Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pretty Under-things...

Lovelies - I just bought some very pretty underthings yesterday! They are SO hot *and my boobs fit into them, so that's a perk - literally* and it's pretty comfortable! Here's the pic of my new hot-ness..

(except mine has got this beautiful coral print on it - not the blue. But it's the same cut!) Now I just have to get those pink thigh-highs like that girl has on & I'm all set!

Oh, and I just got this bra AGAIN the other week! I LOVE it! And the matching knickers! So cute!
And one of my girlfriends on Facebook just sent me a link to where Miss Piggy had Marc Jacobs design her a dress from his Fall Collection!! Too Funny, right? I love me some Miss Piggy & think that she looks exceptionally rockin! I mean, c'mon! Look at that perfect figure!

Miss Piggy is my hero. She's so fashion forward!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dato Numero Quatro: Muy muy interesante....

Lovelies, I went on Date number 4 with the Tennis Pro last Friday evening in the Hamptons! It was such fun for 2 reasons: 1. I got to hang with Tennis Pro after his 3 week vacay 2. It was my first proper NY pick up date (you know, where the dude picks you up in a car at your base location & drives you to dinner/ drinks/ making out on the beach/ then home again)

We went to Bobby Vans Steakhouse - I was a little worried that he didn't make a reservation, as he's a dude and most of them just don't know to do these things in advance... But he proved me wrong - and thank goodness we did have a reservation, because Bobby Vans in Bridge Hampton is a hoppin' joint when it's a Friday night during the high season! Hooray for resseys!

Had some tastey eats & lovely conversation at dinner - we covered a lot of issues I was wondering about and also some things cropped up that I didn't think we'd be discussing... like what we'd like to name our respective offspring.

(In case you're wondering I chose Mabel & Lydia for girls & didn't really have a boys name picked out. He chose Lockhardt for a boy - WTF??!! Lockhardt?! You might as well give the poor child a $30,000 check when he comes out of the womb made out to "Therapist Bills for Having a Strange Name". I can deal with Heathcliff, Harrison and even Leonard - but LOCKHARDT?! That should be a dogs name - I didn't tell him that for fear it would hurt his feelings. And if you're ever reading this Tennis Pro - I'm sorry. Sexual favors will repay my debt to you in insulting you with your boy name choice.)

And ALSO if I ever do have kids: (TANGENT ALERT!) since my maybe-someday son will probably be a fatty, being blessed with the Musical family genes, he needs all the help he can get with having a cool/ normal, not-able-to-make-fun-of-or-associate-with-fat-references/ chill/ NORMAL name. Thus even my favorite names of Harold, Harry for short, and Franklin are probably out the window in exchange for names that you can't make fun of... Like Porter or Charles. (oh, but you could still do Chubby Charlie or Pudgy Porter.. I can't win. Sigh.)

The food at Bobby Van's was INSANE! So good! And I had this beautiful steak with Gorgonzola cheese on the top. He had a fish - think it was sword fish. I tried his, it was tasty - very light! (mine was so rich I was only able to have 4 bites!) We also had mussels *YUM* and crab cakes as appetizers. De-lish, my lovelies, DE-LISH!

Then we popped around the corner, as I wanted to check out this bar - it looked so cool when I was walking by on an earlier visit to Bridge Hampton, but it was PACKED and I wanted to be able to talk with Tennis Pro. So I suggested going to the gas station, grab some booze & go to the beach!
We went down to the little beach by the house where I was staying at and looked at the stars! It was very romantic... We may have smooched on the beach - I'm just sayin'. (BUT just smooching, people!)
Then he dropped me off at the Hamptons Home of the Lovely UES family and said goodnight! Was all in all a lovely date! Only bummer is that Tennis Pro is working all weekend in the Hamptons and then he's off to Las Vegas on Tuesday (or Wednesday - I wasn't listening that closely) and couldn't see me before he left. Sigh. BUT I didn't ask to see him again, lovelies- no, sir, I did not. That's his job. To be the boy. Boy gets Girl. Right??

This is one Doodle that Can't Be Undid, Home Skillet! (and other rambelings)

Lovelies, let me start this by saying: I'M NOT PREGGERS! (and we can all thank God for that!) But I was thinking after my long... LONG week in the Hampton's about if I really truly want to have children or not...

Being here and spending 8am to 8pm everyday with the three UES Munchkins has been a blast & also incredibly draining. I don't know if I'll ever be ready to be a parent. Then again, is anyone ever ready?? Really? (Although I think that my parents were born ready- they are such great, rockin middle of the road parents!)

Here's why I don't think I'm cut out for motherhood: I'm a pretty selfish gal. I like to sleep in. I love going out when ever I want and not having to worry about feeding kids/ watching kids/ disciplining kids... I like to spend money on myself and not on a little offspring that demands food/ clothes/ Miley Cirus albums/ housing. And I like to read books & watch TV late at night without worrying about if I'll have enough rest to take care of kids the following day... I just don't know if I'll be able to handle everything without vast amounts of Coffee & Alcohol.
Also, what if I royally fuck up my child?? I'm a pretty well-rounded person, but the oldest UES Munchkin I nanny for is for sure the only 3 year old who knows who Bing Crosby is... And the entire vocal selections to Guys & Dolls... What if I make them go into therapy? What if I cause them pain, as I'm not always the most attentive & considerate person?? What if they hate me? That thought alone makes me want to sew my female bits shut.

Last night I found myself weeping (due to a bad case of tired and drained - that's what I do when I'm tired. I cry.) and thinking about how sad it is that I never ever have considered not having kids before, but after this week I'm really re-thinking the whole thing. And how maybe I might end up like my own Auntie Musical - no kids, 1 husband, and 2 dogs. She seems happy...

I know there's different strokes for different folks, but honestly - most of the births in this world must be unplanned pregnancies.

Thinking about this for real is too much to handle. Back to focusing on theatre & my life now... The future will take care of itself, I'm sure.

(But Just in case here's a little prayer: Dear God. If you ever give me the balls to have kids, please, PLEASE let me be a good mother & not fuck them up. Thank you. Amen.)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

High Line & Transit Museum

Loveies! Gwad, I'm awful about posting this year... Hope that I can have some stamina to start putting a little more TLC into ActressintheCity....

So, two weeks ago I did 2 awesome things! I took myself out on a Miss Musical-only date to the High Line park in NYC! It's AMAZING! So beautiful! AND they use all native shrubs/ flowers/ bushes - it's full of families, kids and young people! I just love it!

I only was there for about 2 hours. Took a book with me & did some people watching. Was so relaxing & fun!

Then I was walking back to the subway when I came across a vintage clothing store called Family Jewels... I promptly went & dropped $400 on a vintage dress. It's a 1950's party dress and it makes me look like I'm straight out of a Doris Day film! I love it! (and even though the Family Jewels raped me up the ass on the price, I still think I got the better end of the bargin!) Am going to wear it to a wedding in a few weeks!

AND THEN, lovelies - as if that wasn't good enough - I took myself to the NY Transit Museum on Sunday! I had a blast there! The old train cars are so cool! Wicker seats, neat old light fixtures, fun colors painted on the side - not like todays bland silver grey cars! (and the admission was only $5 bucks! Awesome!)

I think it would be romantic if you were currently employed by the MTA to get married in one of the old fashioned cars! Your guests could all sit in the train seats - and the bride could still walk up the aisle, in the middle of the train!! Cute idea, no??

Was all in all a GREAT NY weekend...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Lovelies, it's almost here! I'm so excited! I think I've been waiting a little over 2 years for this! I love me some Eric Bana AND Rachel Mc Adams (and their age difference is hot -meow for a little May/December romance!)

I love this book! LOVE this book (it's my favorite - have read it 3 times!) and hope that the movie does it justice... Now we wait for a few more days until it comes out in theatres...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Surprise Date # 3!

Lovelies, the Tennis Pro and I did end up having date number three before he left for his vacay this weekend! Hooray!
My boss told me on Friday that I was going back to the city that night! (I thought I was due to stay in the Hamptons all weekend, but turns out she didn't need me!) Hooray! I promptly called the Tennis Pro and told him that I would be back in the city if he'd like to grab a late bite to eat!

He e-mailed me back quickly and said that'd be great! Now - my favorite part - I texted him the name of a little bistro by the Jitney drop-off I go to in the city on the UES and his reply back was: I'll be there!

Love that, lovelies. And he's very attentive and fun to be around! It's so nice to think that someone is interested in me and cares enough to meet me for a late bite to eat, even though he had to leave at 6am the next morning for his flight!

AND lovelies, he gave me a nice solid peck at the end of the evening - but he's so quick! I hardly get a chance to show him my skills and he's already pulled back. Uugh. I don't know if he's trying to be respectful or if he's not that attracted to me or what... I just want to make out with the dude! Is that so much to ask!?! Le Sigh...

Winner. He wins. (and now I retreat to the Hamptons again, for another week of sun, childcare and great food - compliments of Lady & Master of the House!)