Wednesday, March 27, 2013


CHICKENS!  I know, I know- it's been a while since I've blogged...  Sigh.  BUT-  I was just in a wonderful reading at the beginning of March called Luck!  It was at the JCC in Manhattan and it was FAN-TASTIC!

I was in the ensemble, but I did have a stand out role as the palace gardener!  (my favorite line was "Rutabaga, Leek! Apricot and Plum!")

The music was by a GREAT off Broadway composer named Brad Ross (Little by Little) and the book was by SMART, TALENTED actor/ writer Mark Waldorp.  Also, it was directed by the LOVELY, INTELLIGENT and IMAGINATIVE director Michelle Tattenbaum.  

And lovelies - I just about wet my pants when I realized who was in the cast!  ALISON FRASER!  PEOPLE - "The Night it Had to End" was my LIFE when I was 21!  I listened to that song more times than RuPaul wore high heels!  She's lovely and fantastic and played the lady in waiting to the Princess! And also the charming CHRISTIAN NOLL was playing Mazel the good luck fairy.  BRILLIANT!  She's so freakin talented.  

The rest of our cast was equally talented/ creative/ lovely/ all around awesome people.  LOTS of Broadway vets.  I felt very honored and proud to be at the same table as them... Also was a bit of a confidence booster, as I felt like I could hold my own with this group of SUPA awesome folks! 

Plus loads of my family and friends came to see it - even Little Dude that I nanny for came!  (He's almost 7 now - so he totally got the story!) 

Universe - I'm ready!  More opportunity like this please!  

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