin Hotel Artists Salon last night -that was a great time!)

And can one really be that sad when this movie comes out today?!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pity Party - table for one!

Lovelies,  I know I shouldn't be throwing a pity party for myself, but as my blogging friend Martini used to say I'm having a SSM today = a Single Sad Moment.  

I am thrilled for my friends who are getting married!  I'm also ecstatic for people when they find someone special who loves them in return!  Hell- I even get excited for a friend if they are winked at by someone they fancy...  But truth be told:

Mama Musical is lonely.  Really really lonely.  

I found out today that a friend, whom I used to date - but we're tight like Jerry & Elaine now- is going to an out of town wedding this weekend.  I was pleased to hear that this new relationship is going so well, but it also breaks my heart that no one is banging down my door to ask me out...  take me to friends weddings.... hold my hand in Central Park...  Want to go to the museum with me...  

I've actually written several letters to my future husband (laugh it up, friends - it really helps me!)  And I just tell him in these letters that I'm excited to meet him & share things with him...  little stupid things about my day - how I got bubble gum stuck in my hair, the way that Henny Penny smiled at me, or about my theatre stuff....  I don't write him every day - that would be weird - but I do about every 4 or 5 months drop him a note when I'm extra lonely for him...

On an up-note: I signed my contract with the Ordway today!  I'm going to be singing 3 nights in August at the Ordway Extras and we're doing a Legally Blonde medley!  I'm pumped!  Also, I went to the Broadway: Three Generations audition today.  That went well - I sang the pants off my song and they were very nice - but again, just not that into me.  Oh, well - that's life in the big city!  

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Work and

Lovelies,  I'm not gonna lie.  I'm a little stressed out today.  

Lady of the House is planning a big birthday bash this year in the Hampton's where she has 15 of her nearest & dearest out for a weekend of pampering. 

I'm the lucky gal who gets to schedule everyone in the hotel, arrange the shuttle from the hotel to the beach house, set up the times for group Pilate's classes, call the Mani-pedi ladies to schedule times for 15 Mani-pedi's and also give the masseuse a schedule so she knows when she needs to be available.  

Oh, yes and coordinate the gift bags (consisting of lovely Dr. Haushka products and beautiful spa-related goods!)  It's actually quite fun, but it's also very time consuming and also a little straining on my nerves - as I'm a perfectionist and I really want this to turn out beautifully for Lady of the House!  

AND I'm currently trying to bump up my dating life a little and thus a re-joined which is taking up so much of my time!  I have to e-mail these guys back if I want them to keep in touch with me!  (Duh, Miss Musical!?)  But it just takes so much brain power to remember each one!  And time to write these thoughtful, "I'm a great catch without trying too hard" e-mails back.  

I'm in the process of e-mailing with about 5 men right now.  (only a few have gotten up the balls to ask me out for a date - but it's nice to be asked!)  Go figure the one I'm really interested in is taking it the slowest!  

Does anyone else have that problem remembering details about who's who in their dating life?  (I've actually gotten that mixed up before - I e-mailed one guy with the WRONG NAME and information in the e-mail -- needless to say, I didn't hear back from him again...)  Uugh.  

Also, I find the best relationships are where the man loves the woman just a little bit more than she loves him...  They still love each other, but he's willing to bend just a little more to make her happy.  This is true of my parents, my auntie & uncle, my best friend and Lady & Master of the House.  Anyone else find this to be true?  

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Auditions are fun! (and time consuming)

Lovelies, I am very proud of myself because I just did 3 auditions in 3 hours (with a 4th coming up at 4:50) and I've also got a bad case of the coughing/runny nose sort...  

And let me tell ya - I was FANTASTIC in every one of them!  First I went to the Actors Equity building to sign up for the New York Music Theatre Festival.  (as they say in [title of show] "The Festival!  The KING'S FESTIVAL?!" -- 5 points for anyone who knows the other musical that's from..) 

After that I trucked my cookies down to Ripley Greer to audition for The Little Mermaid at 10:10 - so that was fun.  Then I came back to Equity, sang at the NYMF audition and that went GREAT - I sang my song from "I Love Lucy" - it usually goes over really well because it's funny & sweet!

Then I went to Nola studios & got my time slot for the Bristol theatre company - they're doing Spitfire Grill - one of my most favorite shows.  (Tangent: I wanted to write favourite in that last sentence, the way that the British spell it.  Isn't that so much nicer than plain-jane American favorite?  I think so.)  

And finally it was off to the York Theatre company where they're doing a musical called "In Transit".  I sang well, but the director was not that into me.

Que sera, sera - you can't win 'em all!  (but you sure can try to have fun at them!)  Here's to auditioning when your sickly!  (cough, cough...)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Expensive Meals and Great Moives!

Lovelies, the theme of this weekend was "How Much Can I Spend on a Meal?" and "What kind of fun indie/ foreign films are out there?"

Here's why:

Saturday night I went with my friend H.Co and her boyfriend to see "Elsa & Fred" at the Paris Theatre.  What a LOVELY movie!  Spanish film with English subtitles.  The plot revolves around these two seventy-something widowers who fall in love!  It was so funny & smart & classy - I loved it!  If you want a good laugh that makes you grateful for what you have this is a good movie for you!

After the movie we were looking for some bar food - what better place to find bar food than The Four Seasons Hotel?!  Seriously, people.  

It was FABULOUS!  We had exquisite (and expensive) cocktails, heavenly french fries with truffles and gravy on the top, and also the little mini-burgers with crab meat.  I was stuffed.

But the next day was British Fellow's birthday!  So to make sure he had a Happy Birthday I picked out a GREAT new restaurant that's been getting rave reviews!  It's called Scarpetta and it's in the trendy meatpacking district. 

Kind of an earthy Italian feel with food so rich it could give you gout!  Was a lovely meal complete with Barbara wine, duck foie gras ravioli and an AWESOME dessert of vanilla/chocolate puddings layered with espresso beans and hazelnuts!  Perfection my lovelies - sheer perfection.

Perhaps my classy weekend will make up for the fact that I watched the Oh-so-tacky "Celine: the Celine Dion Story" on the We channel Saturday morning....   

Forgive me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

P.S. - I wanna see THIS movie:

Lovelies... after all that talking about wanting to be a mistress had me thinkin' I should go & see this.... It looks pretty hot, no?

I Heart [title of show]!!!

Lovelies,  I went to see the new Broadway musical [title of show] on Tuesday night.  

One word: FANTASTIC!!

It's a musical about 2 guys trying to write a musical about 2 guys trying to write a musical.  It's SO funny!  And they have so many funny "in the know" musical theatre  jokes - but there's also plenty of jokes for the other non-theatre folk to get too.  All in all, a wonderful, heartwarming, curse-filled romp through the ups & downs of writing a show & bringing it to Broadway!  

I totally dug it!

And AFTER I saw the show I went to the website and found out that they used you tube videos to get the word out to producers that they wanted to go to Broadway (what is the world coming to - you tube getting you into a Broadway theatre!  Imagine that!)  And the videos are episodes of The [title of show] Show - complete with a Christmas show!  I was laughing SO hard when I was watching!  

These bitches are FUNNY!

BTW - I saw Kevin McCollum at the preview on Tuesday night (it was only their 4th show - so he was there meeting & greeting.)  I totally got an icky in my yuckies when he smiled at me!  (Yes, people - I know he's OLD - get over it.  I like him that way!  Plus - he's got great teeth, eyes & hair - who doesn't love that?!)

I can see the Broadway head line now: Miss Musical vies for the position of Mistress to Kevin McCollum...  (yeah, in my dreams...)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jesus touched my iPod in the Hamptons...

Lovelies.  Let me tell you...  I had one "death" in my family & one near death.  

My Compaq computer for 2 1/2 years bit the bullet on July 1st.  It was so sad, I was playing on face book that morning and lo & behold I turn it on 2 hours later and it won't turn on.  At all.

Serious tragedy...

So I replaced it the second I got back to NYC with a fancy HP computer and a fancy new warranty from Best Buy.  (I love me a good Minnesota based company with excellent customer service, don't you?!)

Now I have the new computer, the new Microsoft Office program that only works on Vista, the new accidental 3 year warranty, the new 320 GB back up drive and the REALLY BIG credit card bill to show for it...  (and here I thought I'd have my whole card paid off after this trip to the Hamptons I just went on!)  

Finances....  Uugh...

On a high note - I had a lovely time in the Hamptons!  I got to play with the kiddies on the beach, see the movie Wall-E (which was WONDERFUL and you all should see it!) and also helped with outdoor games, indoor games - Candy land & Uno, got some serious sunburn , ate ice cream every day and all around had a great time!

One of the familial near death experiences happened when I was sitting on the beach during my afternoon off.  I was reading my book, listening to my iPod and a HUGE wave comes & swallows me, my book & my precious iPod.  I was VERY scared for it's life and pulled it out of the water promptly.  

I don't know how to do iPod CPR, but I did shake it quite a bit... to get the water out.  I pressed the button - the screen hadn't changed in 5 min. of me pressing the button.  So I said a little prayer to Jesus asking him to touch my iPod and heal it so I didn't have to spend another $250 for a new one.  

And guess what kids - IT WORKED!!!!

I'm telling you.  My computer is dead, but Jesus saved my iPod.  I love a higher power who understands my need for electronics.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Martini R.I.P.

Lovelies, I've been blogging for a little over 6 months now - and for 5 of those 6 months I've been reading a daily blog by a girl named Martini.

I was crushed to find out today that her blog has been deleted and will remain so for a long time. Someone whom she knew read her blog and forwarded it to someone special in her life where it contained intimate details about their relationship. To read more please visit her friend Lady Lucks blog - it's now taken the first place in my recommended blogs column.  .

The blog (formerly was a daily enjoyment for me and provided an armload of humor and sincerity. The warmth in Martini's writings and her funny anecdotes were quite often the highlights of my morning or afternoon computer time.

She will be missed. But to ease the pain, like her profile said: A Martini Always Helps.