Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

Lovelies,  Happy early Thanksgiving!  

I'm off to Cake Eater, Minnesota today for hot times with the fam.  I miss them terribly.  Plus I get to see a MN Wild Hockey Game, check out the sales at Mall of America, take a voice lesson and do a private concert!  Should be very exciting!

And as your thanksgiving treat, I thought I'd give you this.  Enjoy my lovelies!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

All I want for Christmas

Lovelies, the Wish hand cream from Lollia is truly wonderful.  Kind of smells like sugar cookies, only VERY light and delicate!  I'm in love with it and want the whole set... 
Anyone got the in's with Santa this year?  Put in a good word for me with this one...

But I REALLY Need it!

Lovelies, today I made some useful & fun purchases at Nine West.  Now, my credit card bill is higher than ever, but I have faith that I will get it paid down and hopefully will not spend any more excess money...

But for now (hee, hee, hee...)

I got a beautiful new coat today.  I've been eyeing it for 3 months - and I got it in a size 6!  (I love weight watcher - 17.2 pounds thinner lovelies...)  Plus it's warm and it fits.  My old winter coat is flimsy and huge.  Over all: Good Purchase.

AND whilst I was eyeing the coat for the past few months I've also wanted a pair of sexy red high heels in the back of the store.  I've tried them on 4 times, loved them and vowed to wait until they went on sale.  

Well, by jove!  They ARE on sale (and the coat was too!)  Got the whole lot for $150!! 

 ...Not too shabby for a coat AND a cute pair of shoes!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Popular! I'm am so Popular!

Lovelies,  I got TYPED IN for Glinda in Wicked today!  The past 3 Wicked chorus calls I've been to I've gotten typed out (so I don't get to stay & sing - they just tell me I'm not right for the show & I go on my merry way.) but today was SPECIAL!  I got to stay & sing!  Hooray!  

I've only been typed in for one other Broadway show (Les Miz for the Fantine cover) but this was over two years ago and this was such a nice boost of confidence!  And the best part was I got to actually see the "Maybe she could do this" moment that the casting director had when he picked up my picture put it into the "No" pile, picked it up again and looked carefully at it then at me and then back at my resume and put it in the "Yes" pile!  HOO- FREAKIN'- RAY!  

Walking into the room was a little nerve wracking, but I smiled, said hello to the director & the pianist, said the name of my song and started.   The charming and lovely Dup-Dup was at the piano today and he just rocks it out every time.  (Brilliant piano player - no questions there.)  I was so happy that he was in the room to help me!  I sang my up tempo soprano song and the casting director said "Great Miss Musical!  Thank you for coming in today!"  

And you know what lovelies - it sounded like he really meant it.  Not just the generic "Thanks Miss M." but his vocal tone had a genuine and warm quality to it.  And he looked me right in the eye when he said it - perhaps seems like I'm getting  a titch too excited, but they don't have to do that.

Wouldn't that be somethin' if I got a callback?!  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life - where are you?!

Lovelies, I want the great events to happen in my life NOW!
I want to get married NOW. I want to have a family NOW. I don't want to wait another year, week or day.

I want my husband to show up so I can start having a life with him. I want to have munchkin Musicals before my eggs dry up in 8 years (Plus I want to be a hot mom - you know that mom who was the hot mom in your elementary school class - how she was the envy of all the kids as the "cool mom".)

WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?!?! I have an agenda to keep here.

And PS lovelies, all of this is coming on because I'm in love with a friend who will never love me back, I'm ovulating and I just found out via facebook that yet ANOTHER of my high school friends is getting married and ANOTHER of my theatre community friends has been gorgeously pregnant the past 9 months and just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Jealously doesn't even begin to explain it.

But I am living my dream in NYC. But what good is a dream when you don't have someone to share it with? Or a child to pass it along to? (Although I do have Henny Penny to get my baby sillies out... so that's good, I guess).

I'm thinking of taking a lover to help get my "must procreate" out of my system. I have a work "boyfriend" from a previous job who's volunteered to fill the position for Lover to Miss Musical - I'm also taking other applications... but so far he's the only candidate. (good thing he's really hot and nice - think it will be a great endeavour for me.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

There are more French Restaurants in NYC than in Paris...

... Lovelies, today's title of blog is what my Snapple bottle top just told me, since I have no clue what to write about today!  :)  And I'd believe it.  My favorite french restaurant in NYC is La Absinthe.  Who doesn't love a good glass of green goodness??  (try sayin' that 5 times fast!)

On second thought, maybe I do have an idea for a blog topic...  Let's talk about Christmas gifts.  I just bought my mom & dad their gift (my bro & I are doing a wine club for the 'rents this year - that should be fun for them!)  Last year we got them a helicopter ride above the Twin Cities and I just don't think I can top that this year!  :)  
So the parental units are covered, the brother is not yet - but he doesn't appreciate my thoughtful gifts of mix CD's and socks, so I think he'll be getting a J.Crew gift card this year.  

Auntie Renei and Patrick are getting tickets to Prairie Home Companion  - I thought an outing for them would be nice, and my other Auntie & Uncle are getting a gift card to the nice steakhouse in their neighborhood.  

I don't know what to get for my uncle who just lost his wife...  Or any of my cousins.  I might just get all the girl cousins a pair of undies from Vicki's Secret - that's always a fun gift to get!

I did find the perfect gift for the Espresso Genius today!  It's SO brilliant!  I'm patting myself on the back right now - and I don't know if he reads this or not, so I'm not going to say what it is except that it's monogrammed, silver and can be used to cut cigars... D'OH!  Just Gave that away!!!  (and it's got a companion piece, too!)  

For my friend R.Go I'm going to make him a super duper CD mix - he likes that kind of stuff and it's more personal.  I've decided to do that with some of my other friends, as well..  (Pookie, if you're reading this YES!  You're getting one too!)  :)

My roommate is already covered (but I really wanted to get her the big print of Audrey Hepburn that's at Ikea... maybe next year...)

The boys I nanny for, Henny Penny & T-Man, will both get books and a little toy or something special....  I'm thinking King Bidgood's in the Bathtub will be a fun book to read with him!  Or Diary of a Wombat - both AWESOME kids books!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Date Details...

Lovelies, I had a very VERY nice date on Sunday afternoon!   Bed, Bath & Beyond Boy (which is a lot to type - lets call him B. Quad) called me on Wednesday and asked to take me out for lunch on Sunday!  I, of course, said Yes!

Hooray - dates with fun people who are witty & charming! 

We met up at La Menagerie on 53rd and 2nd.  Was a cute brunch spot!  B. Quad looked very nice when I showed up and gave me a hug!  Went inside and sat down.  We talked and talked - he has an excellent vocabulary - I was laughing myself silly at his jokes! 

Also, lovelies, B. Quad did theatre in high school AND he TAP DANCES!!!  (WHAT?!)  But that was just a for fun activity in school, now he's got a "real job" - paying the rent is a good thing, my friends...

But the conversation was just great!  He kept asking fantastic questions and firing back quick responses to my banter...  One of the first ones I've dated in NYC to have a charming retort poised & ready for each of my comments.  

Smart people ROCK.  

Now we'll have to see if date #2 happens anytime soon...  Waiting game, my lovelies.

And to pass the time, I'm off to my musical theatre dance class at Alvin Ailey tonight!  Hooray!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Southern Hospitality

Lovelies, I just got home from a lovely evening with the British Fellow! We went to the fun delta-feel restaurant Southern Hospitality. It's owned by Justin Timberlake and a few of his friends.

We actually got to sit outside (it's the 7th of November people, and it was a giz-orgeous night out! As for the place, AWESOME atmosphere and great food! We had buffalo wings, ribs, buttermilk biscuits, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on the top and tater tots. (I love tater tots - reminds me of my pre-school days when we'd have tater tot hot dish in the "rainbow room" at lunch time!)

Also, we went to the Plaza afterwards and sat in the BEAUTIFUL and ornate lobby & had a glass of bubbly! I love me some Veuve Cliquot...
Hooray for Awesome Friday nights in the city!

PS, lovelies - and this one is important - Bed, Bath & Beyond Boy called. We are going on a date on SUNDAY!!! Exciting, no?!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, chickens - my guy WON!!

Lovelies,  I am so SO proud of President Elect Obama!  I waited in line for an hour & a half yesterday in Actoria, Queens to cast my vote for a gentleman who has the potential to be the most influential president in the history of our fair country.

He is a president for the people, by the people & of the people.  I find myself filled with hope again for our nation to be the best that it can be!  I'm inspired by future President Obama's words and I want desperately to be a part of that change!  

Even Old Abe Lincoln agrees - YES WE CAN!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bed, Bath and Beyond... literally BEYOND.

Lovelies,  I was trolloping around NYC on Sunday afternoon and decided to pop into the Bed, Bath & Beyond at 60th and 1st Ave. to get a price adjustment on an item...

Truth is I forgot to bring my 20% off coupon the day before when I went shopping at BB&B... so of course, was excited to get my $10.48 back on my Dirt Devil Kurv - damn that's one sexy cleaning machine! 

I get my adjustment (hooray for ten bucks), grab a round styling brush that I had my eye on the day before & head for the checkout.  

The couple in front of me was discussing a pedi-egg: she wanted one & couldn't justify buying one, he was teasing her and it was REALLY funny!  So I decided to pipe up & throw in my two cents, and they LOVED the Miss Musical 'tude that I gave to them!  We carried on about how you can "get a great pedi-egg, yours for only 9.99!" and such...  

Time to check out came, I said good luck to the both of them (thinking that they were a couple) and headed out.  The guy (who was cute & tall) came up to me on my way out & ASKED FOR MY PHONE NUMBER!!!!  

**Caution: Miss Musical had such a self-esteem boost at that moment that she wanted to belt out "It's Raining men" and nearly jumped up & down with glee!**

Clappity- clap-clap!  They DO exist!  Men who still ask girls out the old -fashioned way DO exist!  

I have never EVER had a man ask for my phone number before!  Never...
Not at a bar, 
not in a car,
not in a plane, 
not in a train.  
They do not like to ask, you see, 
these boys who cause phone number glee...

Lovelies, who would've guessed that one little question could have such a BIG impact.  

Oh, and by the way - I did give him my number.  
(Now we just have to wait & see if he calls...)