Monday, December 12, 2011

Somebody's getting Married!

Lovelies, the Tall Englishman and I tied the knot - TWICE!  Once on April 8th (for the civil ceremony) and once on August 27th (for the "real" wedding).

Here's our first set of wedding pics from the NYC "paperwork" wedding, Compliments of Nathan Johnson Photography...

We had our ceremony at Rice Park in St. Paul, MN and the reception across the street at the historic James J. Hill Library.  It was a stunning venue.  (yes that's right, Landmark center behind us is featured in the movie the Mighty Ducks...)

My uncle Chuck took the pic below - not our photographer...

Here's some wedding thing-y's that I'm very proud of (and they have lived on through my friends copying them!  Which I love!  Immitation is the biggest form of flattery!)

1. Our Photographers DNK Photography/Video - AMAZING.  And I've had 2 friends ask to use them...  They took some truly spectacular pictures...

2. The flowers.  Shelli De Blitzen at Forever in Bloom floral did just beautiful work.  I was obsessed with my bouquet and LOVED what she did for our centerpieces...

 My Boquet was orchids, English Roses (for my tall englishman), and regular roses... I was obsessed.  Plus it held up for 3 days!  Well done Shelli - I will use you again!

3. Our Cake & cake topper.  Amazing Spice cake with apple filling - compliments of Queen of Cakes.  I want to eat that cake everyday!  So yummy!  Plus- look at the cute design I asked them to do - they executed it brilliantly!  (Bottom tier, NYC; Middle Tier, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Top tier: Liverpool - where we're from and where we met.)  Plus my girlfriends mom made us the topper- SO Cute, right??  It's The Englishman, myself and Crumpet!


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  2. Just found your blog and love it! Congrats!