Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm turning 30. (or Oh Dear God, I'm Old...)

Lovelies!  Fear not!  I have not left, but have just been in hiding over the past 8 months!

I have been generally lazy, but secretly loving not blogging, not doing too much auditioning and sleeping in nearly every morning of the week!  (I really do love sleeping in...)

I'm turning 30 in less than 60 minutes.  Oh sweet Jeebuz...

29 - where are you going??!!  I'm hanging onto you by my fingernails!  But at least I had a pretty good last day of being 29.  Let's re-cap the day, shall we lovelies?!

First off,  I woke up to the Tall Englishman bringing coffee into the bedroom for me.  He's such a good guy.

Then the Englishman proceeded to tell me that he was probably going to get an Xbox.  Yes, definitely was going to get an Xbox when I went away this summer.  (FYI -Hampton's Monday-Friday in July and Ranch in Canada in August -- all with Lady of the House and her brood.)

Now, lovelies.  I was planning on getting the Tall Englishman an Xbox with the connect thing for a wedding gift.  I was so excited!  What a great gift, right?  He's been asking for it since March, begging to go play the new Star Wars xbox game at our friends house, and overall excited about getting one.

WELL, lovelies - my secret had to come out of the bag this morning.  And I was not happy about it.
There may have been tears.  Lots of tears.

Here I thought I had come up with the best wedding pressy ever.  No stupid cuff links, no watch with something corny like "for all time" engraved on the back, no "Thanks for this ugly wallet" gift.  I was GOLDEN with my idea...  And an idea he would USE!  AND LOVE!

Needless to say, I was crazy disappointed when he figured it out...  But good news is that he's lovely and told me that he would still be surprised and excited to get it.  (and I found out about my engagement ring before he popped the question - so he said "Now we're even.")  I just really REALLY wanted him to be surprised...  Le sigh...

So then I went to the auditions - one at Actors Equity for  new musical called CHICK 6.

 I felt really good about it - but it was a Rock show and Miss Musical isn't much of a rocker.  (a mover and a shaker, maybe, but a rocker... well... let's just say I opt out on tattoos.  And loud bars.  And staying out past 12 at night.)  But I always love auditioning for Gale & Scott-of Seay Wojick casting.  They are stars in my book.  Just delightful people to audition for.

After that it was off to Ripley Greer to audition for the play Man and Boy.  It was sides there - no singing.  I felt good about it!  I showed up, had an honest conversation in the room and tried to be a good scene partner!

More later on my surprise party from last weekend, my Tony party (complete with in-house red carpet) and the upcoming nuptials with the Handsome Tall Englishman....

Now I need to focus again on turning 30...  Perhaps its time to break out the paper bag and breathe deeply....


  1. I am glad you are blogging again! Don't stop!