Saturday, July 9, 2011

Marriage... is what brings us.... together today... (A la Princess Bride)

Lovelies,  I am in the bowels of wedding planning...

The Tall Englishman and I tie the knot on August 27th and we are currently seeing the price tag go up and up and up...  (and I'm not helping - look at the cute ring bowl that I want to get from ETSY!  We can keep our rings in it after the big day - I love a good ring bowl!)

Le sigh.

Here's some things that got added to the wish list:

1. Video-ographer...  Very good thing to have to remember those moments in between when the photographers will be shooting.  We might just end up giving one of our friends a flip cam and saying "go in peace".  Any thoughts about this from other brides??

2. Flower upgrades.  Instead of doing 2 big arrangements with hydrangeas, I thought it would be nice to do 6 small arrangements with lovely tea roses, some hydrangeas and also other flowers in shades of purple!

Plus I want to have anyone who wants to be an "honorary flower person" whatever age go to the back and grab a little basket of petals and TOSS AWAY down the aisle before any of the wedding party go down!  (Side note: I'm still a little bitter - but I was a very bitter 10 year old as NO ONE had asked me to be a flower girl.  I don't want anyone to say "If only I could've been a flower girl" - well now is their chance! Go to the back - grab a basket - and off you go!)

3.  Wine and Beer Open bar - all night, not just the one hour we planned....  In every magazine I've read it says that you wouldn't invite your guests to come to your house, serve them a glass of wine and then say "Hey - now I don't want to give  you any more wine - so tough cookies.  You have to pay for your own now."

So thus at a wedding you should pay for at least wine and beer for the whole night.  Now my family are not big drinkers, so this should not be a problem.  But the Tall Englishman's family is... English.  Fill in the blanks yourselves, Chickens - there will be booze a-flowing with the aide of our guests from across the pond...  (ca-ching! ca-ching! ca-ching!)

This is not mentioning the pair of Louboutins I'd like to get... They're only $695.  A small price to pay for happiness if you ask me... (PS - that was supposed to be sarcasm via typing...  I haven't worked on the Upper East Side THAT long, thank you very much!)  

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  1. I know this is overdue- but reading this post makes me so sad I can't be there. I would TOTALLY sprinkle flowers down the aisle for you.

    Also- those ring dishes are precious. Nadia used one that said "To Have and To Hold" at her wedding for the ring bearer.

    Love ya.