Saturday, May 8, 2010

Opening weekend AND Disney World!!!

Lovelies!  I had the best opening weekend of Sisters of Swing!  The Tall Englishman came and gave me the most lovely flowers!  See!

And he came to every evening show that I had opening weekend- on Thursday, Friday AND Saturday!  What a GUY!!! 

During the days we went to the beach, sat and had a mid-afternoon cocktail and went to the awesome ice cream store Cravings in Vero Beach!  I loved it!  Here's some beach play time pics:

Here's a pic of the awesome strawberry ice cream AND the pink piggy sprinkles that I got!

And then we went to Disney World, lovelies!  It was truly magical as it was the tall Englishman's first time there!  Well, I love a good trip to Disney, not gonna lie!  Plus I got to see my friends Lo and Chris who live in Orlando and work at Disney in the entertainment area there!  Such a fun time!  And we stayed at the Port Orleans resort the night before we went to the park!  Was great - we had an excellent dinner in Downtown Disney at the resturaunt Bongos and then headed off to Port Orleans - Riverside. 

Oh, and I may have looked for some shoes online... Manolos...  Can I justify that my wedding "something blue" shoes will be more expensive than my wedding dress??