Thursday, December 27, 2007

Old Friends are great!

Today I was fortunate enough to have my teeth cleaned and also visit with some great family friends. (Random yes, but Les randoms was already taken as a blogging name - so my ADD is taking over & you all get to take a peek into my day today...)
SO the teeth cleaning went fairly well until she did that scrappy, scrappy thing. Uugh. I hate that metal on teeth noise. (Is anyone else with me there??) Anywho, got my pearly whites even whiter & then the doctor came in... Needless to say, I thought I was going to have a perfect exam as usual. Not so, friends... Not so.

I have 3 freakin' cavities!! WHAT??!! Cavity free for 26 glorious years and now I got THREE at once. I brush! I floss! What gives?! So now that's another $450 that's going straight out of my budget! Uugh... I'm taking donations if anyone has an extra chunk of cash laying around.... Just send it to the starving Actress Fund in New York - I should get it...

BUT on the upside I had a lovely meal tonight with the Senora family. (I call them this because it's my former Spanish teacher, her husband & their two lovely daughters - the Senoritas...)

So went to the Senoras home for dinner and Senor Senora had an AWESOME stew made up! (Yum - I love a good meaty stew!) So that was fun!
We chatted & caught up about life, family, books, men, etc. The Senor & Senora of the family are SO cool! Very vibrant & full of life! AND they are involved with a ton of activities! Just up my alley! :)
Got to hear all about Senorita G's ice skating ventures - she's going to go to Prague. She's really REALLY good! Such a young lady now! I can't believe it! And so calm & conversational - just a joy to be around! (...perhaps that comes from being around such a great baby sitter growing up!)
Her little Sister - Senorita C - was totally off the wall. She's a 'tween and is just a hoot! She's jumping on everything and picking up her cats and running all over! Very fun! She also played the Guitar Wars video game on the Wii (is that how it's spelled??) and she was quite good at that! Just a bundle of energy & very sweet!
Both Senor & Senora were doing well - was fun to chat with them. Both were busy with work & such! I was looking around their house & thinking "Gosh, it must be nice to own a home & have stability..."
There's always a little piece of me that wants to say "screw theatre & get a real job!" But let's be honest - If I listened to that voice I'd no longer be a fabulous (unemployed) actress in the city!
So the moral of today's blog: (morals??) 1. Brush your teeth & get regular checkups... but don't get too wigged out if you have a little mishap hear & there. 2. Unexpected meals with family friends are quite pleasant. And, because there's a history there, the people who invited you usually care a lot about you & your well being.... And couldn't we all use more people like that in our lives!
Until next time, your tune-humming blogger,
Miss Musical

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One for the Record books...

In August I met a pretty great guy. He's half British, half Brazilian, works for L'Oreal and enjoys theatre, arts & conversation. (What's that you say? "Perfect fit for Ms. Musical!" ... Yes, one would think so...)

We dated for a little over two months. He always asked me out for the next date at the end of the the date we were currently on, called me every few days to chat & generally seemed to really think I was a great girl. (He told me quite often how great he thought I was -- and let's be honest - I agreed!)

SO end of September rolls around he calls me one Thursday night out of the blue and says "I really like you, Ms. Musical, but I don't ever see us getting married. BUT, I really like to hang out with you, so can we remain friends and just cut out the sex?" Normally, because I'm a smart girl, I would say a firm No... But, as with this particular boy (let's call him Bean-O, since he had a thing for British canned beans) I was not quite so smart. So I gave him my best "I need time to and when I'm good and ready THEN we can be friends!"

---here's the kicker ---

I meant it and so did he. Friendship was for sure in the future. Because, honestly - I thought he was going to be a good fella to bounce things off of.

Thus, two months after we split I invited Bean-O to thanksgiving at my brothers house. (Nothing naughty - for all those of you thinking naughty things). I didn't think he'd accept, but he did. Thanksgiving rolls around, he joins us. A great day overall and fun is had by all! Friendly hug goodbye at the train station and we go our separate ways and I forget about him. Normal, right?

So two weeks later, I pass by a new Brazilian restaurant and think - "Bean-O and I should check this out! Looks tasty!" I called and left a friendly message. No answer. Fine - totally understandable.

I had a cabaret coming up that weekend and send a mass e-mail to all my friends to invite them.

A few days later I get this e-mail in my in-box:

I wanted to write to you about something else which I didn't get to mention when I last saw you (it wasn't like it was a thing that just"popped-up" into conversation and that is that I'm seeing someone else -quite seriously in fact. I didn't think it would be a problem that she would know about me spending thanksgiving with an ex but she flipped -really flipped. I didn't realize that it would get such a reaction but it did and now she's asked me not to be in-touch with you or any other exes. I like her a lot and I respect her wishes and so that's where I lie on this situation. I'm really sorry Ms.Musical, truly I am but I won't be able to make it to your performance (I wish you all the best at least).

WHAT?! Isn't that A.) A little "High School" of his girlfriend and B.) Totally ridiculous! If he didn't want to keep in touch with me, I'd rather he bloody well tell me than beat around the bush in this kind of fashion!!!

So I wrote him this in response:

Thanks for the e-mail. I'm sad that we can't be friends anymore.

I'm pleased to hear that you're happy. I have moved on & am happily dating new people as well... I can see where she is coming from, but just to clarify - I don't want anything from you in "that way" anymore... I just wanted to be friends. Plain & simple. I was very pleased you could join my brother & I for thanksgiving & hope that you had a good time as well.
I wish you all the best with work & your new relationship - if eventually your gal feels like you can be friends with me again please let me know. I will not try to contact you anymore and please send my apologies to your girlfriend. I didn't mean to offend with the thanksgiving offer, just wanted to be friends again... All the best for a happy & healthy year, Ms. Musical.

Classy (and adult) response, right??

So Blog-ing fans in Cyberspace: I tried to take the high road with this one. I'm still so mad that this girl would put restrictions on him like that -- I would NEVER say that to a guy. EVER. Am I a crazy person to think that her request was TOTALLY insane??? (and can I take lessons from her to learn how to keep my man on that short of a leash!!)

And is it horrible that I'm not only mad at him & this new girl, but I'm also pissed off at myself for STILL thinking about this. It's a big deal, but not THAT big of a deal... I still have a job, I can still support myself and I still have an awesome family.

Comments & thoughts are welcome on this one.

Until we meet again, your tune humming blogger,

Ms. Musical

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Possible!

I was at the gym this morning contemplating "Why on Earth did I start going back here again?!?" (I kinda don't like working out...)

BUT then something wonderful happened!

I had my iPod on random play and the song "It's Possible" from Rogers and Hammersteins "Cinderella" came on. I listened to the lyrics for a bit & it actually made me feel better about re-starting my workout/ let's eat healthy regime.

Here's a sampeling: "It's possible for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage. It's possible for a plain country bumpkin & a prince to join in marriage..."

I know - it's got kinda goofy lyrics, but really helped me get through the rest of my workout! AND I'm trying to carry that attitude into my everyday auditioning life and work life, too! It's very hard going on audition after audition & remember that yes, It's Possible for a Minnesoata gal to move to NYC and make it (both on the love front and on the theatre front!)

... will keep you all updated on the working out thing - this might be a new part of the blog, too...

In the meantime - I challenge all of you to listen to a Rogers and Hammerstein song (a positive one -- no Poor Judd is Dead, please) -- and see how you can apply it to your life, too!

For now, your tune-humming blogger,
Ms. Musical

Sunday, December 23, 2007

There's a First Time for Everything!

Well, friends, welcome to my little blog! I'm having a little tiff with myself right now - mainly regarding the two most important things in my life: musical theatre and men. (I'm guessing that this is what this blog will mainly be about... But you never know... I always have a couple of surprises up my sleeve!)

So I'm still fairly optimistic about my career and the fellas, however neither is happening to appear at the time when I want it!! Here's what my heart desires (and not necessarily in this order)

1. Working in Theatre on Broadway or Tour (heck let's be honest - I'll take major regional tour!)

2. Find a kind man who loves me & who I can love in return.

Sounds simple enough, right?


And here's the kicker - whenever one is going well, the other goes well too! But when one area is going bad, then the others seem to follow in suit. Perhaps this is the laws of attraction working within my life, but let's be honest here - some people just get REALLY lucky! I had a big break-out role when I lived in Minneapolis, but after a year and a half in NY with no bites and a handful of callbacks... well... what am I supposed to think?!

SO I've decided to start this blog to track the change in my life that IS going to occur in the next year! And you, dear reader, get to come along for the crazy ride that is my life! Buckle Up!