Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Minni-Apple Life!

Well, chickens - it was bound to happen sometime.... I moved.

I moved 3 years ago from NYC to Minneapolis.  I came back with my tall handsome Englishman and we have a beautiful home and have our two lovely Puggles (Crumpet and Doughnut).

Oh, the embarrassment of moving home was REAL the first 6 months or so...  I was pretty pissed off  and very sad we left NYC.  I loved my life there. I loved my friends. I loved the theatre scene. And I still never got my Broadway "Golden Ticket".  I came home with my tail between my legs and was so embarrassed that in my 8 years in NYC I only had 1 invited Broadway appointment, no National Tours and only booked 4 regional shows that were not related to Minnesota companies I've worked with before.

But the universe had a plan for me.  A big, glorious WONDERFUL plan!

Here's some of the Highlights:

I started my own company: Second Fiddle Productions.  We present rarely produced musicals that are well loved.  I've hired people that I love and people I've never met before.  I've given myself and others a chance to play dream roles.  AND I managed to get grant money for 2 out of our 3 years!  I am thrilled and hoping to have many more seasons in the future.

I was in a show that was a BIG DEAL to me: The Music Man at the Guthrie Theatre. (It was my "Broadway" - it's one of the finest theatre's in town.)  Being in that show was so validating - that I could book a show at a theatre I respected and have always wanted to work at - it lit my fire for the wonderful art of musical theatre all over again. Plus I got to understudy and GO ON for one of the tracks I was understudying - it was scary as hell but I was so glad I did it.  And I had two goals: don't fall in the hole onstage and don't forget your lines.  Chickens, I was successful with both of those goals!

AND I got to be in another show RIGHT AFTER Music Man closed - a wonderful new musical called Glensheen at the History Theatre. Was a brilliant cast and team. I was thrilled to be a part of it - and look!  We won an IVEY Award for Overall Excellence as a production!

Also - and this may be the most exciting bit of all - I'm pregnant! Right now there's a baby boy growing inside me!  Tomorrow marks 20 weeks or 1/2 way! (It's been a LONG 4.5 months, y'all, but I'm so glad he's still cooking away in there.)  So looking forward to being a Mom - and scared out of my mind - I loved nannying in NYC for little dude, but it will be different having someone need me full time.  February 23rd is the guess date and I am so excited to get to know him better!

So I guess all of this is that I'm super happy here in MN and I'm also going to try and start another blog here called "Actress in the Minni - Apple"... but seeing as how I'm producing, choreographing, evaluating high school shows and also being a rocking wifey and doggy mommy that project may wait for a further date. But wanted to keep you lovelies updated.  I do miss you and miss this blog of "another life".

Moral: You never know what the universe has in store for you.  It will guide you exactly where you're supposed to be.

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